Top 30 albums from 2000-2009_Lord K Philipson

Top 30 albums from 2000-2009: Lord K Philipson

09/08/10  ||  Lord K Philipson

Dark Funeral: Diabolis interium 1. Dark Funeral: Diabolis interium (2001):

While definitely missing out on some albums, you can be sure
most of the best ones are included here. You always look back and want
to change things but if we are supposed to get these lists running, we
need to wrap it up somewhere. And this is it. These are my 30 personal
faves from the last decade.

It was actually very easy for me to choose my number 1 disc
released somewhere between 2000 and 2009. “Diabolis interium” is the
only album I have given a 9,5
score, and I think it will take a long, long time before I do it again –
unless I start reviewing my own albums, then you’ll see 9,5’s and 10’s
flying out of me like boy-ass out of the Vatican. But that’s besides the
point. In Dark Funeral’s finest hour they cooked up an insane stew of
melodic, aggressive and absolutely fantastic black metal, with a killer
production to boot.

There’s not a single weak moment on this here recording and it
will always be one of my absolute faves in the more extreme field of
metal. Almost 10 years have passed since the time of its release and a
fine example of what an incredible majestic piece of music it is is the
fact that it’s as awesome today as it was upon the time of being
unleashed back in 2001. A masterpiece that will always be close to my
(non-existing black metal) heart.

Spot 2-5. In no particular order since every single one of these albums kill in all ways, shapes and forms.

Vomitory: Blood rapture (2002):

With an anthem like “Chaos fury” and the album “Blood rapture”
Vomitory cemented their place in the world of death metal, showing its
population how it’s supposed to be done.

Vomitory: Primal massacre (2004):

2 years after “Blood rapture” Vomitory fire up hit song after
hit song on this wickedly catchy piece of plastic carnage, making it
another killer album of the last decade.

Vomitory: Terrorize, brutalize, sodomize (2007):

TBS” holds a fantastic production,
fantastic songs and the groove that Vomitory is known for – all of this
without compromising one bit with the one thing that counts; the fucken
metal of death.

Vomitory: Carnage euphoria (2009):

Unable to release a weak effort, Vomitory’s 2009 opus is another
fine display of ripping carnage and full-on mayhem, created the way
only Vomitory can create it.

6. Bolt Thrower: Those once loyal (2005):

Bolt Thrower’s last (?) album really had them leaving the
recording business on a high note as “Those once loyal” is absolutely
great in all areas, with a killer bass sound as the icing of the cake.

7. The Agonist: Lullabies for the dormant mind (2009):

A technical, groovy and plain fucken fantastic album with excellent vocals by the Alissa chick.

8. Facebreaker: Dead, rotten and hungry (2008):

Sweden’s Facebreaker is (despite their moniker) sadly
overlooked, which in itself is a mystery considering they create some
amazingly infectious death metal – as shown on this album here.

9. Naglfar: Harvest (2007):

My second fave black metal band also happens to be Swedish and
they are masters at creating some wicked-great, melodic’n‘blackened
music with intricate guitar harmonies and semi-weird/weak productions.

10. Necrophagist: Epitaph (2004):

Main-man Douchehammed and his slaves made their mark in the scene with this über-technical show-off, and I love it.

11. Panzerchrist: Room service (2003):

On “Room service” they had it all together, throwing out some of
the catchiest death metal around – just to completely fuck it up on
later albums.

12. Exodus: Tempo of the damned (2004):

What a display of know-how and how-to when it comes to thrash metal, proving the old farts still have it.

13. F.K.Ü: Where moshers dwell (2009):

F.K.Ü sounds more Bay Area than today’s Exodus, and that alone renders them a place high up on this list.

14. Necrophobic: Hrimthursum (2006):

Incredibly consistent with releasing great albums,
“Hrimthurstisumsimsalabim” walks steadfast on the path that Necrophobic
paved long ago.

15. Soilwork: Stabbing the drama (2005):

With one of my fave productions, Soilwork managed to release the only album I really enjoy with them.

16. Necrophobic: Death to all (2009):

Necrophobic’s last album of the past decade is another proof
these guys have their blackened death metal down to the very spikes on
their arms.

17. Katatonia: Night is the new day (2009):

They were always pretentious and atmospheric (forget the first
shitty albums though), but on this one everything just came together –
making “Night is the new day” an incredibly fine piece of chick metal.

18. Decapitated: Organic hallucinosis (2006):

We all long for the return of Poland’s (possibly) finest, technical death metal act – this will comfort us while waiting.

19. In Flames: Come clarity (2006):

The “new” In Flames takes a shit on the “old” In Flames.

20. Dark Funeral: Attera totus sanctus (2005):

Hadn’t Caligula’s vocals been so weak (compared to what he’s
capable of), this album would have been a hella lot better – still it
deserves its place on this list.

21. Gorefest: La muerte (2005):

Gorefest managed to serve us a nice fucken comeback just to call
it quits a few years later with “Rise to ruin”, leaving a fine legacy
for the death metal fans out there.

22. Necrophobic: Bloodhymns (2002):

And yet another quality effort by Necrophobic, proving the point
that these guys can not release weak music even if their cunts depended
on it.

23. Dissection: Reinkaos (2006):

An album that has grown immensely with time even though it has very, very little to do with the Dissection of old.

24. Lamb of God: Sacrament (2006):

Lamb Of God’s got my (perhaps) fave team of guitarists on board,
and with that they manage to create some immortal metal hits such as
“Walk with me in hell” and “Again we rise”.

25. Aeon: Bleeding the false (2005):

Swedish, technical excellence to boot with some insanely catchy death metal hits despite an ultra-clean but horrible sound.

26. Aeon: Rise to dominate (2007):

Another platter of fine brutality from Aeon, now with a great production as well.

27. Immortal: Sons of northern darkness (2002):

Immortal’s never been better, nor will they ever be.

28. Watain: Sworn to the dark (2007):

Pretty much the only “tr00” black metal band I actually enjoy,
all thanx to great knowledge in how to create fine music with
accompanying atmosphere and feeling.

29. Gorefest: Rise to ruin (2007):

Another killer effort (their last, or is there another reunion coming?) from the Dutch veterans.

30. Bloodbath: Resurrection through carnage (2002):

I did the tracklisting for it – a reason as good as any to end
up on this list. Oh, and it also helps that it’s some great old-school
death metal present here.


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