Audio Autopsy – August 2006

Audio Autopsy – August 2006

01/08/06  ||  Global Domination

Thy Disease: Rat age Thy Disease: Rat age

7 /10

Lord K: Finally. Poland. Where most of the bands
in this edition’s been running in the Special Olympics, Thy Disease and
My Own Grave participates in the real event. And they are both winners.
Electronics, brutality, a top-notch performance and production is
everything I wished for after the countless of musically anonymous bands
featured here. A song like “Fire storm” is a perfect example of how
shit should be done. That tune is a fucken perfect 10 but the album is a
smashing: 8

Ripper Bendix: In comparison to the overwhelming
accumulation of shit in this month’s AA, Thy Disease is like a fucken
holiday in the sun even though they couldn’t be further from a fucken
sunny fucken image. I am glad that I listened to this great album after
all the others because it sure as fuck stopped me from begging K to fire
me so I wouldn’t ever have to review cd’s ever again. Sure, the
ingredients are anything but new. Keyboard stuff has been done to
über-death. But this band definitely has the certain “something” and
saves my fucken day. 9

Rafal: My countrymates can easily produce some of
the best tunes in modern death metal. Sprinkled with industrial
overtones they set the scene to a mind-blowing sonic attack of crunchy
riffs and complex structures. Real blast for fans of Fear Factory. 8

Desert Eagle: This shit is catchy as fuck and
brutal as ass-fuck. Don’t think ass-fuck is brutal? It is, when you got a
dick as pointy as mine. 8

Syrrok: Thy frappacino metal. Beautiful keyboards
and zim zams around. This sometimes comes into a nice groove, and
sometimes it just makes you wonder why you haven’t done more with your
life. It sounds nice on a good stereo, I’ll give it that. 2

The Abyss: Thy Disease from Poland is a young death
band that manages to sound pretty damn fresh and happening despite the
parts (melody/keyboards) having been done to death (har har). The
above-mentioned things are actually the bands strongest points. Imagine a
Polish Arch Enemy with electronic sounds that meld seamlessly into the
mix and you got a fucking gem if you ask me. Which you do. 7

My Own Grave: Unleash My Own Grave: Unleash

6.8 /10

Lord K: A huge fucken suprise this one. At times
black metallish, more often thrashy, all of the time fucken good.
Another gem in the myriad of Swedish bands. My Own Grave deserves your
fucken attention like a free hooker on Reperbahn. Now if I could only
get the interview back that I sent the fucken idiots a month ago.
Bastards. 8

Ripper Bendix: Yes! Unleash! Play! The! CD! S’good!
Yes! Really! Next to Grave and Thy Disease the only album from this AA
I’ll play more than once. 8

Rafal: Now we are talking, yeah. Ultra-fine
thrash/death metal surrounded by a thick and juicy production. The songs
are short but in-your-face. Groove and catchiness all over the place
here. Cool stuff to kill people to. 8

Desert Eagle: These bros got the riffs, or should I
say A riff. Since it’s all pretty similar I’d say that they just milked
one good riff for twelve songs. Any other riffs they stole from At the
Gates, just like everyone else. 7

Syrrok: My Own Grave gives you the first album in
the line of many future albums that you won’t care much about.
Excitement-o-meter around. 4

The Abyss: I hear traces of Bolt Thrower, Dismember, old Dark Tranquillity (mostly the guitar-riffs) and Necrophobic. I hear shit I dig. 6

Grave: As rapture comes Grave: As rapture comes

6.8 /10

Lord K: Long-running death metallers Grave still
doesn’t match their 3 first releases but shit’s picking up for sure.
Ola’s vocals has improved and the inclusion of more blasts is adding to
the quality. Grave is not heading for the tomb just yet. 7

Ripper Bendix: Grave make me wank myself a bloody cock-blister usually, this time it’s just one of those regular, water-filled ones, though. 7

Rafal: Sweden’s finests still fight. Yet another
album of this old horde brings nothing but death metal and death metal.
The ones who have heard Grave at least once will buy it anyway so
there’s no need to write anything more. Well, maybe except for the fact
that “As Rapture Comes” is their strongest effort since “Soulless”. 7

Desert Eagle: For the most part it’s pretty run of
the mill Grave. But then, THEN, there’s a cover of “Them Bones” which is
god damned awesome. Extra points big time. 8

