Top 20 Debuts_Smalley’s wishlist

Top 20 Debuts: Smalley’s wishlist

09/03/12  ||  Smalley

Bloodbath: Resurrection Through Carnage 1. Bloodbath: Resurrection through carnage (2002)

Demonic growling, bloody lyrics, infectious songwriting, and the
crunchiest chainsaw-guitar sound ever combine to form one
endlessly-entertaining tribute to Swedeath.

2. Atheist: Piece of time (1989)

The birth of technical death metal.

3. Dismember: Like an ever flowing stream (1991)

I didn’t vote for this on the main list since having both it and
“Left hand path” seemed a tad redundant, so here it is as a pity vote.
Still a very good record though, working nicely as a more intense,
wilder sibling to LHP.

4. Evile: Enter the grave (2007)

Who gives a shit if they were ripping off Slayer here? They were good at it dammit, better than Slayer is at self-plagiarization these days, that’s for sure.

5. Fear Factory: Soul of a new machine (1992)

Grind-ier than you’d typically expect from these industrial metal
icons, and it isn’t a match for their sophomore classic “Demanufacture”,
but I still like “Soul” a lot for its energy and compelling experiments
with sampling/vocal effects, adding to the atmosphere. Kinda weird, but
still a lotta fun.


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