Audio Autopsy – July 2009

Audio Autopsy – July 2009

01/07/09  ||  Global Domination

Vomitory: Carnage euphoria Vomitory: Carnage euphoria


Lord K: In one of the best editions of Audio Autopsy in quite some time, Vomitory takes a complete euphoric
piss on their colleagues in here and walk away easily with the trophy
saying “Death Metal Champions Of The World”. If you are not a fan of
this band – you are not a fan of death metal. If Vomitory is not on your
to-buy list within an hour I will kill you fucken all. Sentence: A
life-long stay in my stereo for all things Vomitory. 9

Kampfar: Vomitory anno 2009 is a fine-tuned
machinery of death out to take lives but no prisoners. Yes, there are
moments when the blasting turns a wee bit tedious, a wee bit, but first and foremost “Carnage euphoria” is an excellent slab of violent, aka proper, death. 9

The Duff: A much loved band around these parts,
equally prolific, it seems like just yesterday they released “Terrorize
Brutalize and Other Intimacies”. “Carnage Euphoria” is, as expected,
high quality death metal, once more with a gut-churning production, but
as always I’m not swayed into the Vom-camp with their latest material. 7

Abyss: Just like Necrophobic, Vomitory only
improves with age. The balance between intense d-beat/blast-fests and
punishing Bolt Thrower heaviness was found on “Terrorize, brutalize,
sodomize” and is further perfected on “Carnage euphoria”. Just listen to
the break in “Serpents” or the intro riff to “A lesson in virulence”
and bang the night away. The only thing I don’t think the guys can top
is the extremely gory artwork for “TBS”, that one’s a classic! 8

CadenZ: Is there any band in the world right now that is more death metal
than Vomitory? I doubt it. This is brutality deluxe. An odd thing is
that for Swedes, they sound surprisingly American: me not too thrilled.
“Carnage Euphoria” isn’t bad by any standards, it’s just not quite my
cup of tea. Or well, it is, it just doesn’t have the exact right flavor
or extra spike to it. Well-performed and – written though, this is a
solid release. 7

Sanctification: Black reign Sanctification: Black reign


Lord K: Completely excellent death metal on all
accounts where Nils Fjällström’s drumming is the cream of the cum.
Sanctification’s debut had the material but not the production. “Black
reign” has the material and the production. A winning recipe for death metal success. Sentence: Get a steady line-up and record more death metal. 8

Kampfar: Oioioi, this is fucking excellent. 9

The Duff: Solid death metal; always a band with
never enough recognition, I hope this is their breakthrough album
because they’ve been doing nothing but kicking ass since their
beginnings, yet disgracefully have nothing to show for it. 7

Abyss: Easily one of the best death metal albums of
2009 along side Vomitory. This is everything “Misanthropic salvation”
was not. The production is crisp, clear, heavy and not overly
digitalized. The vocals are very impressive to come from an unknown like
Kristopher Hell and the riffs and harmonies are oh my god… If I were to
list the top tunes I’d end up listing the whole album save one or two
songs, but in the absolute top are definitely “Storm”, “Dead forever”
and “Raw”. I’m very, very fucking impressed. 9

CadenZ: No mercy found here, just a big ol’ pounding of all that is fair and sacred. Competent and hard
death metal, as in bone hard. Or boner, depending on the amount of blue
pills digested. Big minus for the vocals though, they just tend to suck
for the most part. Sometimes his “normal” voice cuts through too much
for my liking, and there’s some omnipresent nasty high-pitched overtone
which doesn’t appeal to me at all. The record also has a tendency of
dulling the mind after a while, which is (almost) never a good sign.
Gotta love that ride cymbal sound though! 6

Necrophobic: Death to all Necrophobic: Death to all


Lord K: “Revelation 666” is the perfect example for
how vicious, blasphemous and catchy as fuck black/death should sound. I
take a bow to Necrophobic for staying satanic and keeping their shit in check, album after album. Sentence: Stay true. 8

Kampfar: “Death to all” is a 10 out of 10 title.
And, although not entirely of the same mold, I enjoy Necrophobic’s
black&death spiced with something Norse as well. 7

