Mactätus: Blot

I wasn’t expecting much after seeing the photo of these Norgays on Metal Archives, but after all I suppose one can’t judge a book by its cover. (I actually really want to read that book.) This 2013 re-rerelease on Soulseller Records (it was previously re-released by Moribund Records in 2000) is your typical late ’90s, mid-paced, synthy Norwegian black metal. Okay so Mactätus didn’t exactly invent Reinsdyrstek here; their influences are blatantly obvious. But with the exception of tracks 1 and 8, their recipe worked pretty well for them. The recipe is basically as follows:

1/2 lb Satyricon: The Shadowthrone
1/2 lb Gehenna: First Spell
1/4 cup Emperor: In the Nightside Eclipse
1/8 teaspoon cold Norwegian grimness
A dash of vampyric twatness

6.5/10: Old Granny Borghild’s hearty homecooked black metal strikes again!

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