Audio Autopsy – December 2013

Audio Autopsy – December 2013

01/12/13  ||  Global Domination

In Solitude: Sister In Solitude: Sister


Lord K: Quite hyped, this one. While the production
is lacking all kinds of punch, it is very suitable for the occultish
hardrock that’s so hip right now thanx to Ghost and whatnot. While I
take a greater liking in the mentioned Ghost, In Solitude’s “Sister” is a
good fucken piece that’s bound to gain some attention. 7

CadenZ: Clearly these guys want in on the Ghost
hype, even though these guys are more Sisters of Mercy than Mercyful
Fate. Good melodies take ‘em at least halfway there. 7

Cobal: Since when does The Cure play… METAL?!?!?!? Intriguing as this may be, I found the songs particularly well written and enjoyable. 7

sincan: Good ol’ metal with vibes from the 80’ies.
The cover “Jesus i betong” which is a b-side (or the final track on the
record when using spitifuck) on the single is perfectly executed
reminding me of some Swedish punk. 8

Ironpants: Even if this guy
have said it already, I can write down some notes with hindsight. At
times this is really good, but there are also moments that piss me off.
Two months after my review, I find myself listen to their older album
more often than this one. 7

Inquisition: Obscure verses for the multiverse Inquisition: Obscure verses for the multiverse


Lord K: Absolutely not on my watch. I’m not tr00 enough. 3

Habakuk: Now this is fucking badass. Menacingly spherical, uncomfortable black metal. Killer stuff. 9

CadenZ: As hypnotic and massive as ever, and still in need of that bass. Not many bands can pull off being a duo on stage and
on record, and though Inquisition actually manage to do just that, they
still would benefit from having a bassist in their ranks. Still, this
is some fucking good shit. 7

Cobal: Death black metal with a strong Immortal vibe. Fine to me! 7

sincan: Excellent black metal is excellent. No need to say anything more. 9

Ironpants: Black metal doesn’t usually get me going
that much, but there is something here that makes me listen over and
over again. A little repetitive, but sort of hypnotic in a way. Also,
awesome song titles. 7

Sahg: Delusions of grandeur Sahg: Delusions of grandeur


Lord K: “Sagg” in Swedish means “spunk”. Go figure. 5

Habakuk: Space clouds and hipster triangles – looks
like a Glitch Mob album, but sounds like Stoner with some Sabbath
flows. Now which mob rules? 8

CadenZ: Doomy space rock/metal, a 21st century
retro version of Black Sabbath. Cool arrangements, hazy atmospheres,
groovy riffs, a winner. 7

Cobal: I don’t know about delusions of grandeur,
but these guys really have an appetite for writing progressive
approached songs. Another proof that there’s tons of different ways to
be heavy. 8

sincan: I guess I should have problems with this one but I don’t. Solid shit that stands out in its own way. 7

Ironpants: I know a couple of guys who has listened a lot to Black Sahgath, Mastodon… and Deathspell Omega… no wait?? 5

Hail Of Bullets: III - The Rommel chronicles Hail Of Bullets: III – The Rommel chronicles


Lord K: The Dutch death metal bastardos return with
album number 3. You already know what kind of quality these guys
possess, so I need not rant much longer. Ace production, ace
musicianship and van Drunen’s trademark grunts on top of it. That’s a
fucken recipe for death metal supremacy on all levels. 8

CadenZ: I just realized that Asphyx is exactly the
same as Hail of Bullets, the only difference being that they play
everything at half the tempo HoB do. Result? Asphyx = boring as fuck.
Hail of Bullets = groovy as… a small fuck. 6

Cobal: Meh. 5

sincan: I find this a bit too trendy and flat. Not completely bad but too polished. 5

Ironpants: This is how it’s done my friends, a solid death march through the battlefields of WWII with the soldiers in HoB makes Mr. Ironpants happy and if he is happy, everybody is happy. 9

Necrophobic: Womb of Lilithu Necrophobic: Womb of Lilithu


Lord K: The last months have been pretty goddamn
tumultuous for Necrophobic with the firing of vocalist Tobias Sidegård
in the aftermath of his domestic abuse case and whatnot. Bad timing when
they have this new album coming out now, meaning it will quite possibly
be forgotten in the shadows of said events. Necrophobic’s been one of
my fave bands for quite some time, but this disc prolly needs time to
grow on me coz it’s more blackened and less melodic than what I prefer.
We’ll see how this holds up in the months to come. I have hopes…
Necrophobic shouldn’t be capable of letting me down after all these
years. 7

