Martin van Drunen

22/06/07  ||  Lord K Philipson

Martin van Fucken Drunen
You remember this guy as the one in charge of one of death metal’s finest vocals. “Consuming impulse” ring a bell? Dutch death metal masters (well, at least for one album) Pestilence released it, remember? “The rack” maybe sets off another of those goddamned bells? They were called Asphyx. What about a band called Hail Of Bullets, even if we haven’t heard anything from those guys at this point in time? Or maybe you know of a band called Death By Dawn?

That’s right.

Yeah, we are talking Mr. van Fucken Drunen. First name Martin. Put those together and you have Martin van Fucken Drunen. Put that together with Global Domination and you don’t only get a description of said guy’s vocals but also a fucken fantastic, no-bullshit interview. You know I am correct when I say this, but if yer in any kind of doubt (you need a kick in the cunt) – just take an hour off from jacking off to internet porn and go thru this masterpiece. Then head over to our forums and compliment both me and Martin on a fantastic fucken piece of art, interview-wise. There’s something quite special with being able to interview one of my early heroes. And I know Martin feels the same being interviewed by me. Duh. It’s real easy to cook up an excellent meal with two Iron Chef’s in charge of it. Enjoy the dish. Or go fuck yourself.

The Lord and Martin in 2007 Global Domination: Fucken Martin van Drunen, what exactly are you up to these days? Let’s start this off easy, coz it will get heavier, and you know it… Kids, married, divorced, play in any bands? Give us the lowdown on Martin Van Drunen anno 2007, if you please. Or I’ll kick you in the muthafucken balls.

Fucken Martin van Drunen: Long story, but I’ll try keep it short. Got divorced for about 7 years ago now. No kids (dig them though). Did all kinds of shitty jobs, then found an ok one but they wouldn’t give me a steady contract after slaving for some years. Now I’ve had it with all those fucking cunts. They can suck my dick big time and I won’t go and look for another scruffy job. Started to play in Death by Dawn for some 6 years ago, to help Pippo (drummer) out, as we met at work and he was (and still is) a killer dude. DbD now are much like a family. We’re having great fun always and musically we do what we like and don’t give a shit what people say… And this band drinks more then any other one that I know!! DbD played a show together with Thanatos and Stephan Gebedi (vox/gtr of them) came up to me that night with the whole Hail Of Bullets idea. So, we met all together months later and got drunk and got along really well. And we decided to go ‘n kick some serious ass with HoB… Now we’re going to record a first demo and at the moment I’m working out the whole lyrical concept.

Then Asphyx formed again with a different line-up some months ago. Paul is with me in HoB and he’s probably the only one that could replace Eric. And Wannes did so much for the band that he deserves to be in. The rehearsals turned out to be brutal and loud as fuck and we’re banging our fucken skulls off. So that says enough. Now I’m focusing on these 3 bands and I’m fucking busy with it. Checking new songs, writing lyrics, learn them, practicing my vox alone and with the bands, tons of e-mails and doing inties like these for people like you who still ask all that damn old shit about Pestilence. And this is an exception I make, hahaha… Whoever wants to do another Pest intie has to check Global Domination for all the true answers…

I’ll try to live off these bands but I know it won’t be easy. Anyways, at this moment I think I will be playing metal until the day that I die. Further on I have a killer Italian girlfriend that consumes more alcohol than a tour bus with 3 Swedish death metal bands in it. Love that woman and although she’s not into metal at all, she’s 110% rock n roll. But she lives in Italy and I’m sitting here, writing this shit… So, Lord K, is this the stuff you wanted to be informed about?

Ant-face! Fucken absolutely. And I know I’m not the only one wondering about yer goddamn activities these days. Which brings us to the following… I know you absolutely despise doing interviews about Pestilence and we haven’t seen many of them since it all went to shit for you guys and you made yer departure from the band. I also know you make an exception for me, something I truly appreciate. Is is becoz I actually 1: interviewed you already back in 1990/1991 in Fagersta, Sweden, and 2: interviewed you for Asphyx some years later in Akalla, Sweden? Damn brother, we got some fucken history you and I, haha… Seriously, why do you agree on doing this? You know it’ll be a fucken in depth interview with alot of controversy in it since I definitely want you to spill yer heart in here considering all the shit that happened back in the days. It takes balls to accept doing one of these interviews… And I fucken salute you for it. And I’d also like to smack you across the ears with a herring, if that makes any sense.

Thanks a god-cursed lot for that, Lord K. Usually lots of inties are crap and uninspiring. I knew you would come up with some interesting questions and I’m always in for a challenge. That’s why I agreed on doing it. I did a couple of ‘em in the past with only people that deserved that and those didn’t let me down in the way they questioned me. It’s not that I despise doing Pest inties. I just thought everything was said that needed to be said. Besides, I’m having a future as well… I don’t live in the past. But back in the days with Hypnosia mag (now I’ll go ‘n look if I can still find that issue, damn!!) you already had an original & honest way of doing inties. Those things I don’t forget easily (hahaha, that intie is killer hahaha… Found that copy of Hypnosia ‘zine. I’m complaining about the amount of beers, but my answers are pretty short. I guess because I was fucked up about the beer matter, haha… Cool anecdote: yer playlist on the back, I’ll be damned, with “Consuming Impulse” as nr. 1! And the pic of yours is fucken hilarious!! How chuffed!!). And of course meeting at a show in Osnabrueck and still recognizing you, although I first thought that you were a stretched out version of Billy Gibbons, hehe… I guess these things had to be.

