Audio Autopsy – February 2010

Audio Autopsy – February 2010

01/02/10  ||  Global Domination

Impious: Death domination Impious: Death domination


Lord K: In this edition, for some reason, there are
a lot of Swedish bands included, this time in the shape of Impious.
Place them in the same category as the rest of the bands you surely
don’t care about who produce some competent deathrash by the numbers.
Their habit of blasting over real simple, rockish riffs (listen to “I am
the king” to get what I mean) doesn’t work and as a whole this is…
well… ok, at best. I wouldn’t fuck them if they were chicks. 5

Kampfar: Unique this is not, but fuck knows I approve of their energetic thrash/death regardless. Inspired is the keyword here. 8

Trauma: There are times when this strokes my penis
furiously, and other times when it just leaves it sit there all erect
with nothing to advance it’s calling. It’s been that month for death
metal releases. They all contain quality songs and quality brutality,
but still they are a bit stagnant at times in the albums. 7

CadenZ: An aptly titled disc, this is pure death
metal domination – malicious wrath in thick slabs of flesh and hate.
There is not much to not love here. 8

Dr. Snuggles (guest): This is good, damn good in
fact, I’m really digging this shit. I get some great The Crown vibes
from this and it is exactly the kind of death/thrash metal that gets my
heart pumping a bit faster. 8

Miseration: The mirroring shadow Miseration: The mirroring shadow


Lord K: Another one of Älvestam’s (the guy who was
kicked out of Scar Symmetry, you know) bands. How many is he currently
in? Maybe the movie “300” was really about him and not some fags in
Sparta? Miseration is pretty much death metal with a few twists thrown
in. It works but won’t be anything we will remember in 10 years. Also,
Älvestam’s vocals are usually better. Quantity over quality, huh? In the
end it’s not about how many bands you’re in, it’s about how good they are. 5

Kampfar: Hadn’t it been for The Misanthrope Project
this thing called Miseration would’ve been my surprise of the month.
Sure thing, Herr Älvestam might be the biggest band-whore in recorded
history, in the whole of the universe, but I nonetheless happen to dig
“The mirroring shadow”. 8

Trauma: It’s weird, I can easily know Älvestam’s
vocals are his, but when I first heard this having no information about
them, I had no idea it was him. I like this, and it is well done death
metal. I like Deathbound just a bit more in this edition, but these guys
are #2 this month for me. 8

CadenZ: Brutal, technical, catchy death metal with great songs.
And it’s not Bloodbath. I’m sold. Seems like they stacked all the best
songs in the beginning, though – had they kept up the pace all the way
I’d given a niner, easy. 8

Dr. Snuggles (guest): Highly competent “melodic”
death metal, Christian Älvestam (ex. Scar Symmetry) still hasn’t
disappointed me with anything he puts his signature on. I do miss
Unmoored as hell though. 7

Deathbound: Non compos mentis Deathbound: Non compos mentis


Lord K: Nice theft of the classic Swedish death
metal guitar sound, I’ll give them that. I also hear some Nasum
influences in the chaos so to say that these guys studied the Swedish
death/grind scene wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Deathbound chop, butcher
and maim every chance they can, but ultimately “Non compos mentis” comes
across as a pretty standard, good’n‘brutal effort. 6

Kampfar: If you are hooked on Nasum, and also
Rotten Sound, Deathbound might make things happen in your pants. It did
in mine. The production could’ve been better, though, so we aren’t
talking a massive erection here. 7

Trauma: I’d say these guys are the winners. Great
songs, crushing aggression. I like the vocal delivery, as I hear bits of
Jörgen Sandstrom. I just now realize that’s an extreme compliment. He
deserves it, because it’s not a generic death vocal. I mustn’t stay on
the vocals, though, because the drums are constantly blasting your skin
from your scrotum. 8

CadenZ: Pretty cool onslaught of brutality, this.
Nice mix of blasts, frantic up-tempo and groovier riffage. Hard and
relentless, the very air has been decapitated, molested and burnt to
ashes when “NCM” is done. 7