Habakuk: Good shit, but I wouldn’t instantly have recognized it as Necrophobic. Slowed down a bit, huh guys? 7

CadenZ: A solid album with some unexpected chants
and melodic vocals. Folkare’s lead guitar chops are a welcome addition,
as they would be in any band in the genre. 7

Cobal: Is it just me or this guys are beginning to sound just as COF or Dimmu Borgir? There’s nothing wrong with that, I guess. 5

sincan: “Womb of Lilithu”, an album name which
gives you a rather big hole to fill (muehehe). Some tracks are in my
opinion very similar to Watain, but not as superb, and some more pompous
tracks are actually carrying this album over the finishing line. 6

Ironpants: Pretty solid stuff from this ancient
institution of blackened death metal. I enjoyed this album more than I
thought I would, even if it lacks of that last bit of epicness that you
could call for. 7

Toxic Holocaust: Chemistry of consciousness Toxic Holocaust: Chemistry of consciousness


Lord K: Which part of “I don’t care about today’s
thrash metal” don’t you guys fucken understand? I’m too old-school for
this revival crap.3

Habakuk: Instant thrash gratification. So they CAN do it? 9

CadenZ: Very nice thrash metal with the heart in
the right place (penis) and not too many brain cells being used.
Unfortunately the vocalist sucks ass, and his distorted rasping is
extremely annoying. Fuck him. 5

Cobal: And yet another bunch of effective thrashing
riffs with a black-punk attitude. Just can´t say no to this. Songs
being so short definitely helps. 7

sincan: I must be honest and say that I don’t know
my Toxic Holocaust as much as one might want. I just wanted to tell you,
puh, it already feels a lot better! How about you? After listening to
this record I still don’t know much more, since I think that it lacks
strong songwriting with its tracks entering my ear and exiting my penis
faster than a goat can say sheep. 6

Ironpants: The man who is born a couple of decades
too late is back with a smoker. If all bands had this passion and soul
for their music, there would be potential “Album of the year”-albums
released every day. This is great, and even if it’s not on my Top 5 in
2013, it´s pretty darn close. 9

Motörhead: Aftershock Motörhead: Aftershock


Lord K: I have noticed that Motörhead holds a pretty huge fanbase and that they have turned more into a band that is cool to like than actually like.
They have become a trademark more than a band who’s churning out fucken
excellent music. Good for them. I own the Motörhead Vodka. Simply becoz
the bottle looks cool. See what I mean? 4

Habakuk: Well, what did you expect? 7

CadenZ: Lemmy sounds a bit more tired, other than that nothing has changed. 6

Cobal: Motörhead’s always right, but just that. 6

sincan: Well, it is Motörhead. 7

Ironpants: I guess these old geezers can’t really
go wrong can they? You know how it sounds even before you click “play”
and they have nothing to prove. If you don’t like it, tough luck, they
won’t ever change their ways. I admit that I never really listen to
them, but I don’t have to, I’m satisfied with just knowing that they
will continue and make albums as they always have been doing. 6

Gehenna: Unravel Gehenna: Unravel


Lord K: “True Norwegian Black Metal”… that tag is
making me yawn just as much as “brutal death metal”. And if you read my
opinion in the Death Angel section here in AA you know that I don’t care
about today’s thrash metal, just like I absolutely do not give a fuck
about “True Norwegian Black Metal”. Never have, never will. 2

Habakuk: Going through the motions, nothing more. You really have to like black metal to find anything interesting in this. 5

CadenZ: Back to basics. No need to search for anything fancy here, only bleak and fathomless depths of misery and anguish. 8

Cobal: Black metal just the way I like it: sinister
and overwhelmingly dreamy. Exactly the kind of record that makes me
remember how much I despise most idiots out there. 8

sincan: Either this is just pretty good or a
grower. I don’t know yet with this rather progressive black metal but I
find it kind of monotonous after a couple of tracks. 6

Ironpants: Oh, so you like proper black metal? This one should be for you? 6

Skeletonwitch: Serpents unleashed Skeletonwitch: Serpents unleashed


Lord K: Take 2 useless words which are very common
in metal, put them together and make a band name. There we go –
Skeletonwitch. As far as I am concerned they could have used Skeleton
and Shit as well. 4

