Top 30 albums from 2000-2009_Trauma

Top 30 albums from 2000-2009: Trauma

02/08/10  ||  Trauma

This is an album cover
Slight introduction: You will notice that a couple bands have more than
one inclusion while others do not, like Opeth. I had to make a tough
choice, and you’re just gonna have to live with it. I debated this long
enough with myself and was tired of changing entries.

1. Opeth: Blackwater park:

As far as Opeth goes, they are close to being my all-time
favorite, but I tend to not overstate that fact nowadays like I did for
about 3 years straight. When I own every album by the band they are
something quite special to me. Of those albums, “Blackwater park” takes
the cake. It’s one of those rare 10’s, where all the pieces fit
together so perfectly. The production sounds phenomenal, so clear and
so unbelievably heavy when things take a turn towards the dark. Hell,
listen to the album in the pitch black with headphones on since I
mentioned dark. It takes you to another fucken world and is an
experience I like to revisit a few times throughout the year. The title
track is also one of the best tunes of the decade, as well, and
something I get bummed to not hear them play live as it’s truly a fucken
Rainbow Trout.

2. The Project Hate MCMXCIX: Hate, dominate, congregate, eliminate:

If the title doesn’t give it away, the tunes surely ram it down
your throat that this album is a monster of a listen containing
fantastic riffs and what I believe to be Jonna’s best vocal
Sockeye Salmon.

3. The Hellacopters: High visibility:

Rock at its finest in a long time, and a truly enjoyable record from start to finish. Chinook Salmon.

4. The Project Hate MCMXCIX: In Hora Mortis Nostrae:

My first experience of “The Hate” and one that still resonates
as one of the best of the decade, even if the production sounds like
it’s lacking comparatively.

5. Mustasch: Ratsafari:

Incredibly solid collection of tunes that never fails to entertain.

6. Phazm: Cornerstone of the macabre:

Black n’ roll done just the way it should be – kick-ass.

7. Illdisposed: 1-800 Vindication:

If the first track doesn’t convince you, nothing will. If so, you should die.

8. Septic Flesh: Communion:

All the pieces seemed to fall in the right place on this album,
making it one of the bigger surprises of 2008 and certainly one of the
best of that year.

9. Bloodbath: Resurrection through carnage

This sounded like it was recorded in a casket underground, and that’s exactly what it should sound like.

10. Bolt Thrower: Those once loyal

One of their best albums is not a bad note to “quit” – quotes because I saw them still kicking ass at MDF, but this album is certainly unfuckwithable.

11. Entombed: Morningstar

Entombed developed into one of my favorite bands in the realm of
heavy music over time, and this one of my favorites of theirs after
“Clandestine” and “Wolverine blues”.

12. Alice in Chains: Black gives way to blue

I have never not loved any output by this band, this continuing
the trend. An obligatory second sentence says it’s a nice return and
shows promise of a new band with a new singer.

13. Enslaved: Below the lights

Progressive rock mixed with black metal is not usually a recipe for success, but it succeeded here beyond expectation.

14. Behemoth: Zos kia kultus

It was this or “Demigod”, and this one surpasses it with a few more memorable tunes and less vocal tracks.

15. Exodus: Tempo of the damned

The only forefathers of thrash that only got better as time went
on, with this being their highpoint filled with totally catchy riffs
and a great, unique vocal performance by Souza.

16. Trepalium: XIII

Trepalium only sounds like Trepalium, and they are at the grooviest, catchiest, and best on this record.

17. Misery Index: Traitors

Maybe you gotta hear the tunes live, but they have a power that I was not acquainted with and made sure to rectify that ASAP.

18. Motörhead: Inferno

The first later period recording of theirs I’ve had, since it’s
release, and the one I come back to most often (again, of the later
period). With Lemmy you cannot go wrong.

19. Gojira: From mars to sirius

It took a live show for me to hear the power in the tunes from
this record, and power they have – to imagine whales flying in space.

20. AC/DC: Black ice

I never thought I’d think Brian Johnson sounds so good on record
since 1980, but here I am thinking just that as well as, “Hot damn,
these songs rock!”

21. Gorefest: Rise to ruin

A fitting end to a consistently good band.

22. Aeon: Rise to dominate

I ran 3 miles nonstop completely intoxicated to buy this record before the store closed. It was worth every breath thereafter.

23. Decapitated: Nihility

1 word: “Spheres of Madness”.

24. Nasum: Shift

I am not a terribly big grind fan, but this has just enough catchiness to make me dig it more than I do my own garden.

25. Karl Sanders: Saurian meditation

2 words: “Of the sleep of Ishtar”.

26. Phazm: Antebellum Death ‘n’ roll

Catchier than you’d think and only gets catchier the more you listen.

27. Meshuggah: ObZen

If you can’t listen to “Bleed” you can just go lay in a bed of
roses and golden dildos with Smalley and then set yourselves on fire.

28. Mustasch: Above all

I so wanted this ranked higher, but at least it made it onto the list – I love the guitar sound if nothing else.

29. Novembers Doom: The Novella reservoir

The lyrics are actually laughable at times, or very simplistic, but the tunes have a heaviness to them that cannot be ignored.

30. Monstrosity: Rise to power

The first tune should be enough to keep you going through the rest of the record, with its 600-string bass guitar.

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