Dr. Snuggles (guest): It’s been seven years since I
quit the band, I guess I’m ready to review this without involving any
favoritism (or am I?). Comparing “Non Compos Mentis” to the bands last
two efforts I sense that there is less grind and more death metal groove
present, although grind is still the main essence. The album is also
more varied than “Doomsday Comfort” (2005) and “We Deserve Much Worse”
(2007) which is absolutely something that has been lacking. I’m a big
fan of this kind of grind (Rotten Sound, Nasum etc.) so even with all
personal ties to the band put aside this gets a high score. 8

Thy Disease: Anshur-Za Thy Disease: Anshur-Za


Lord K: In the shittiest edition of AA in a long
time (don’t we say this every month?) it wasn’t exactly hard to pick out
the personal winner. Thy Disease have released a few fantastic tunes
(“Fire storm” comes to mind first) in the past and their futuristic
(death) metal further explores new ground on this one. Nice electronics
together with brutality and a clear production – this stuff works in my
favor and takes a shit on the rivaling bands here. 8

Kampfar: Poland has much on offer, music wise, but this limp-wristed something doesn’t add to that much. At all. 4


CadenZ: Repetitive, boring but competent (meaning
well-played and professional) death metal of the chaotic and technical
kind, with industrial/techno and Fear Factory influences. The
song-writing doesn’t hold up, and neither do the vocals. 4

Dr. Snuggles (guest): I nominated this album as one
of last years biggest disappointments, maybe I was a bit hasty. This is
indeed quite a good album but compared to their 2006 effort “Rat Age
(Sworn Kinds Final Verses)” this album doesn’t stand a chance. What
differs Thy Disease from the rest of the polish death metal bands is the
incorporation of electronica influences into their death metal, a nice
touch indeed. What I can’t stand on the “Anshur-Za” album though is the
clean vocals, or rather moans and whatnot. 5

Raubtier: Det finns bara krig Raubtier: Det finns bara krig


Lord K: I don’t even know if these Swedes are
serious or not, but their Rammstein-metal (sung in Swedish) brings a
smile to my face. Whether it is becoz I despise them or becoz I take a
liking in them is yet to dawn on me… For comedy value it’s better than
you’d think. 6

Kampfar: Raubtier is a Swedish version of
Rammstein, with a hint of Finntroll. I don’t know if the whole album
goes on like this, that because the total awfulness of “Dobermann” made
me died inside. Ten times over. Do you fuck those dogs of yours, Mr.
Vocalist? I claim to fuck ponies, but I don’t really do, though it
wouldn’t surprise me if you lot already made a hobby out of gangbanging
dogs. 3

Trauma: Hahahahaha. Swedish Rammstein. I can’t get
over how much they’re trying to sound like Rammstein. Like, carbon copy.
Hahaha. Was “Engel” the inspiration for the music of “Achtung Panzer”?
Cos it’s pretty obvious. They’re a bit heavier than Rammstein, though.
Better? Probably not if you hate this shit. 6

CadenZ: Frantic industrial metal with apocalyptic
lyrics from my home-town boys. Catchy tunes, a sound heavy as fuck and
angry snarling provide above-average entertainment; especially the
album’s two last songs are excellent. Too bad many of the tracks are
ruined by sucky angry-bee guitar solos. 7

Dr. Snuggles (guest): This album was sort of my
soundtrack for the summer of 2009, sadly I notice whilst listening to it
now that despite the hit-factor the album had on me in the beginning it
has faded. Raubtier could be described as a Swedish version of
Rammstein, but the difference between Raubtier and Rammstein is the fact
that Rammstein’s songs are more memorable and have a longer lifespan. 6

Overkill: Ironbound Overkill: Ironbound


Lord K: I worshiped “Taking over” when I was a kid.
Considering that was like 50 years ago, at least, these guys must be in
their 70’s now. Blitz sounds like he did back in the day and
“Ironbound” as a whole isn’t terrible at all. Good production with a
killer bass sound too. The old farts can still create some decent
half-thrash though they should really edit down their songs here to half
the playing time. 5

Kampfar: I thought Overkill was a German band,
obviously they aren’t, but their thrash sure sounds like something
manufactured in the land Hitler made infamous. I guess Overkill to be
best suited for those who think Destruction and Kreator rules hard. 4

Trauma: It’s alright if you want a thrash attack. I
thought Overkill sucked for the most part, and I guess they do, but
this album doesn’t. 6