Habakuk: I don’t like these guys’ thin, trebly
sound in combination with the vocals, but it took me just a couple of
songs and the thoroughly well-crafted tunes actually won me over. Not
sure though, am I getting a bit of a Kvelertak vibe, or is the cover
misleading me? 8

CadenZ: Somewhere in between Amon Amarth, Kvelertak
and Megadeth we find Skeletonwitch. I really don’t know what to make of
this record, other than that I don’t hate it and I definitely don’t
love it. I guess its existence is kind of justified. 5

Cobal: Probably the first Skeletonwitch album that sounds just like another Skeletonwitch album. Huge disappointment. 4

sincan: Well some cover artists uses the same theme
on every single cover. But the arrangement here is almost too similar
to Kvelertak’s covers to be even a little funny. I also find small
similarities with previously mentioned band in the music, for instance
the relatively easy listened black metal elements. However Skeletonwitch
uses much more “black” in their style and some of the tremolo picking
is really good and even catchy. Try “Burned from bone” or “Unwept” if
you dare. 8

Ironpants: With their thrashy style music mixed
with black metal snarl vocals they gather praise and cheers around the
metal community. I´m not convinced, and can’t really appreciate this
even when I am in my most “thrashy” mode since the early 90’s. 5

Kataklysm: Waiting for the end to come Kataklysm: Waiting for the end to come


Lord K: One of all those “quality” death metal
bands who no one gives a shit about. Über-trigged drums and quantized to
perfection (or hell, depending how you look at it) – “Waiting for the
end to come” is a tiresome modern death metal album that you have heard a
million times before and it could have been written and recorded by any
given unknown band of today in possession of computers and decent
skills. 5

Habakuk: If a Kataklysm album isn’t completely lifeless, that counts as an improvement. 6

CadenZ: If Max Cavalera made death metal, it would sound like this. Except his version would groove. 5

Cobal: Perfectly tight death metal that I can
perfectly do without, especially in the most to-the-vein parts. This is
much better when they simply slow down and groove. Too bad they do that
very few times. 5

sincan: The cover smells like a fantasy novel, a
typical place where nerds gets to fuck nice looking ladies (I never read
such books). The music is not filled with dragons and wizards though,
but rather straight forward death metal. I miss more memorable tracks. 6

Ironpants: Pretty up to par shit. At first I was a
little over-excited, but I calmed down after a few spins. Even if it is
nothing really wrong with it, I doubt that I will listen very much to
this album in the future. Sweet album cover by the way. 6

Sepultura: The mediator between head and hands must be the heart Sepultura: The mediator between head and hands must be the heart


Lord K: I do not give a single cock about Sepultura
anymore. This ridiculously titled piece is yet another testimony to the
irrelevance that is what’s left of “Sepultura”, coz we all know
Sepultura died after “Roots”. 4

Habakuk: Perseverance pays off it seems, at least Sepultura are miles ahead in the implicit race against Soulfly these days. 7

CadenZ: Sepultura and variation don’t go hand in
hand, they go hand in penis. That’s a positive thing. I even like bits
and pieces of this confusing soup of aggro riffs and other weirdness. 5

Cobal: The more they step away from what they used
to be — “Bestial Devastation” and “Roots” aside, the more I dig into
their tribal/groove stuff. Badly looking forward to checking out what
Kisser is about to release with his side-project, De La Tierra! 7

sincan: Well who would have known that these guys
still can ejaculate out something good for us to wrestle nude in? I like
the sludgier/doomier parts and by that I want to say that the track
“Grief” is phenomenal. 7

Ironpants: There was a time when Sepultura was my
mistress, we had a great time, stayed up and partying all nite, making
out and made love over and over again. Then she started to go to samba
classes and met other people and I was left alone with only the good
memories from our passionate times. 3

Death Angel: The dream calls for blood Death Angel: The dream calls for blood


Lord K: I tried to like the debut of these guys
back in the late 80’s. No success. Then I gave that “Frolic” album a
shot. Even less success. I even went as far as watching them live with
Forbidden back in 1990. Still no success. This made my then 17-year old
self realize Death Angel just wasn’t for me. The fact that they’re still
going is impressive, and their thrash metal of today sounds better than
what it did in the past. But as you already know, I give very few fucks
about today’s thrash metal, no matter what band it is. 6