Syrrok: The homies are back with some death metal
to go along with your breakfast. Improvements to the overall
guitar-tone and sound don’t hurt a fucken thing, and the vox kill. I
never thought I’d say that about any band whom J left, but I guess there
are a few more diamonds in the rough out there. Get the death metal
in! 6

The Abyss: Grave’s still at it and here deliver
their strongest album since Jörgen left the band. The mid-tempo songs
are still king in Grave’s world but thanks to some speedier parts/songs
there’s some much-needed variation to be found. It’s not revolutionary
music by any means, but fuck me if it doesn’t get the fist pumping in
the air anyways. 6

Strapping Young Lad: The new black Strapping Young Lad: The new black

6.5 /10

Lord K: I have no idea why SYL never caught my
interest. Sad thing is that I’m wondering the same thing after this
album. It’s all fine musically and Devin’s clean vocals are as annoying
as ever, but SYL is obviously just not for me. Gene Fucken Hoglan still
remains one of my absolute heroes despite everything though. All in all,
too much chaos, too little penis. 6

Ripper Bendix: Not an over-produced hunk of “fuck
you”, but a more controlled piece of rather gritty SYL-shit that
seriously went on my nerves the first time I heard it. Actually, it
still goes on my nerves because there’s a lot of complete shit on this
output. Especially that shit-song with shit-singer Bif Naked. No
goosebumps this time, and that fucken sucks. Something is seriously
wrong with this album even though it still kicks ass most of the time.
I’d say that this piece is worse than the self-titled one which only had
maybe four good songs. 6

Rafal: It surely won’t be a classic album because
it’s not as “monumental” as the older ones. Though, it contains a huge
dose of pure metal shredding, and the originality and creativity of
Devin alone make up for some of the drawbacks. Strong stuff but I
wouldn’t call it a masterpiece. 7

Desert Eagle: The silly weirdness gets annoying
especially fast on this album. I mean, I should think you all know what
to expect from a SYL album and it delivers but I don’t know, it’s
irritating. 6

Syrrok: The ultimate band and the ultimate paradox.
The paradox (until now) being: how can perhaps the greatest live-band
ever constantly write such boring studio-shit? The ebb is reaching the
flow as in this new album SYL are finally closing the chasm. Groovy
great madness! 7

The Abyss: With this, possibly, being the last
SYL-album I’d say Devin and Co. are exiting on a high-note. They’ll
never reach the glories of “City” but “The new black” is an unrelenting
display of everything that makes SYL such a good band. There’s
keyboards, great drumming, catchy riffs, sardonic humour and of course
Devin’s unique vocal talents. “You suck” should’ve been the offical
Soccer World Cup theme-song, a tune all countries can sing along to. 7

Sikth: Death of a dead day Sikth: Death of a dead day

5.8 /10

Lord K: If you like the pussy-parts of Opeth and
Katatonia, this one’s for you. If you like some shit from System of a
Penis, this one’s for you. If you like some annoying vocals, this one’s
for you. If you like some semi-decent additional growls, a little
brutality and some Refused-vibes, this one’s for you. If you like some
half-groovy riffs, this one’s for you. They are not completely for me. 6

Ripper Bendix: I so wished for this to be a 100%
bad album so I could use some “th” plays on words like “this album ith
utter penith”. But it isn’t! Curse you! Oh wait…. Curth You! The softy
parts that sound like Opeth ARE utter Penith, though. Just like Opeth
themselveth. Soundth a bit like stitching different styles together with
a very hot needle. Now I bit my tongue… Great. 6

Rafal: Too modern for me to like it. Some
start/stop riffs, some intense drumming and a lot of nu-metal factures
that don’t appeal to me in any way. I think that emo-kids and Slipknot
fans will like it. 4

Desert Eagle: An album I feel will be overlooked.
It’s technical and melodic with weird vocals that definitely take some
time getting used to. They seem to like doves too, I dunno. Maybe they
like magic tricks. I mean illusions. 9

Syrrok: When listening to metal, if I get as
frustrated and tired of thinking as I do when I try to figure out a
rubix cube… That’s not a good sign. Art hath no homestead in thy brain 4
metal. 3

The Abyss: Well, someone’s reaching for the fallen
crown of The Dillinger Escape Plan! Slightly less chaotic than
“Calculating infinity” but not one iota less speed or violence in the
delivery. Sikth may have a weird fucking name but the music is ten
times weirder. And yes, that’s a good thing! 7