CadenZ: My oh my, some fossils still deliver.
Energetic and feisty thrash metal this, with the occasional tasty
moodier part. Megadeth and other oldies, take note – you don’t have to sound old, just because you are old. 7

Dr. Snuggles (guest): Good Ol’ Overkill… I remember
listening to their 1989 album “The Years of Decay” like a maniac in the
early 90’s, then forgot about them. Picked’em up again around 1997 with
the album “From The Underground And Below”, I wasn’t impressed. Nor am I
really impressed with “Ironbound” (2009) either, it’s simply just
Thrash a’la Overkill with no suprises what so ever. 4

Fear Factory: Mechanize Fear Factory: Mechanize


Lord K: One of the versions of the soap opera that
is Fear Factory is back with a new album. Who gives a shit? It sounds
like Fear Factory, I guess, complete with the shitty vocals (both clean
and screamed) of Burton. Dino is as tight a guitarist as he’s fat and
Hoglan always provides. 4

Kampfar: Dino is still uglier than most, grimmer
looking than me even, and Burton C. Cowbell still sounds like a choked
pony when doing them clean vocals he shouldn’t be doing. Least of all
live. Mr. Cazarez looking hideous doesn’t hurt the music of course,
neither does his often inspired riffing, but all in all this nonetheless
turned out to be a snoozefest. Fuck this soap-opera of a band. 5

Trauma: So did they reclaim anything after gaining back Dinosaurus Fat and losing Raymond Herrera and C.W.O? No. 4

CadenZ: I haven’t listened to FF since
“Demanufacture” and they still sound quite the same. The big difference
is to be found in the quality of the material. Whereas their sophomore
record from 15 years back is still a great one, this new one is bland. 4

Dr. Snuggles (guest): Haven’t really been listening
to Fear Factory since the days of “Obsolete” (1995) but many things are
still exactly the same. Burton C. Bell still can’t sing for shit, Dino
Cazares is still big enough to have his own zip-code and the music
basically sounds exactly the same. Drumming by Gene Hoglan is an
absolute plus, goddamn human drum-machine. 7

Disarmonia Mundi: The isolation game Disarmonia Mundi: The isolation game


Lord K: A few years ago they released an album with
that Strid-fag from Soilwork on vocals. It was not the only resemblance
to said band, they also sounded quite a bit like them, and they were
good at being a 2nd rate clone. Nowadays some fag named Claudio is
handling the throat business (according to their MySpace. I can’t tell
who’s singing on the actual album, simply becoz I don’t give a fuck).
Much like Deathbound’s been checking out the Swedish death metal sound
up close, Disarmonia Mundi’s been monitoring Soilwork and the rest of
those bands to an extreme. It works as well as it does for the
“originals”, pretty much, but you will always prefer the originals for a
reason. 6

Kampfar: My time here on planet piss is limited, I
could very well not wake up tomorrow, so please fuck off. I would have
included “you Italian assfuckers” after that “fuck off” hadn’t it been
for Hour Of Penance, Murder Therapy, Aborym, Ufomammut, and the list
goes on. 3

Trauma: I like some of this stuff, and it can be
enjoyable for a time. The rest, though, it kinda gets to dragging on.
They’ve got the good and the bad, so they need to trim craploads of fat
off this fucker. Just remember, the good stuff is real quality. 7

CadenZ: This melodic pseudo-harsh semi-technical
“death” metal wave that has infested the whole scene during the last
five years is filled to the brim with bands that are absolutely
meaningless. They all sound the same and seem to have no quality
control, with the odd exception (Scar Symmetry). Disarmonia Penis are
just above average in that genre. Nothing to write home to Mom
about, that is. And what the fuck – there’s a song called “Structural
Wound” on here? Is that, like, a scar that’s symmetric? 3

Dr. Snuggles (guest): Soilwork? No, but I thought I
recognized those vocals. Swedish melodic death metal only not from
Sweden but from Italy featuring Björn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork, Terror
2000 etc.) on vocals. Disarmonia Mundi has a certain charm, but why
wanna sound exactly like Soilwork? There can only be one… 5