Habakuk: I don’t see the greatness. 6

CadenZ: Thrash metal with OK energy equals shit. You need to have A FUCKING TON OF MOTHERFUCKING ENERGY to pull thrash metal off. Like these guys. 4

Cobal: While I can understand the appeal of true
metalness here – namely guitar oriented velocity and aggression, I
simply can’t put up with the vocals, and the overall result does very
little for me. I’ll pass, they won’t. 4

sincan: Some pretty modern thrash with surprisingly annoying vocals. 4

Ironpants: Muscle memory. You know? When your body
just falls back into something it is familiar with, and you just go with
the flow with something you have been doing ages ago? This album
revived my thrash muscle memory. 8

Ihsahn: Das Seelenbrechen Ihsahn: Das Seelenbrechen


Lord K: Obviously a very talented musician who’s
venturing into any fucken territory he feels like exploring, making “Das
Arschelsprechen” a quite interesting listen at times. Best track?
“Nacl” with its excellent clean vocals and Opeth-ish influences. 6

Habakuk: One thing that I don’t look for in black
metal is this sort of thoughtfully emotional tenderness. To be honest, I
don’t look for much in black metal at all, but this comes across as
very, very unnecessary. 4

CadenZ: Experimental and progressive, yet with the emotional depth and artistic scope intact. Ihsahn has a hard time failing. 8

Cobal: Listening to this I realized that this guy
is allowed to do what he does partly because he already proved his huge
level of metalness, uh? Confess that if any unknown starter went on this
direction from the very beginning, the avalanche of haters would be
gargantuan. Confusing at times, but pretty awesome at others
nevertheless. 7

sincan: As boring as it is pretentious. 3

Ironpants: Cool album title – The soul crushing!
Not so cool music though, but still in the area of interesting
progressive stuff, at least the first half of the album. After that, I
have no idea what the fuck happened? 4

Running Wild: Resilient Running Wild: Resilient


Lord K: I once owned and loved “Under Jolly Roger”. I must have been doing the world’s entire supply of heroin at the time. 3

Habakuk: A step in the right direction again. Decent! 6

CadenZ: Ripping off old Metallica riffs is one
thing, putting a pirate label on them and singing in an atrociously
awkward manner on top of them is another matter entirely. What both of
these things have in common is that they suck. Just like Running Wild. 2

Cobal: Heavy/power metal that gave me a strong
Helloween vibe at times. Yes, it’s a bit boring ultimately, but I can’t
hate anything resembling those particular Teutons. 6

sincan: I don’t know what to think about this.
Well, sometimes I do, then I think it is annoying as fuck, but from time
to time it sounds good actually. I hope I confuse you as much as this
record confuses me. 5

Ironpants: Haven’t been listening to Running Wild
for about 20 years or so, but I must say that it isn’t that bad.
Rum-infested, drunken heavy metal with pretty good choruses for old
scumbags. 5

Metal Church: Generation nothing Metal Church: Generation nothing


Lord K: The first 2 albums are classics in every
sense. Everything after those 2 are not. Funniest thing about Metal
Church though is the fact I read an interview with some dude from the
band who seriously stated that Metal Church used to be one of The Big 5
who eventually turned into The Big 4 since they, Metal Church, couldn’t
get the break they “deserved”. Eh, excuse me? To be perfectly honest,
Metal Church would not even get a place in The Big 50. 3

Habakuk: Hey, I’m getting a certain Queensryche vibe. That is, from the time when that meant something. 7

CadenZ: Man, I hate vocalists who don’t know their
limitations. If the only thing you can pull off (even if only
half-decently) is screaming, stick to that. Do not, and I repeat, do fucking not try to sing melodically if that makes you sound like a fucking sewer rat being molested by Godzilla and his uncle. Fuck you. 3

Cobal: Pretty energetic heavy metal that barely does shit for me. What’s with vocals this month? Damn! 5

sincan: Generation missed the train with this one. Some fragments are good, but too many misses. 4

Ironpants: Balancing between heavy metal and speed
metal, Metal Church keeps on giving, but is there someone out there who
cares? I could say that it is metal for old guys, but I am a pretty old
guy myself so that wouldn’t be correct either. 4


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