There’s many people I remember, but there’s also many I forgot. I expected you to come up with a lot of controversial shit, but as mentioned before, that’s a fucken challenge I’m ready to take on. This is going to be just me, the way I am. Besides, some inties are just worth doing and great fun. I still have some here unanswered, coz they’re soooooo fucken boring… I read the q’s already, digging ‘em and I’ll do my stinking best… So go ahead and skin me alive…..

I’ll do my best… First off, the unavoidable one: What the fuck happened really? Why did you leave Pestilence? Were you kicked out or did you leave by yer own choice? Get the fucken facts straight once and for all. I have a strong feeling it has something to do with Patrick Mameli, am I right? I think that guy really came across as a dick in some interviews after you leaving. What was the bug up his ass? If there was one, that is. What’s yer opinion about him anyways? How was it back in the day? How is it now? Do you guys even talk?

First, and once and for all: it was me who left. And it all happened during the US tour with Death and Carcass. I can’t really recall the exact “why” and “what”, but many aggravations cumulated and I flew back alone to The Netherlands when they went to Florida to check out Morrissound Studios (which I didn’t want to, as I thought a production there wouldn’t suit Pestilence at all). Patrick wanted to cancel the last shows, coz the band was split up in two camps. Me and our friend (no name as I respect his privacy, call him “X”) ,who took care of everything during that tour, but “manager” is just not the right word. X was a friend and not doing it for money at all… But we had to finish the tour as we lent 10.000 dollars from another friend, and we had to pay him back. So I convinced them to finish the last shows, but we weren’t any longer functioning as a unit.

It’s just many little things that happened. Patrick was starting to behave more or less as a band boss with some kinda rockstar attitude, and one day I told Marco in some motel room that we all were Pestilence. Not just Mameli and musicians, and that we all had an important individual role in what we had achieved as Pestilence. He agreed, but at the next show he told Pat all what I had said (the fucken snitch), when I was wandering around the area. So X came up to me and said what happened. I was like . “well, fuck ‘em”. So I was the kind of band rebel from that point (a role that suits me just fine, haha), and from that day it was me on my own together with X. Uterwijk and Foddis feared their place in the band, but I couldn’t give a shit. I knew I performed fucken killer on that tour and that had given my confidence a big boost.

Besides, I was well aware of the importance of my voice as well. From a nobody I reached the point where the band were also depending on me. I wanted and deserved more influence. So they returned from their Florida visit and Pat called me for a band meeting. “Fine” I thought, coz I had a lot on my mind. I went to the rehearsal room and when I entered it was like standing in front of a supreme court. Prosecutor Mameli accused me of bad performances, arrogance and alcoholism on the US tour. Grand Jury Uterwijk and Foddis nodded. I hadn’t even said a word… I turned around, yelling at Pat, “Fuck you and your shit band!”, slammed the door and left. That’s all. It was mainly my pride. But I knew I was good on a stage. That accusation was way out of order. And arrogant? Me? Pfft, never was and never will be. Alcohol? In America? Fuck, I needed 48 cans of beer each show there to even feel something from that toiletwater they call beer over there. So I couldn’t even get drunk… And I never was on stage there anyway. Never fucken ever…. So I left and they went to shit…

The fucken man I still don’t have a clue where he had the guts to come up with that shit. It just wasn’t true. And he knew it. But as a person Pat is very difficult, I guess. But he’s no real bad guy. You have to know how to get along with him. And before all that shit happened we had great times with Pestilence. Good fucken fun. And as a guitarist he is simply brilliant. But that alone doesn’t make a great songwriter. In fact, we met again in 2000. Even discussing some kind of reunion. So when I started talking about live shows (which is the reason I’m doing it all for) he didn’t want to play the old material. That didn’t make sense to me. I mean, imagine, Pestilence playing live and not one song from “Consuming”? Hey, gimme a fucken break… the crowd would lynch us… So, there we were again. Complete opposites. I tried to contact him afterwards, but his phone was down and he didn’t answer my mails… not much more I can do… Now I read he started this C-187 again… Well, good luck, but I think it’s not gonna work.

You already, very open-heartedly, answered this question last time we met, but I’m sure alot of fucken other people still walk around clueless about this… You played with Bolt Thrower for a little while. Then all of a sudden, without actually recording anything with them, you were out of the band. They made all kind of weird statements that you had lost yer hair and didn’t want to play metal. Nothing, or very little, was heard from you to shed light on this whole mess. So, what happened really? Do you talk to these guys today? Any bad blood? How were the guys treating you when you had your short stint with them? Did you ever make a move on Jo? And more importantly, is there anything recorded with Bolt Thrower that has you on vocals, though it’s unreleased of course.