The Duff: I’m resentful towards this band because
they’re getting a lot of columns on Blabbermouth, and every time one
crops up I think “Sweet, new Necrophag- oh, smelly balls…”. All
hilariousness aside, I don’t know what to think of Necrophobic; I
really, really dig some of the stuff they’re doing, but on the
other hand some of the influences they’ve adopted make “Death to All”
appear a jumble of ideas. Also to some this will comprise a plethora of
rehashed ideas. 6

Abyss: One of those bands who ave been going
forever and only seem to improve while others fall to the wayside. Prime
blackened death metal with just the right amount of hellfire, melodies
and speed. For those who stayed satanic, I salute thee! 7

CadenZ: Relentless and pounding Swedeath with
blackish elements, that’s what we know Necrophobic has in store for us
year in, year out. “Death to all” is no exception. Is it as good as
their earlier (90’s) albums? No. Is it any good at all? Yes. Is it
awesome? Hmm… I’d have to go with no, not really. So it’s another
typical Necrophobic album and it’s good, but not awesome? Nailed it! 7

The Legion: A bliss to suffer The Legion: A bliss to suffer


Lord K: I really dug The Legion’s last album and
looked forward to hearing this. Their melodic black metal is executed
professionally and they incorporate the needed melody and atmosphere
that I look for in black metal. That, and they also understand the value
of a good production (even if it comes across as a little thin at
times, much like with fellow Sweden’s Naglfar’s productions). Sentence: 2
months in a great studio to make good things even better in the future.

Kampfar: I’ve been a fan of The Legion and their
blast-ridden black ever since I first heard “Unseen creation” back in
’03. Okidoki, here are indeed blasts aplenty but the baleful Swedes in
question got breakdowns and fine details enough to make sure I stay
genuinely not bored the whole way through. Yet again. 8

The Duff: Black/death, too unashamedly so for a
band called The Legion. Really not bad if you like this sort of thing,
but I reckon if Behemoth, Zyklon, Dimmu Borgir and, at a stretch,
Belphegor already occupy some of your collection, then this’ll be a
fleeting listen. 6

Abyss: I’ve always expected The Legion to be one of
those super-fast Marduk bands but apparently they are much more subdued
and cater more to the mid-tempo “riff the fuck out”-kind of black
metal. I would really like to like this, in theory the band do most
things right, but I just feel that there’s more interesting stuff out
there. 5

CadenZ: A melodic black metal band with symphonic
elements that doesn’t suck? Congratulations, corpse painted tremolo
lovers – The Legion is in da house! “A Bliss to Suffer” sounds evil,
torturous and above. Above as in “we are above you, worm, and
this is majestic proof thereof!” I could’ve asked for catchier songs,
but the atmosphere is right there and variation is to be found in just
the right amount of plenty. I was very skeptical to this record when
people started raving about how “this is how Dimmu Borgir should sound”
or how “this is Naglfar’s younger, more virile, brother”. Well, you can
once and for all count me out of the skeptic herd. 8

Daath: The concealers Daath: The concealers


Lord K: If it wasn’t for the extremely loud mixed
kicks, this would be more than a decent album. Daath’s got themselves
some potential, now all they need to do is to properly find it.
Sentence: Convince people to not call you Daath Vader. 5

Kampfar: I once wrote a review on Daath, and I
still like the album, namely “The hinderers”, but the review is shit. No
false modesty here, it is a genuinely crap piece of scribbling courtesy
of me that one. “The concealers”, on the other hand, much like their
debut, isn’t very manure at all. But, since last me and Daath Vader met,
shitty lots more faenskap has found a home in my head. Buhu, for not
only have I evolved into a much better writer, thanks to myself, but
I’ve also attained a level of rage and desperation I didn’t even know
was attainable back then. Quality shit, but in the end not very
exciting. Hand over some doom, gloom and bloody murder already. 6.

