Top 20 Debuts_Habakuk’s wishlist

Top 20 Debuts: Habakuk’s wishlist

09/03/12  ||  Habakuk

Suffocation: Effigy of the forgotten 1. Suffocation: Effigy of the forgotten (1991)

You cannot, I repeat can not have heard any kind
of brutal death metal without acknowledging what Suffocation did for the
genre. To be honest, I’m more of the old school death guy myself, but
personal preference is of little importance here. Suffocation took what
was around them as a base and by adding their distinct touch set the
path for literally thousands of other bands – none of which ever reached
their brilliance. The blunt beatdowns on Effigy of the forgotten
are integral for understanding where anything “slam”-related stems
from, and to omit this album from a “best debuts” list is nothing short
of criminal.

2. Napalm Death: Scum (1988)

Another blatant miss here. Blame it on the blindness of GD staff towards grindcore, but yes, Scum.
didn’t make it for obscure reasons. Well, consider this its honorable mention for singlehandedly creating a whole genre, then.

3. Immolation: Dawn of possession (1991)

Alright, now here’s one that admittedly didn’t have much of an
impact in the grand scheme of things – not even the band stuck to its
style – but it needs to be mentioned for the pure disturbing evil it
invokes. One of my all-time favorite albums of all time, Dawn of possession is a groovy beast of disharmonic old school death metal.

4. Malevolent Creation: The ten commandments (1990)

This Floridian band member carousel never really got the attention it deserved, but The ten commandments is one of the best testimonies to just how awesome Florida death metal could be. Another personal favorite.

5. Incantation: Onward to Golgotha (1992)

With an independently estimated amount of one third of today’s death
metal tracing back to Incantations’s debut, it feels kind of awkward
letting it go unnoticed. Here’s where death metal turned into a twisted,
sludgy, demonic pulp first.


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