Audio Autopsy – July 2013

Audio Autopsy – July 2013

01/07/13  ||  Global Domination

Ghost: Infestissumam Ghost: Infestissumam


Lord K: Ghost fucken rules. All the way from their robes to the pope to the riffs. 9

Habakuk: Soothanism. 8

CadenZ: Come together, together as one. Come together, for Lucifer’s son. 10

Sokaris: As much as I’d love to be cool and go
against the grain, denouncing the absurd hype this band gets… I really
can’t. Hard rock has had much worse trends than Satan-worshipping
psychedelic rockers. 8

Ironpants: Probably the most talked about album so far this year. My grade stand fast from the review but I’m actually disliking some of the songs more and more, but the one’s that are great are getting better. 8

The Monolith Deathcult: Tetragrammaton The Monolith Deathcult: Tetragrammaton


Lord K: TMD and Immolation hold the flag of death metal high in this edition, though TMD can’t be described with such simple terms as just “death metal”. You need to hear it to know what I mean. 8

Habakuk: Brutally cynical death metal. Sometimes brilliantly provocative, sometimes a little stupid, yet always enjoyable. 8

CadenZ: A much more fitting soundtrack to every
apocalyptic sci-fi movie than what their current ones. Huge and
bombastic, with balls of titanium. 8

Sokaris: One of my favorite up-and-comers after
their last mindblowing effort, Trivmvirate. Death metal that borders on
the brutal mixed with pompous symphonies, clanging synths, giant
grooves, epic structures and goddamn Optimus Prime. 9

Ironpants: A nice breath of fresh air in the world
of death metal. This is awesome stuff, and their “tongue-in-your-cheek”
attitude is definitely up my alley. Awesome stuff! 8

Blood Red Throne: Blood red throne Blood Red Throne: Blood red throne


Lord K: There’s a… well… blood red throne on the
cover. Awesome. I always dug these guys and with, like, 300 members
being replaced over the last few years it’s nice to see that they still
sound mighty fine. 8

Habakuk: Great band changes lineup, retains greatness. Great! 8

CadenZ: Track number four says it all: “Primitive
Killing Machine”. A nice mix of Hail of Bullets and old Edge of Sanity.
More of those nifty, epic melodies next time around, please! 7

Sokaris: BRT isn’t what
it sounds like when a Japanese man orders a bacon sandwich, it’s an
acronym for a band that represents the brightest, brutal beacon of death
in Norway’s normally grim lands. 8

Ironpants: OK, now we’re talking. This is turning
out to be a really good AA for me. Solid brutal death metal and also
with one of my “targeted” young guns drummers who’s coming up, Emil
Wiksten. I salute thee. This is true “love metal”, not HIM (as featured below). 9

Immolation: Kingdom of conspiracy Immolation: Kingdom of conspiracy


Lord K: Immolation fucken kills. That’s all there’s to it. If you don’t like these guys, you don’t like death metal. 8

Habakuk: They still don’t show a sign of faltering. Nice. 8

CadenZ: As hard as Arnold’s jaw in the Terminator, and as stiff as his accent. 6

Sokaris: Dyed black wooly mammoths drag sheets of
razor wire across an industrial scrapyard while threatening skies split
open and acid rains. Immolation never fails at anything except sucking.

Ironpants: This is the proof that old men are the
wisest. Always! No matter what you snotty little cum-spots think, it’s
always the elders that knows best! Sick guitar licks, good drumming,
great sound picture. Immolation schools you in true brutal death metal. 9

Tribulation: The formulas of death Tribulation: The formulas of death


Lord K: A lot better than expected, though I’m still not a huge fan. The original Tribulation, from Surahammar, Sweden, now that’s another story. 6

Habakuk: I liked their debut’s primal viciousness.
Not sure what to make of the more structured approach and the insertion
of more sinister parts. It’s still good, but I’m not instantly hooked. 7

CadenZ: Well, this was a (pleasant) surprise. There
has clearly been some growth in the Tribulation camp, moving from the
frenzy and fury of the debut to this much more complex, atmospheric,
varied and – though I normally hate to use the term – mature, whole. I
get lots of groovy old school black metal vibes from most of the songs,
and there’s definitely some mystery to the Swedes’ new sound. I’m both
intrigued and inspired, and this should be an enormous grower. Good
work, kids! You’ve created a modern classic. 9

Sokaris: Hugely disappointing considering “The
Horror” is the best death metal debut from anybody in years. LP number 2
is still quality but a different style, somewhat influenced by the
whole “occult rock” thing that’s all the rage (see two other reviews
this month). Great in parts but holy hell does some of it drag. 6

Ironpants: Wow, what a transformation. Tribulation
is turning to the experimental side after a rather good but still
ordinary Swedeath-ish debut. Now we are venturing into the darker areas,
in a kind of “Watain” way but in a death metal costume, and I like it a
bit. This is a grower though, there’s no easy listening here. 8