The Duff: There’s no doubt these guys can play, and
some of the riffs are good, but it’s like Shadows Fall without balls
(yes, that is correct), “toff-guy” metal and easy-listening Soilwork
along with bland metalcore (not Shadows Fall with balls, MEGAFUCKENLOL),
hints of da X-treme, a production far too slick and tiring hardcore
vocals – I remember these guys bursting onto the scene, and never
checked up on their debut despite positive-ish reviews; well, either the
band has slipped up here or the praise was unjustified, because there’s
nothing much excitable here, and such music consequently has no staying
power. 4

Abyss: This is a band that surprised me when I
heard their first album, expecting mediocre metalcore I instead got some
sort of take on melodic death metal with a good sense of melody and
nice solos. On “The concealers” the vocalist is new and the keyboardist
is gone but other than that it sounds all fine! 7

CadenZ: “The Concealers” will surely be on my “Top 5
of 2009”-list, no question about it. Groovy and technical death/thrash
metal with absolutely amazing songs and mind-blowing musicianship. The
arrangements are top-notch as well, with lots of small details that make
the big picture so much bigger, like for example the pumping
bass on the verse of “Self-corruption Manifesto”, the tasty solos with
harmonies in just the right spots or the subtle FX thrown in here and
there (like the outro of “The Unbinding Truth” – spooky/crazy!) OK,
gotta go pick up my jaw from the floor. 9

Paganizer: Scandinavian warmachine Paganizer: Scandinavian warmachine


Lord K: Dirty, boring, standard death metal without
all the good shit that made dirty, standard death metal completely
golden back in the day. This time around I’m not even impressed by
Rogga’s (usually awesome) vocals. Is it the fact that they are too far
back in the mix? Fuck if I knew, Paganizer will appeal to all of you who
dig death metal and crave nothing out of it anyways. Too little finesse
for me, but hey… Sentence: 400 lessons of death metal songwriting.
Vocal coach usually not needed. 4

Kampfar: I stand behind every word I wrote here. 8

The Duff: I was expecting epic grey metal, maybe
even some power, and got Viking/death, like Amon Amarth meeting
Bloodbath atop a hill of the skulls and blood of lesser bands; mayhap a
necro-squicking gangbang to the tones of buzzsaw guitars could ensue.
Goddamn it the temperature in here is intolerable, I’m bothered and
drained of ideas – this is good; entertaining; bread and butter. Nothing
I’ll be spinning in a day’s time ‘cos I already have Amon Amarth and
Bloodbath, but the band deserves exposure for the quality of the music
presented here. 7

Abyss: Rogga is a great vocalist, we all know that.
He’s also pretty damn skilled at writing death metal and he’s very very
productive. Unfortunately he’s also quite crappy at choosing which
songs to be included on his Paganizer/Ribspreader albums, resulting in
16 tracks on “Scandinavian warmachine”. Are there good songs here? Sure,
I dare you to fish them out. 5

CadenZ: A melancholic warmachine with aggressive
Scandinavian manners, or rather a melancholic Scandinavian with
aggressive warmachine manners? I’m thinking the latter. Paganizer plays
DM somewhat reminiscent of Amon Amarth but a bit harsher and more
old-school. Don’t know why I think of AA, can’t hear any Viking
toodeloos or anything… must be the melancholic harmonies. And some of
the riffs. And drum beats. And Rogga’s vox are not that far off from The
Hegg’s. Or maybe I’m just totally out there, who cares; this here disc
has some nice death metal on it but 16 (!) songs is pushing it, hard.
Almost made me drop a point off the score. Oh, wait, it did. 6

Lay Down Rotten: Gospel of the wretched Lay Down Rotten: Gospel of the wretched


Lord K: Germans, huh? Yes? No? Fuck if I knew. I
have a feeling these guys are Bratwursts… Fuck it either way. I like
Germany. They have hockey hairdo’s (which is a better name than
“mullet”), they have (had?) Blümchen and on the minus side of things
they have the shit organization that is the disgrace Wacken. They also
have some good things musicwise; old Kreator, old Destruction, old
Sodom, old Holy Moses and old Uwe Krupp. Lay Down Rotten place
themselves somewhere in the middle of the shit and the good with their
half death (and thrash) metal, sometimes inspired by the cheesiness of
Amon Amarth’s cheese guitars – only Amon Amarth do those quite
convincingly. This coverage is a lot funnier if LDR
aren’t from Germany. I can’t be arsed to check. Sentence: 2 weeks in a
padded cell with nothing but Holy Moses’ “New machine of Lichtenstein”.
Not that they sound anything alike, but it’s a fantastic album. And so
is Martin van Drunen. 5

Kampfar: Blah, even though Dan Swanö is the one
responsible for catching “Gospel of the wicked” onto plastic, and along
with Martin van Drunen do guest appearances on tambourine, this album
remains a standard piece of death. It has the occasional really rather
good part, hail Top Gear, but all too often it just slogs along. And,
it’s about as wicked as a nun faithful to her bullshit god of choice. 6.