Construcdead: Endless echoes Construcdead: Endless echoes


Lord K: And yet another Swedish contribution. It’s
not as awful as Avatar, thank god, but Construcdead isn’t very good
either. Thrashy metal with a few small doses of chugga-chugga riffage
included – sounds good on paper but in reality it’s a hella lot more
boring than you’d think. Also, the vocals should have been more up
front. If Avatar’s got a vagina, Construcdead at least got half a ball.
Tops. 4

Kampfar: When I first read their name, my brain
exploded, turns out it simply couldn’t cope with such a genius play with
word(s). And when I heard the music my ears fell off, this due to a
massive assault of melo-deth genericness. 2

Trauma: Minus one point for the moniker. As far as
the music goes, it’s thrash, death, tough guy, grewvy. The vocalist has
some Phil Anselmo screams/aggression. I gotta say, it’s pretty go – oh,
fucken clean choruses. At least they don’t get completely gay throughout
the album, their balls manage to stay firmly dropped into position. 7

CadenZ: I like the riffing. I dislike the vocals. I
hate it when bands mix good stuff with bad stuff, I’m sure they do it
just to piss me off. Fuckers. OK groove metal this be. 5

Dr. Snuggles (guest): Heard this a 1000 times before already with band such as Darkane, Soilwork, In Flames etc… next!! 4

Månegarm: Nattväsen Månegarm: Nattväsen


Lord K: Men för helvete. Ta ert jävla pick och (troll)pack(a) och försvinn. 2

Kampfar: If this even slightly resembles the music
of the Vikings, it is no fucking wonder them heathen dudes lost the war
against Christianity. Odin says no, try “Vrede” by Allegiance instead.
Or why not do “Fra underverdenen” by Kampfar, he then asked. 3

Trauma: I don’t know what I’m supposed to think of
this music. It’s in some Norgesvenge language that I don’t understand
all too well except that there’s a lot of å, ä, and vikings. Music’s
alright overall, though. 6

CadenZ: As written before:
too much “everybody now”-hollering and power metal riffs, not enough
atmosphere and darkness. At times enjoyable folk-inspired metal with
raspy vocals. I hope they never dabble in guitar/violin solo trade-offs
again – even the concept is sickening in metal music, and the execution
is from the very arse of Jeebus Loco Cumbucket. 6

Dr. Snuggles (guest): Despite my many attempts to
listen through this album I sorta lost focus after a couple of songs.
Should though be a welcome addition in the collection to all those who
like their viking metal in the vein of Thyrfing. 5

Skitliv: Skandinavisk misantropi Skitliv: Skandinavisk misantropi


Lord K: The intro is over 5 minutes long. And that
is the shortest tune… To put it mildly, this is one disturbed recording.
It’s also completely not my thing. Skitliv did a skitalbum with very,
very few moments of decency. 3

Kampfar: Life sucks and then you die, is a saying
I’m sure the whole of Skitliv thinks highly of. Why they haven’t
mass-suicide yet is a question I can’t answer, search up their mail
addresses or something, but I can tell you a bit about their music. We
are talking doom with a hint of black and it sounds really rather good,
whenever Maniac compliments the music with his delightful sneer that is.

Trauma: What a fucken waste of five minutes in the
beginning. Let’s just say that “Slow pain coming” is a bit too well
chosen for a track title. 3

CadenZ: I like the idea, Black Sabbath meets
Shining, but “Skandinavisk misantropi” is somewhat boring for much of
the time. Feet are dragged. I like it when bands don’t try to complete
musical ideas in a hurry, but take their time – but you gotta keep it
interesting. Otherwise this is decent black/doom. The bassist outshines
everyone else with his effort, tasteful yet filled with character. 6

Dr. Snuggles (guest): This is, to be honest, one of
the most boring albums I’ve ever heard. This could have been right up
my alley since I am a fan of this kind of semi-weird doomy black metal,
but sadly it just ain’t. 2

Mudvayne: Mudvayne Mudvayne: Mudvayne


Lord K: I need for someone to explain to me what
makes a band like Mudvayne believe they have any right whatsoever to
exist. These idiots sure took everything bad about The New Plague Of
American Metal and succeeded in keeping it as terrible, if not worse. I
remember they had a few Faith No More-esque parts on some older album,
at least they had that going for them. Now, not so much. 3