Alice In Chains: The devil put dinosaurs here Alice In Chains: The devil put dinosaurs here


Lord K: That Cantrell fucko sure got some tricks up
his sleeve when it comes to guitar playing. I dig his trademark way of
riffing about and AIC is always high quality. 7

Habakuk: Plod plod plod. 5

CadenZ: The adult version of AIC still find ways to drive their points home. Compared to their 90’s output, “TDPDH
is more sardonic than effervescent, a snort of grave derision rather
than a raised fist of youthful rage. So different, but still (nearly) as
good. 8

Sokaris: An old band replacing their dead singer to
reunite doesn’t exactly sound like a formula for success but I’ll be
damned if this don’t work. I still wish they would’ve kept the name
“Alice ‘N Chainz” purely for my amusement. 7

Ironpants: Back in the days, they were the best
band in the grunge scene, and they still are, ‘cause all of the other
bands have quit. That could be a hint, but it isn’t that bad actually.
Laid back weed music. 6

Evile: Skull Evile: Skull


Lord K: The New Wave Of Boring Thrash Metal? 5

Habakuk: Last time I found the voice good and the music bland, this time it’s the other way round. Evile, we will never be friends. 6

CadenZ: The Metallica/Testament worship is extremely obvious and no one likes a rip-off, but when it’s done this well…I’m sold. 8

Sokaris: It’s like a much better version of Trivium for grownups. And it’s still not that great. 5

Ironpants: Just when everything was “Blackened” on this “Dyer’s eve”, they emerge like an “Harvester of Sorrow” after pulling “The shortest straw”. They are “The thing that should not be” in this world of “Disposable heroes”. I for “One” think they sound a tad too much as Metallica, but everything is in “The eye of the beholder”. But if you love earlier Metallica, then “Welcome home”. 7

Arckanum: Fenris kindir Arckanum: Fenris kindir


Lord K: Tr00 sounding black metal from Sweden.
Exactly the way I don’t like it. The non-black metal parts saved this
one from getting the lowest grade possible. Good for them. 3

Habakuk: Wow, this is some nasty shit. Fenris! Fenriiisssss!!! 7

CadenZ: A slight loss in quality compared to 2011’s
“Helvitismyrkr”, “Fenris kindir” still ignites the black flame with its
raw punkish vibe. You can always depend on Arckanum. 7

Sokaris: A decent excursion into scorched-earth one
man black metal. The ambient bits are a little excessive, likely due
to the fact that no one else was in the room to mention how much that
stuff can suck the energy out of a metal album. 6

Ironpants: After listening a few extra spins, it
actually grows a little, even if it isn’t my first choice of style when
tvrning to the trve dark forces. A little too kvlt and repetitive for
me, but still OK. 6

Airbourne: Black dog barking Airbourne: Black dog barking


Lord K: When I wanna hear AC/DC-ish music I listen to AC/DC. Or Bullet. Or Airbourne. 6

Habakuk: I seriously like these folks, but this album sounds like their weakest so far. 6

CadenZ: Three songs of this AC/DC-wannabe dork rock
is too much, let alone thirteen. The best songs are at the end and have
an 80’s Mötley Crüe tinge to ‘em, but unfortunately they get as
enervating as the others because of the constantly screaming vocals,
which aren’t half bad, but dude…variation. 4

I get why these guys are a big deal but their sound is so narrowly
defined and done to death that it’s impossible for me to really care. 5

Ironpants: I love working for GD. Here I am
listening to AC/DC’s new album before all my friends, awesome. I can’t
believe how young Brian Johnson sounds, and the rest of the band still
got it!! In your face “Bullet” and “Airbourne”, you can’t top this by a
long-shot!! This is rock music for hot summers and BBQ parties. 7

Kylesa: Ultraviolet Kylesa: Ultraviolet


Lord K: Fuck stoner and sludge. Fuck them up their stupid asses. 4

Habakuk: I honestly don’t remember them being this catchy with their sludge soup. Anyway, this is quite enjoyable. 7

CadenZ: I like it when they sound like Paradise Lost, which lasts for about half a song. Then again, PL do that shit better. 4

Sokaris: The fact that I’m not a sludge metal guy
at all and kind of enjoyed this probably speaks volumes. Recommended
for anyone that wears thick-framed glasses and is heavily-bearded. 7

Ironpants: Everybody’s handing out free pussy and
giving each other hand-jobs when talking about this. I don’t get it?
Sub-pop with some heavier distortion and extra mayo on it, but still
nothing to write to home to momma about. 4

Rob Zombie: Venomous rat regeneration vendor Rob Zombie: Venomous rat regeneration vendor


Lord K: You know what to expect when it comes to Rob. I applaud his consistency in quality and his awesome yeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh‘s. 7