The Duff: I must commend them on the Martin van
Drunen worship if it isn’t actually Martin van Drunen providing guest
vocals, because it is done immaculately. It probably is Martin van
Drunen, isn’t it. Anyways, a good album, Swedodeath, a little hit and
miss but few complaints. The vocals are pretty sick but the only true
standout (and I’m not so keen on such a monotonous, deep and overbearing
style anyways), and overall I think the production lets this album
down; not a fan of insanely clean productions unless it’s insanely
technical death metal, which this isn’t. 5

Abyss: If you’ve always wanted a mix of Amon
Amarth, Dark Tranquillity (sans keyboards) and a small dose of late
era-Aborted chances are that Lay Down Rotten will stroke your goat in
all the right ways. Personally I find that I dig this a lot. It’s not
terribly original and there’s not too many surprises (unless you count
the appearance of Martin van Drunen, I didn’t know he was a guest
vocalist and I almost crapped my pants when he started choking), but the
melodies are well crafted and the singer has taken more then one cue
from Johan Hegg. So yeah, this is good shit, even though they’re German.

CadenZ: Kick-ass beginning on this disc; a
convincing guitar solo, some nice semi-old school riffage and tasty
melodies make my death metal day every day! All these ingredients are
present during the course of the record, and we’re also treated to
furious blastbeats, better-than-average growls and a killer production,
especially on the drums – they sound fucken killer! Had to check out who
mixed and mastered this fucken shit, and lo and behold if it isn’t
fucken Dan Swanö, who the fuckety fucken else! Yes, I like typing and
overusing “fuck”, deadly fucken combination. Summa freakin’ (a-ha!
Gotcha!) summarum, my retarded ears have detected a swarm of some good
shit coming from the general direction of LD-fucken-R. Bon appétit! 7

1349: Revelations of the black flame 1349: Revelations of the black flame


Lord K: If these guys are lucky I will end up
listening to this album more than 1,349 times, and I mean that as in 1
and almost a half time. I wouldn’t bet any money on it though. Possibly
very tr00, definitely very grim and absolutely full of completely
meaningless sounds where real music is abandoned… How I long for the new Dark Funeral album. Sentence: Corpsepaint 24/7. 2

Kampfar: Up until now, 1349 has been addicted to
amphetamine. These days, however, heroine is obviously the shit. Me
liked them better when they were strung out on speed. 6.

The Duff: BM has become my new death metal,
considering I’ve immersed myself in the latter almost solidly for five
years and taken in I reckon all it has to offer. 1349 receive a lot of
talk along with a couple of other up-and-coming bands such as
Deathspell, Aura Noir and Absu; don’t know how they all compare (well,
Deathspell Omega eat them alive amidst a pentagram of candles and goat
intestine), but I shan’t be pursuing this band as if I transfer my
compulsive purchasing affliction onto this sub-genre given the current
financial climate I’ll be like Dirk Diggler masturbating for coke money
in some white trash’s, just with a fetus penis instead of a tree trunk.
Is there a market for that [/hopeful]? After the slow introduction to
the album and the subsequent boring as fuck Rammstein riff, we’re
greeted with a mixture of nice atmospherics, quality black metal
riffing, pedestrian Venom worship and mediocre interludes – a mixed bag
of sorts, but not a bad album by a long stretch. 6

Abyss: Something has happened with the Norwegian
speedfreaks and I don’t know if it’s due to old age or just an urge to
diversify, but I can honestly say that “Revelations of the black flame”
is my favourite album from 1349, simply because it’s the one I can
remember best. Songs shift from lurching heaviness to outright
speedfests and it all sounds pretty fucking great! 8

CadenZ: Eerie. As much black ambient as black
metal, this is not what I expected from 1349… but I’m actually
pleasantly surprised. “Revelations of the Black Flame” could be a
soundtrack to a sinister short film. The atmosphere ranges from black to
black, with long passages and a few whole tracks filled with
nightmarish effects, keyboards, screams and other occult ear candy.
Dirty and malicious, me like. 7