Kampfar: I remained an optimist until I heard the vocals. About 20 seconds or so. 4

Trauma: I was never a fan of Mudvayne. Ever. There
were, however, aspects to their music that I actually liked at times.
Mostly that it didn’t completely suck as much as some metal purists
would say. The costumes/makeup was lame of course (do they still do
it?), but this is better than their attempt with Hell Yeah. In that
respect I’m quite glad they decided to keep on with Mudvayne. This
doesn’t suck but some of the vocals can be trying at times. 7

CadenZ: Hello, citizens of Suckville – this is your
mayor speaking. Unfortunately, our aural manure factories have had
another meltdown, and a new variation of the airborne “Mudvayne”-virus
of unfathomable and pure shit will infest your ears very shortly. We
hope you still have the counter-attack items we dealt to you last time
this happened (2008), and remember that this epidemic is easily erased
by pressing the DeletePlugs™ firmly into your ear canals. 2

Dr. Snuggles (guest): I can enjoy myself some
Slipknot every now and then, but this is just too “Americanized”, sounds
generic and boring to the very core. Vocalist Chad Gray calls this math metal (well at least according to Wikipedia) and here I thought math metal was stuff like Meshuggah? 2

Avatar: Avatar Avatar: Avatar


Lord K: These guys had some 10 minutes of hype in
Sweden a few months ago. Fuck knows why. Avatar are not only having a
supershitty moniker, they have the music to go with it perfectly.
Rockish metal that doesn’t rock, how about that? They are trying too
hard. Listen to “Roadkill”, it’s bound to piss you off. Avatar is a
terrible band. 3

Kampfar: The whole of Avatar has an open invitation
to my abattoir, one where I sacrifice wimpy bands to Jesus exactly. And
now follows a short description of their bullshit. This lot wimps out
by doing some sort of melo-deth with an edge of rock, probably thinking
they are oh so unique while at it. Fuck off, guys, you aren’t even close. 3

Trauma: “The Great Pretender” had so much potential
to be a fucken awesome tune. Seriously, the potential was there in the
main riff and everything. It came so close. Yeah, these guys blow fucken
donkey dong and prove it time and time again with their Trivium/God
Forbid/Jason Suecof-produced passive-aggressive metal. I’m not
specifically getting on Jason Suecof here, just the bands he produces.
What does that have to do with Avatar? More than you need to actually
hear of them. 3

CadenZ: I was hoping 3D glasses would enhance the
experience – they didn’t. Not that I tried or anything, of course, as
nothing could save this shit from the unfathomable evil death by torture
provided by the fan. A handful of decent riffs and dexterous solos just
aren’t enough when the foundation lies in crappy and ball-less
wannabe-hard “metal”. 2

Dr. Snuggles (guest): From what I understand there
was some buzz around this band some years ago, never paid any attention
though. What we have here is Swedish melodic death metal that tend to
sound more Finnish than Swedish at most parts. I find parts that I
really like, some sweet-ass guitarshit and melodies. But why these
annoying clean vocals? 5

Soil: Picture perfect Soil: Picture perfect


Lord K: So, finally some cheese in this edition of
Audio Autopsy. Soil is fucken repulsive, that’s all you need to know. By
the way, am I hallucinating or is there/was there a member of the
defunct and overrated US thrash band Sindrome in Soil? The world of
metal will never forgive him if that is/was the case. 3

Kampfar: If “metal” cozy enough to be broadcast by MTV
at daytime sounds tempting, do indulge yourself. Not exactly bad this
Soil shit, but sure as the downfall of humanity not music I feel like
spending any more time on. 5

Trauma: Further proof that Clive Davis is not a
music guru, but a business guru. Cos this shit is nothing special, not
even annoying like a canker sore, just… nothing. 3

CadenZ: Hmm… glamgrungecore? Nickelback meets Zakk
Wylde meets Linkin Park meets Dream Theater. Meets Bon Jovi. Some stuff
is actually really good, but all in all this is very much not my cup of
tea. I like my tea with balls. 3

Dr. Snuggles (guest): If I was 14 and Dead By April was my equality to Vomitory and I was sexually attracted to men I’d love this album. 1


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