Bloodthorn: genocide Bloodthorn: Genocide

5.7 /10

Lord K: Bloodthorn’s a decent and quite chunky
piece of death metal, hailing from Norway. Relentless, ugly and quite
enjoyable at times. It doesn’t grab me by the balls though, but I
wouldn’t be suprised if their next effort will do just that. They have
the potential for it. 6

Ripper Bendix: Everybody can play fast. It takes
skill to make fast stuff interesting though. Mediocre like Mediocricy Mc
Mediocre from the clan of Mediocres. 5

Rafal: Solid gem of well-played black/death metal
with grind-edges is what you will get when purchasing this album.
Hyper-fast, hyper-brutal but hyper-boring in the long run. 6

Desert Eagle: I feel like I’m being assaulted by
the music and not in the fun sexy way that I usually enjoy. It’s more
like being beaten with rusty, badly produced, pipes. Try imagining that
for a second. 4

Syrrok: Bloodthorn gave me AIDS, and they gave me
some great death metal. The vocals rasp out a bit for me, but the
chunkles more than make up for it. 5

The Abyss: Death metal from Norway seems to be on
the rise in the past years. Blood Red Throne and Zyklon has already
proven their worth and now I can add Bloodthorn to that cliqué of
exclusives. Just like Zyklon, the blades of Bloodthorn’s swords are
blackened but the men wielding them are true death all the way from
Morbid Angel-land (it’s on Route 666, just south of heaven). This months
winner for me and I can’t wait to hear these fuckers opening up for Vader in November in Umeå. 8

Dim Mak: Knives of ice Dim Mak: Knives of ice

5.3 /10

Lord K: Whatever a Dim Mak is, it sure delivers
some high-quality death metal with all the necessary ingredients and too
up-front kicks. A solid effort. 7

Ripper Bendix: I have no idea who that Mack guy is, and why he is dim, but this shit here is surprisingly good… Mostly. 6

Rafal: The group was formed from the entrails of
Ripping Corpse so the music on this piece of plastic is more than just
decent. Dim Mak play straight-up death metal in the vein of better bands
of today’s scene like Hate Eternal or Misery Index. A very enjoyable
dose of killer-riffs. 7

Desert Eagle: There’s nothing even remotely
interesting about this band aside from the fact that they have a crap
band name. I know it means “Death Touch” but why not call yourselves
that then? Dim Mak makes me think that the band must suck if they can’t
even think of a decent name. 4

Syrrok: Death touch fever we have here. JCVD
should be in this band. Pioneers of a scene that has long since passed
them. An all too common occurrence. Lets give them some credit though,
this thing has some insanity on it. But do you believe it is sincere? 3

The Abyss: Death metal at the fifth gear. The sound
and complexity reminds me of the offerings of a young Decapitated but
Dim Mak (that sounds like a Chinese dish) have not yet mastered the art
of strong songwriting. In the end it all becomes noise… 5

Mercenary:The hours that remain Mercenary: The hours that remain

5.2 /10

Lord K: Half-metal. Half-good. Half-interesting. Full-on gay. 5

Ripper Bendix: The Bolt Thrower song of the same
name is more interesting than this album played backwards with Ping Pong
echo in Adobe Audition. Believe me, I tried! 5

Rafal: It’s the second coming of In Flames but now
under the name of Mercenary. Too melodic death metal with power metal
vocals and some half-assed grunts thrown in for a solid measure. It’s
very chill-out stuff but too repetitive for my liking. Half-gay,
half-good. 5

Desert Eagle: Absolutely amazing. Anyone that doesn’t like it is an idiot. Yes even you K, you jerk. Read my review. 10

Syrrok: Danish band named Mercenary… hmmm. Power
metal central for sure. Songs about dreams and fire-embraced swords.
How beautiful. How uninspiring. I won’t even raise a white dove to
this ploof plunk. 2

The Abyss: Some sort of melodic death with clean
power metal vocals, sorta like a C-grade copy of Scar Symmetry. The
vocals has that Mike Patton-nasal thing going but, unlike Patton, this
gets tiring fast. By the third song I’m almost praying for a 10 min
drumsolo just to inject some variaton to it all. 4

Spawn of Possession: Noctambulant Spawn of Possession: Noctambulant

5.2 /10

Lord K: Showing-off death metal is most of the
time as pleasant as shaving yer balls with a lawnmover. The muddy
production is not helping either. A for effort and musicianship, F for
groove. 5

Ripper Bendix: I pretty much stopped listening to this halfway through because it went on my nerves. 4