Susperia: Attitude Susperia: Attitude


Lord K: Is it a penis with a mouth on the cover? If
so, this one gets a 9. Oh, it’s not? Then this score needs to be lower.
Sentence: Use a penis with a mouth on the next cover. 5

Kampfar: Aiaiai, who ordered this semi-decent copy of Testament? 5

The Duff: Sounds like Susperia are consistent as
always; I lost track of them by album number three, but this does sound a
little less thrash-oriented and more eerie as with “Vindication”. The
album artwork doesn’t look as cool as it should do, for some reason –
maybe it’s the massive Mickey Mouse chompers. 6

Abyss: I’m not sure I like the direction Susperia
has taken lately. Granted, their songs are for the most part well put
together and there’s definitely knowledge and experience here, but the
vocals of Athera is… not cool. Honestly, I’d probably dig him like hell
in another band, probably one with tight leather pants and studded
codpieces as required clothing for the members, but here he just doesn’t
fit. Give Susperia a try, you may like them, or agree with me. It’s all
50/50 I feel. 5

CadenZ: Modern day Testament/Iced Earth, but not at
their forefathers’ level. Not yet, anyway. The singer has a charismatic
voice, but his output (which seems to aim for the same high note in
every song’s chorus) gets a little repetitive after a few songs, as do
the riffing and drumming as well. A refreshing breeze of new Scheisse is
let in when Susperia load up the heavier artillery in the fifth track,
“Sick Bastard”. The moment does, however, pass, and the overall
impression of the album is that though quite good, it lacks the higher
peaks. Big minus for the blatant rip-off on “Mr Stranger” as well; the
intro is taken straight out from Old Man’s Child’s “What Malice Embrace”
from “The Pagan Prosperity”. I can just imagine Galder getting a copy
of “Attitude” from his former band mates (three of five Susperia members
have been part of OMC at one time or another) and sputtering coffee/wine/blood all over when track seven kicks in… 6

Jungle Rot: What horrors await Jungle Rot: What horrors await


Lord K: Shit moniker, shit death, shit thrash, shit
pretty much everything. Jungle Rot is another example of a band not
deserving a record deal with so many awesome unsigned bands around
deserving it a fuckload more. This is like every other death metal band
you heard and never gave a shit about. Sentence: A camping trip with
nothing but Lady GaGa cd’s. That is punishment as good as any. 4

Kampfar: Me digs simplistic death when the oomph is
right and the vocals ace. Fucking hell, such shit makes me wanna stomp
people in the face. Unfortunately, Jungle Rot is more like a so and so,
quite OK variant of said sorts. Better than nowadays SFU, but “What horrors await” is still miles away from severely moisting my mancunt. 5.

The Duff: I cannot express the relief one
experiences following Dead By April with Jungle Rot – although not
exactly my cup of tea (death n’ roll, Entombed/Unleashed-style combined
with a more mainstream variety and doom, quite Asphyx-y, along with bits
and pieces of death/thrash), this album has some killer grooves,
astounding guitar tone and truly gruesome vocals. 8

Abyss: Jungle Rot has gotten some decent reviews
for their various albums but I’m yet to find anything that’s really
memorable about the band, other than the name. Death metal by SFU-numbers. 3

CadenZ: Meat-and-potatoes death metal Obituary/Six Feet Under-style. Could’ve been worse, could’ve been much
better. The riffs are OK but very stale and dull, and not the least bit
innovative. The song-writing is very simple and uncomplicated, and
that’s not a good thing when the riffs don’t hold up. We’re also blessed
with a kick drum sound that cuts through everything, and not in a good
way. I guess this album doesn’t suck, but I will never ever listen to it
again. Yeah, it’s that meh. 4

Tim Ripper Owens: Play my game Tim Ripper Owens: Play my game


Lord K: Wow, isn’t Mr. Ripper extremely irritating
these days? I kinda enjoyed that Beyond Fear or B.T.O (or whatever the
fuck it was called) album he did some years back, I guess I’ll have to
listen to that one instead of this whining heavy-metal-with-no-balls
shit. I’m not even taking a liking in Tim’s vocals on this one and I
usually consider him quite pleasant to listen to. Sentence: Tim and Rob
Halford in a dark room with 65 dildos, a machine-gun, Judas Priests’s
“Defenders of the faith” and a gallon of Vaseline. 4

