10 years of domination

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We were Global Domination. The only metal site you needed. We were the rulers.
Seriously DE-motivating. Unable to be taken by ass.

Now we are a blog rather than a site. Global Domination is dead, but Metal still deserves better.

That’s why this site exists. First and foremost this is an archive for all the fantastic shit that’s been published in ten years of domination. Hint: That shit’s on the right. It will be steadily growing with time as we go through the backups.

It’s not about daily updates anymore. If we feel like it, we’ll continue to put out new shit.

In the meantime, devour!

The GD staff



2 comments on “10 years of domination

  1. necrogrim
    December 13, 2014

    Good thing someone with passion kept this thing going. Who shuts down a massively successful site just because they are “bored”. Hooooly fuck.

  2. KraKru
    October 11, 2015

    You suns of bitches, I thought you were fucking dead! It’s been a while since I checked this site for the last time. And now I have to read all this shitload of AA’s for all the months I’ve missed out! Fuck!
    Nice to see you again, anyway, you sick bunch of siphilitic homos!

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