Rafal: Technical but not cheesy, brutal but well-balanced and melodic but not shabby. That’s the way I like my death metal. 8

Desert Eagle: The only thing that saved this band
from a truly horrible score are their sweet solos. Otherwise it’s the
same old song and dance of SWEDISH OMG BRUTAL DEATH. 6

Syrrok: As with all the death/grind/blastbeat bands
I review for AA – I hear great skills, lots of stamina on the part of
the drummer, and absolutely nothing in terms of decent songwriting.
Play all the stop/start shit, arpeggios you want, just do it cohesively
please. 2

The Abyss: I’ve always believed that good albums
with longetivitey take a while for you to penetrate and fully grasp.
Given the fact that it took me maybe 2 years before I came to appreciate
Spawn Of Posessions debut album, “Cabinet”, I’m a bit hesitant to hand
out a score for “Noctambulant” after only 2 weeks of listening, but
since it sounds pretty similar to “Cabinet” (ultra fast and technical
death with great growling), maybe a tad more “sane” parts, I think I’ll
come to like this. Right now it’s just a: 6

Threat Signal: Under reprisal Threat Signal: Under reprisal

5 /10

Lord K: And another one of all those American
(only difference being Penis Signal are Canadians, poor bastards)
sterotype metal-bands, … ‘sigh’… Throw in some Linkin Park-ish
clean choruses, Meshuggah-thefts and screamy vocals. If you aren’t bored
to fucken death by now, you are immortal. Congratulations, you penis.
How many more bands like this is the world in fucken need of? Zero, I
tell you. Fucken zero. 3

Ripper Bendix: I really, really, really don’t want
to listen to this. Will you go away and come up with something original
if I give you 5 points? Yes? Here ya go: 5

Rafal: Industrial metal? Well, could be. “Under
Reprisal” is a stunning debut from a band I just heard for the first
time. These guys have talent and abilities to become huge but they
should define their own character. It’s not easy to play like Meshuggah
meets Fear Factory though. I’m impressed. 8

Desert Eagle: Well done, Canada. Got some good
melodic shit going on here. Like diarrhea to some smooth beat. You know,
since I said “melodic shit”. You have to stay with me here people. 8

Syrrok: A perfect co-co-co-headliner for any show with Soilwork. 3

The Abyss: The only thing that stands out with this
band is that they play Americanized melo-death and are FROM CANADA!!
Exciting huh? No, exactly. 3

Jungle Rot: War zone Jungle Rot: War zone

4.8 /10

Lord K: Their moniker still puzzles me and so does
the production. Filthy death metal that actually passes for listenable
most of the time. The “jump-da-fuck-up” breaks feels really out of place
on this piece though. Another bunch in a band in the bunch of bands who
are just another… band. 6

Ripper Bendix: And yet another band with an album
that just doesn’t manage to stick out of the mass of all the other bands
that just don’t cut it. A jungle of indifference. Probably a rotting
one, or something. 3

Rafal: Upon the first listen it seems to be a
boring album but the mid-pace and tombstone-riffs turn out to be groovy
and catchy. Old-school American death metal at its very best. 7

Desert Eagle: Instead of reviewing this mediocre
album I’d just like to reiterate how awesome Grave’s cover of “Them
Bones” is. Seriously, get the album just for that song. Don’t get Jungle
Rot though. 5

Syrrok: Death metal and war!? Together at last?
Now this is some new territory (sigh). My 4-year old niece was in the
studio layin down the guitars for this one apparently. Riffs go
duh-duh-duh while the vocals go doo-doo-doo. I’m more interested in
what’s for lunch. 2

The Abyss: Shit name, good songs. I appreciate the
fact that the growler has a very clear pronounciation, though I’m not
sure the actual lyrics are all that brilliant. Overall a pleasing, if
not fantastic, death album. 6

Tankard: The beauty and the beer Tankard: The beauty and the beer

4.3 /10

Lord K: The album-title is, as always, better than the music. Fun thrash is exactly the opposite of the label. 2

Ripper Bendix: Tankard are just not worthy of being
taken apart by me because they are a stagnating fun band that hasn’t
fucken improved in over a damn decade. 3

Rafal: The German beer-monsters are back with their
best album to date. Overwhelming production, outstanding tracks,
fucked-up lyrics and the atmoshpere of a neverending Octoberfest. In
brief: everything that this band’s fan should need to be fully
satisfied. 8

Desert Eagle: I DO need more beer to try to forget
this shit. There are plenty of good riffs but the singer is trying his
best Tom Araya, and it’s awful. 5

