Top 20 Debuts_CadenZ’ wishlist

Top 20 Debuts: CadenZ’ wishlist

09/03/12  ||  cadenz

Limbonic Art: Moon in the Scorpio 1. Limbonic Art: Moon in the Scorpio (1996)

Once upon a time there came a band from Norway, who perfected their
haunting and symphonic horror version of black metal on their very first
album. “Moon in the Scorpio” is one of my all-time favorite albums,
pure magic from the first second to the last.

2. Yngwie J. Malmsteen: Rising force (1984)

On ”Rising Force” Yngwie’s shredding had a purpose and passion that
hasn’t surfaced since, not on his own albums nor any others’. The
ultimate guitar record.

3. Arcturus: Aspera hiems symfonia (1996)

Here you thought grandiose, pompous, symphonic and sophisticated
were ways to describe Dimmu Borgir. Luckily you saw your mistake and
used the more than appropriate adjectives for this fantastic debut.

4. Mercyful Fate: Melissa (1983)

“Evil”. “Curse of the Pharaohs”. “Into the Coven”. “Satan’s Fall”. “Black Funeral”. For fuck’s sake.

5. Rage Against The Machine: Rage against the machine (1992)

If every single song is a candidate for the Catchiest and Grooviest
Award on an album that holds the likes of “Bombtrack”, “Bullet in the
Head” and “Killing in the Name”, you know it is pure bliss throughout.

6. Swallow The Sun: The morning never came (2003)

Not many times has death and demise been portrayed in as heavy,
bleak and beautiful a fashion as on this modern doom/death classic.

7. Opeth: Orchid (1995)

Already on the O boys’ first outing the complexity and quality
levels were off the chart. Death prog minstrels of the woods, play yer
lengthy songs for us and receive worshiping.

8. Naglfar: Vittra (1995)

Even though some parts of the songwriting on “Vittra” are crude and
naive, the atmosphere and passion that permeates the disc is unworldly.
This one never gets old.

9. Golden Dawn: The art of dreaming (1997)

These odd-balls meshed black metal with avant-garde semi-classical
music, techno beats, punkish heavy metal and electronica. End result?
Unique kingness.

10. Children Of Bodom: Something wild (1997)

Even though the Finns get an awful lot of flak for being…well,
themselves, their first four albums are quite awesome, and prove that
you can mix Kreator, Yngwie, Emperor, G’n’R and W.A.S.P. into a delicious stew of your own.


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