Habakuk: Take Ministry, remove “politics”, add sex and pulp. 6

CadenZ: Rob’s been pounding that stupid, stompy
zombie rock ass for soon to be three decades, and he still fucks it up
as bad as he’s always done. Fuck off, Rob. 3

Sokaris: It’s big, crunchy and stupid. Better than
whatever solo album I heard from Zombie last but, of course, it doesn’t
touch his former band. 5

Ironpants: I’ll let this song title speak for
itself – “Ging gang gong de do gong de laga raga”. That is allegedly
baby talk for “I’m a former cool dude who forgot how to groove so I have
to make shit up”. 3

The Dillinger Escape Plan: One of us is the killer The Dillinger Escape Plan: One of us is the killer


Lord K: But for fuck’s sake. When I appreciate
black metal like Arckanum over another band, you know this has to fucken
blow big time. 1

Habakuk: Spastic grooves and disharmonic antimelodies held together only by the manic screaming of a presumed lunatic. Bold. 6

CadenZ: Yes, apparently it is possible to
incoherently rage about stuff with both voice and instruments, and with
the recorded result bring a headache to the listener, either by
information overload or compulsive headbanging. I’m somewhere in between
the two. 5

Sokaris: I guess Dillinger are the godfathers of
something… but that something is annoying post-hardcore. It’s kind of
artsy and cool in certain moments but mostly their accessible passages
are schmaltzy and their aggressive parts are grating. 3

Ironpants: Listening to “TDEP
gives me the same feeling as trying to solve a Rubiks cube while
standing waist up in a heap of piss ants with my lower body smeared in
honey while someone scrubs my back with sandpaper. In short, it’s
intense, annoying & interesting at the same time, but not my first
choice of fun. 6

The Devil's Blood: III: Tabula rasa or death and the seven pillars The Devil’s Blood: III: Tabula rasa or death and the seven pillars


Lord K: I’ll make this one real clear: Overrated bullzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzhit… 2

Habakuk: Shut the prog up. 4

CadenZ: Sadly, on record, a lot of TDB’s
magic goes missing. This fantastic band’s sublime art was always meant
to be devoured live, and the albums before this one were, though greatly
enjoyable, mere shadows of their onstage output. This swansong,
however, lacks both the strong songwriting of its predecessors, as well
as the production values and final song arrangements that polish out the
details and bring forth a glimmer of the occult haze that surrounds TDB’s message, rendering “III” fairly lackluster and painfully redundant. I could have lived without this. 5

Sokaris: I guess Nyquil must pump through Satan’s veins because this one nearly made me nod off. 4

Ironpants: I’m really disappointed at this one. You should go out with a bang, not a fart. 5

Anvil: Hope in hell Anvil: Hope in hell


Lord K: Isn’t this whole Anvil nostalgia thing
played out quite a fucken bit already? A few of the riffs on “Hope in
hell” could be found on one of these shitty later Metallica albums we
all laugh at. 3

Habakuk: First there was a documentary about how they never made it, and now they produce music that tells you why. Completely out of touch with reality. 5

CadenZ: Seems like the Canadians caught a few too many hammer blows to the head, ‘cause the IQ on “HIH” is on a level with this guy’s. In addition to sucking ass, Anvil win this month’s title for Worst Cover, hands down. 2

Sokaris: Retirement home rockers Anvil slop out one
tired as hell sounding album. I respect them continuing their
tradition of no-bullshit heavy metal, three word alliterative album
titles and fucking retarded anvil-related cover artwork, I just wish it
were worth listening to. 4

Ironpants: Anyone who’s seen that documentary can’t
slag this off and stay proud, fuck, I almost started to cry when I saw
that one…well OK I did, damn you Anvil! I salute them for staying true
to their cause, and by just saying, keep it up as long as you can and as
long you can release records and tour. 5

HIM: Tears on tape HIM: Tears on tape


Lord K: The self-proclaimed “love metallers” shit
out yet another album and I don’t give much of a fuck. But I dig the
guy’s voice and it all works fine as background noise. 5

Habakuk: Help I’m Mediocre. 4

CadenZ: Next time you’re weepy and all suicidal and shit, do for the love of God not put on this record. It’s so weak it’ll probably push you over the edge. 2

Sokaris: Heaving Intestinal Mud. Heavy and
Infinite Menstruation. I don’t care what it stands for because right
now I’m Hearing Idiotic Music. 2

Ironpants: I don’t know what to say, they should change their band name to HER
and go on a lifelong tour in the Gobi desert. When i listened to this
my family appeared in the doorways to the living room, just staring at
me with concerned looks. I despise that low sensual wailing voice tone,
and everything else also for that matter. I’d rather have a prostate
exam by a leper who walks away with nine fingers, than listen to this
again. 1


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