Syrrok: Rarely have I seen an album title so
badass. Sometimes Germans do it right. Seriously, metal-songs about
beer? The music isn’t the best but I’ll be damned if I’m not filled
with metal spirit (pun fucken intended) right about now. 5

The Abyss: These drunk old German thrashers have
been around for a long long time. Kinda impressive that they haven’t
really improved at all in 15+ years. 3

Lecherous Nocturne: Adoration of the blade Lecherous Nocturne: Adoration of the blade

3.8 /10

Lord K: Lech definitely knows how to handle their
shit. Technical death metal with some groove and a little bit annoying
production. Having Mike Poggogioooonpenis in the band should render
these guys a full 10 but they have to settle for a: 7

Ripper Bendix: Why do I have to review this? Did I push a grandma in front of the bus in a former life or something? 2

Rafal: Everything around this band is just shit –
Mike “The bassman” Poggione, semi-brutal songs, quasi-songwriting and
utterly irritating vocals. And is it actually death or black metal? I
can’t hear it because of the damn sucky production. Die. 2

Desert Eagle: Lets just call it a day here America.
You can’t seem to produce good death metal bands so give up. After all,
quitting is the American way. 3

Syrrok: Metal out of Greenville, South Carolina?
Do they hang out at the KISS coffee-shop? Guitarists as drummers? Ya
know this shit ain’t too bad. Great grizzley-stuff that puts a perk in
my parrot. Nothing overly original, but done better than all the
unoriginals. 5

The Abyss: Hard, fast, blasting metal with
absolutely zero emotion, soul or passion. There’s not even enough
genuine aggression here to imprint the songs in my cortex longer than 2
min. Dallas Toler-Wade, stay in Nile please. 4

Cattle Decapitation: Karma bloody karma Cattle Decapitation: Karma bloody karma

3.5 /10

Lord K: I have a strong feeling it would be more
fun to lie on my back and piss myself in the mouth than to listen to
Cattle Decapitation ever again. 2

Ripper Bendix: Can you say paint-by-numbers? I am
deducting two points for trying to rip off Black Sabbath with the
album-title, just so you know! No thanks. 2

Rafal: Is is just me or the band is really THAT
boring? Generic grind/death of these veggie-buggers won’t find a place
in my collection so I’d better just throw the album out of my window. I
will check if it at least can fly. 3

Desert Eagle: Um, hey guys… How’s that new Cattle
Decapitation? Oh, it’s Cattle Decap, you know… Hey, that didn’t answer
my question, you just gave me the band name but a bit shorter. Oh yeah, I
guess I did. 5

Syrrok: San Diego death metal at its best. Which
still isn’t that great, but let me tell you this: I have no scientific
equation to prove this, but if you buy this album or support this band
it WILL… seriously… probably help me get laid. If you knew anything
about San Diego pussy, then you would give this a 10 for ol’ Syrrok.
Still, even with that being said, my Mustaine-roots make me give this a:

The Abyss: I usually welcome when grind-bands
infuse some death metal into their ranks. I find it often gives the
songs more memorability and helps underline the power of the riffs that
might otherwise have gone unoticed in a 40 sec song. That is, of course,
assuming the band can actually write said powerful riffs. Cattle
Decapitation needs to work on that part.5

Helmet: Monochrome Helmet: Monochrome

2.2 /10

Lord K: I remember I loved one song by Helmet some
time ago. It was not on this album. When I think about it, I’m not even
sure it was Helmet. 2

Ripper Bendix: Finally an alternative to Prozac! 1

Rafal: I had been told I would enjoy it but sadly, I
didn’t. Well, maybe except for one song, “Brand New”. It sure is worth a
listen if you are into them but I don’t think a newcomer like myself
will get a hang of what’s going on in these songs. 4

Desert Eagle: There’s one every month. 1. Get it?! ONE every month. I gave it a one! Hah! 1

Syrrok: Fuck balls, nuts, junk. You hate to see
bands go down this path. Page is tired. It’s time to hang up the
GAP-shirts and start writing soundtracks. For some reason I feel he’d
be great at that. Cuz he’s not great at metal anymore. 2

The Abyss: Legendary alternative/post rock band
that has previously passed me by unheard. After hearing “Monochrome” I
don’t really feel I’ve missed much. Some of the riffs are decent but the
sneering vocals are a bit too punk to fit in and the songs are really
weak. 3


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