Kampfar: I hate Tim Owens. I didn’t know that, but
after 1 song only it is very evident that I do. Woha, the 2nd song is
here. Now I hate him and his Dio parody twice as hard. Fuck off. 2

The Duff: For the sake of connecting with the retardo-meme generation unable to process original thought, ‘DIS BE A WEEN! 8

Abyss: Yes, Tim Ripper Owens has a very nice voice,
but does that excuse him writing subpar songs and releasing it upon the
public? I think not. This is like a turd-encrusted cake with a nice
succulent strawberry in the middle. A great waste of strawberries in
other words. And no, I did not call Owens succulent. That’d be gay. Like
really really gay. 4

CadenZ: I don’t really like Owens’ vibrato and his
voice sounds somehow restrained, as if he doesn’t get it all out when he
sings. Lack of output power in blatant terms. The song-writing is OK,
nothing special. Actually this CD is so mediocre it should come with a
warning label: “Parental Advisory – Average Content.” The gloomier parts
being the least average of the bunch, they’re what I’ll (try to)
remember from “Play My Game”. 5

Primal Fear: 16.6 (Before the devil knows you're dead Primal Fear: 16.6 (Before the devil knows you’re dead)


Lord K: We always end up with idiot bands like this
in AA, and that’s half of the fun. The other half is playing with your
penis while having to listen to idiot bands like this, trying to summon a
stiffy under the circumstances. It’s not easy, people, it’s not easy.
Sentence: Forced to wear t-shirts saying “I am a power metal homo” for
the rest of your lives. 3

Kampfar: I would rather lick the ass of Richard
Gere than buy anything courtesy of Primal Fear. In other words, I still
hate power metal. Had this platter been an instrumental I would’ve added
2 points to the score. 3

The Duff: Iron Maiden, power metal, Dream Theater
and Mötley Crüe; not terrible, not great. An amazing guitar player, but
the music is quite average despite the skill involved. 5

Abyss: At first glance a pretty entertaining power
metal album with more than one nod in Judas Priest’s direction and at
second glance, well it’s still pretty entertaining and still very
reminiscent of the Priest’s entire discography (no
“Nostradamus”-stinkers yet though). It’s catchy, mildly stupid, very
very German and not very multi-faceted. Think Dream Evil with a wee bit
more bottom-end. 5

CadenZ: Traditional and cheesy metal of heaviness
with good musicians all over, including the singer. Too bad there’s no
soul in this. No emotions, no depth. It’s like eating a meal made out of
fantastic and expensive ingredients, but it tastes like wood. No, not
the stick in yer pants… or, well, why not? No seasoning allowed, though.

Marilyn Manson: The high end of low Marilyn Manson: The high end of low


Lord K: The last time I cared about Marilyn Manson
was… Sorry, I never did. Can’t deny the quality and the fact this
commercial crap is well produced though. Sentence: Unfuck Dita von
Teese. Fuck was she thinking? 4

Kampfar: “Nah, not for me, but I’d do your most
current ex alright”, was what I thought until the intro was over with.
After said nothingness had ended, I learned that I quite enjoy Mr.
Manson and his crew whenever they erect their fairly massive wall made
of buzz. When not, aka most of the time, they need to fuck off and die. 4.

The Duff: I reckon I used to be Marilyn Manson’s
biggest fan when I was younger, even going so far as to walk around with
the Antichrist sign on my face during… every day (no, not really, but
one Halloween some tram-goers sure felt the agony brought on by my
wrathful stare). The last material of theirs (or his) I heard of was
“Mechanical Animals”, which I really enjoyed, and bits and pieces from
the follow-up, “return to form” albums, which I found appealing; the
single off the last one was abhorrent beyond comprehension, and so here I
am all intrigued – in short, “THEoL” is a continuation of the pop/rock
style (less Bowie-centered this time) in which he’s been indulging in
recent years with some really horrendous lyrics. 4

Abyss: Mr Manson has gotten real old and bitter
lately. Not Alice Cooper-bitter but not too fucking far away. “The
golden age of grotesque” was a return to form, I foolishly believed but
as it turns out it was just the lucidity the dying display just before
they keel over, crap their pants and die. “Eat me, drink me” was the

