Big Balls: Metal compilation

24/11/10  ||  Lord K Philipson

Big Balls Productions is made up of 2 guys, genuinely nice fuckos, living in Värmland (no, that’s not a city), Sweden. Big Balls Productions is also the place where we recorded the drums for the latest (February 2011-release thru Season Of Mist) The Project Hate album as well as for all the Torture Division demos but the first one. So I have some kind of relationship with these guys. But not only that – Torture Division is even featured on this record with the previously unreleased song “Bring on the corpses”. So, who better than me to review this shit? Exactly. No one.

The thing with this record is that all the bands featured have a connection to Värmland. For Torture Division it’s naturally Tobben Gustafsson, the Golden One behind the drumkit. So now when you know some brief history as for why this records exists (“to promote the best metal out of Värmland” according to the guys in charge of Big Balls), let’s move on to the 12 bands featured here, each one presenting a song exclusively written for this compilation (and even recorded in Big Balls Production’s own studio, except for Torture Division who only did drums there).

Here we go.

The Law: High on power

Thrashers The Law feature Vomitory guitarist Peter Östlund in their ranks. Their debut album have been reviewed at GD earlier and I can’t say I have been keeping track of what they have been doing since that one came out. The Law shits out some decent thrash in the (somewhat) earlier Anthrax school of things. I appreciate the kind of thrash (the Bay Area kind) that fellow Swedes F.K.Ü. delivers over this type, but The Law’s got their moments. They are not climbing my personal charts any time soon though, but competent and fine it is. 6/10.

Inferior: Dehumanization of conceit euphoria

“Inferior’s sporting a quite cool bass sound”, that’s my first impression. It wouldn’t hurt if it was a little louder though ofcourse. Their somewhat thrashy metal got a few nice riffs cooking’n‘brewing with some ok (at best) vocals on top of it. Alot better than what I expected but since I have never heard about this band before this compilation I can’t really say I expected anything at all. 5/10.

Torture Division: Bring on the corpses

The best band on the CD is ofcourse this one. We fire up a 2 and a half minute crust inspired piece of blasting beauty with the best production on the whole disc. You get everything that you love about us in this tune; heavy-as-shit breaks and parts together with Tobben’s world class blastbeats and my superior riffage. And Jörgen Sandström’s throat dominates all shit as always. There is no other score to give this than a 10/10. Actually, it’s a fucken 11/10.

Damien: The storm

Damien’s got an annoying kick sound. Their thrash is quite fine though with a vocalist (vocalists?) who switches between tough-guy screams and some funny-sounding more normal ones when you least expect it. The kick sound lowers the score. Nice sub-basses though. 4/10.

The Generals: Nothing’s claimed

These guys are pretty cool. Some former staffer thought so as well. Their Entombed-influenced deathrash’n‘roll works ok with me but it doesn’t leave a lasting impression. Much like with Damien the kicks bugs me. 5/10.


Wow. Great moniker. I guess it goes with the music. Why anyone would wanna name themselves “Moshpit” and then hand out a tune that invites to anything but is beyond me. Shit vocals are present and the tune itself is weak sauce extravaganza. 3/10.

Invasion: Charlestown burns

D-beat fueled thrash with Destruction-reminiscent vocals and standard riffs, is that your thing? Then you’ll dig this. It gives me pretty fucken little. 4/10.

Brute: Coming home

One of the Big Balls guys plays in this band. Does that mean I am forced to suck up en masse? Won’t. Happen. And it’s not needed. Brute’s a fine band obviously but you won’t see me wearing their eventual shirts (unless they are free) all too often. Nonetheless, their modern thrash metal is all good. One of the better bands on this record. 7/10.

Olaga Hot: Olaga hot

I don’t even know where to begin. But I know where to end, right here after being forced to listen to some 2 minute onslaught of music that speaks volumes of pretty much nothing to me. Nice aggression though, and those semi-black metal riffs actually makes for a nice touch to the stuff. 4/10.

Haddock: Man hunter

Stoner. I fucken hate stoner. 3.

Karensdag: Jävla dret

I also fucken hate joke bands. Thing is, beneath the obvious bullshit and humour, these guys actually fire up some decent fast shit with some riffs that are bound to make you nod your head. Especially if you can’t understand the silly lyrics. 5.

Abacorn: Too far

ABBA and Korn fucked and gave the world… eh… Never mind. More tough guy metal with some amazingly terrible clean vocals. I guess that’s impressive is some ways. But nope… Not good. 3.

As you can see, it’s not like this CD is made out of bands who are ready to make an impact in the world of metal. Except for Torture Division, but that goes without saying. Nonetheless, the initiative for this release is something I applaud and hopefully they’ll fire up another one in the future – one with more bands of higher caliber. And yeah, I am sure Torture Division can play nice and be a part of it again.

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  • Read the fucken review, cunt. It’s all in there, I promise. Scroll up and be dazzled. Seriously, try it. It’s like magic. Almost magic like Nightwish.

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