CadenZ: On average, I’ve found the same amount of
appeal in listening to Marilyn Manson as in picking up a pile of dog poo
off the ground and devouring it with some mustard. This is better.
Still, I’d rather throw the dog turd on my sauna heater and smell the
fumes for an hour than listen to this again. 3

The Bereaved: Daylight deception The Bereaved: Daylight deception


Lord K: Dark Tranquillity and In Fames called, they
want their music back. They also said it didn’t suck this much when
they gave it to you in the first place. Last off they told you to stop
switching members all the fucken time and get yourselves an own identity
musicwise. That, or just terminate the band once and for all. Sentence:
Shame. 3

Kampfar: Dear The Bereaved, I have no idea what
shithole you crawled out of but hearing your
melodic-not-even-close-to-death with a strong hint of MGP,
or whatever, is all I need to presume that yer just another collection
of lily-livered cuntbags courtesty of Europe… or the US. 2

The Duff: Soilwork phoned and said they want their
band back. I think the words they used were “What the fuck is this
shit?”. At The Gates then phoned Soilwork and said “Hahahaha”. This
sounds like Soilwork right down to the guitar lead tone; the vocals are a
bit more raspy than Strid when aggressive, more streamlined when clean.
Formerly known as Clone, and I don’t know who the joke’s on. 3

Abyss: Everything you can do, In Flames has already done better and then moved on. 4

CadenZ: Oh no, not again…the Gothenburg-melodeath
rip-off onslaught of the metalcore scene of utter shittiness continues
with The Bereaved. Some of the riffs are actually quite good (probably
‘cause At the Gates or In Flames already recorded them 15 years ago),
and I like the guitar solos… but the shitty synth melodies, weak growls,
rip-off riffs and the overall sense of frailty and heart-loss conjure
puke reflexes if exposed to for any longer stretch of time. Everything
would still only suck, if it weren’t for the momma’s boy clean
vocals that make you wanna rip your eyes out and plunge ‘em into your
ears just to spare you from hearing the sobby sound of shit emanating
from the vocalist’s vile vocal cords. (Alliterations for the win!) So
fuck you, Scar Symmetry wanna-bes – you’re light years behind them in
every possible way. 3

Dead By April: Dead by April Dead By April: Dead by April


Lord K: Pop metal that would appeal to me heaps if
Amy Lee sang on it. She’s not, and vocalist Jimmy hardly’s got the same
fantastic voice – nor boobs. Disgustingly overproduced, but still catchy
and repulsive. Sentence: 52 weeks of listening to Torture Division so
you fuckers will grow some balls. 4

Kampfar: Haha…hahahahahahaha. I hope you
homo-erotic pussyboys are dead by today/tonight. No kidding,
over-emotional shit people like you are the exact reason why (western)
Europe will be known as Eurabia before long. Utterly fuck off and die.
Aaarrrgghhh, all you gays deserve to be fly-dropped over Africa and get
your skinny, white asses gangraped till A.I.D.S. spurt out of your ears.

The Duff: Another recent Soilwork/In Flames band
with hints of Skyfire/Children of Bodom with a splurge-full quantity of
utter shit. The first track was a real surprise, as it sounded like a
blend of real polished nu-metal and pop (witness history in the making,
trend setters who I strongly doubt will take the world by storm) – this
is garbage metalcore combined with synth, chug bullshit and Boyzone.

Abyss: You must be fucking kidding me? Please. This
is… this is pop. Pure unadulterated N’sync pop with some distorted
guitars and screams randomly injected. You know that Simpsons episode
where Bart, Ralph, Nelson and Milhouse get suckered into a boyband by
the navy? Well the songs they perform sound just like Dead By April. So
in other words: Simpsons did it! Yvan eht Nioj. 1

CadenZ: Nails on a chalkboard, out-of-tune
yodeling, Harry Potter dubbed in German, door-to-door Jehovah’s
witnesses’ rants dubbed in German… all sounds/noises I’d rather listen
to than this Swemo whinefest of total suck. Oh, fuck; did I just hear an auto-tuner?! Please kill me now! Or much better; kill Dead By April. Now. Slowly. 2


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