There must be some bootlegs or live tapes, I guess. But nothing that I know of. I think Baz must have a soundboard tape with me on it at his place, but I’m not sure. But whatever there is, it’s rare material and I don’t have it. What happened was that suddenly I suffered from a disease called Alopecia Areata. It’s a disturbance in the bodily immunity system and makes your hair fall out. But there are various ways in how it manifests itself. You can lose all hair (from head, to eyes, to ass and armpits) and this will stay that way all your life, you can have spots where it falls out and they will remain, or in my case, it falls out, grows back again, falls out and grows back again. etc. I dunno what happened but somehow it stopped and as you could see for yerself I’m having it all back. True, grey, but that doesn’t bother me. I’m no faggot coloring my hair just because I refuse to realize I’m getting old, haha… And if it gets back, so be it. Then I’ll shave my head, grow my beard and become another ZZ-Top Lord K lookalike haha… I learned how to live with it now.

But at the Bolt Thrower time I was pretty much in shock. Didn’t know what was going on with me and couldn’t cope with the fact that I was losing my trademark as a metalhead. I had long hair for years. As a kid I was the only one at school who had the guts to let it grow, so it meant more to me then just long hair. So there was Bolt Thrower forcing and pushing me to play at the big fests in front of 10’s of thousands of people and I was completely insecure about myself. They even came up with stupid ideas of me wearing fucken bandana’s and so… So I hesitated, wasn’t ready for it. And finally made up my mind and told ‘em I wasn’t gonna do it. They were disappointed, took Dave Ingram to replace me and we went separate ways.

I was also disappointed after years in the metal business still scraping pennies, so I decided to return to college for a year and get myself a normal job. I resigned as a vocalist, so to speak. I indeed quit performing and making metal. Played my records though… hehe…

Mr. Van Drunen I guess if I go up to them nowadays there won’t be a big problem. They have Karl back and are still going strong so what’s there to gob about. There can’t be any bad blood… They always were cool to me. In the UK, Gav, Jo and Baz treated me like a family member with all the English hospitality possible. And I had a great time during the two tours I did with ‘em. Not only with them but also with their roadies and other personnel. It was always a doss….

Make a move on Jo? She and Gav are a couple for I don’t know how long now. You don’t do that with the women of other bandmembers. If she had no man it would have been different and I guess I would have made a move or two or more on Banshee (without a chance I guess, haha). After all, she looks good and has her heart on the right place. She’s a cool woman. But in Bolt Thrower we (they) called her one of the men. Which she truly was…

Jo is nothing but a princess, that is so very true. But anyways, enough porn now and let’s get down to some serious business. You participated on one of the finest albums ever in death metal, “Consuming impulse”. In the brief coverage in our Class 6(66) section you said something that really stunned me quite a bit… I asked if you got the chance to change one thing about that album you’d change all the vocals. Exactly how drunk were you when saying that, coz seriously, you just bashed the fucken shit out of one of the finest death metal vocals on a fucken album ever made. Were you just pulling everyone’s leg in funny directions with that reply or were you completely serious? You understand that your vocals are viewed upon as legendary? Ofcourse you do, even if I know you refuse to let that get to your head.

Hahaha, I expected this one… Who’s shocking who now, heh goddamn Norseman? No, but yes, I was drunk, but I meant what I said. I can do a lot better then that. Man, “Consuming” was my first grunting effort ever. On “Malleus” I had a different style, different technique. A wrong one as I always had a fucken headache after every show. So I changed my style on “Consuming”, during the recordings. The boys were pushing me, yelling at me that I could do better… So I got fucken angry, and that worked. But not really to my satisfaction.

A legend and a cross On the Asphyx cd’s I’m at my best. There I developed my throat to what it still is today. I can’t listen to “Consuming”… although I like the songs still a lot, I despise my vox on it. Gimme that goddamn mastertape and I will grunt those tracks into utter death metal perfection!! It’s that simple. I know I can do better than what I did on “Consuming”. And that is pissing me off…. still… I’m aware of the fact that a lot of people don’t, or won’t, or can’t understand this, but it’s just a personal thing I have as a performer, always striving for perfection. The vox on, for example, “Vermin” blasts the shit out of “Dehydrated”. But obviously a lot of people like those “Consuming grunts”. Ok, I can live with that, but I’m not digging it as they do… (Go get yer tissues, wipe away those tears and blow yer nose…sorry Lord K, hehehe…)

Talking about things getting to your head, obviously your hair is back. But that’s not what I’m aiming for here… When we met in Fagersta, Sweden, for the first time back in the early 90’s, you guys entered the festival in a mini-van… Out of that van comes 4 guys, all dressed in black, sunglasses, leatherjackets and biker boots. A true rock’n‘roll star moment, you know. Had the success gone to yer guys’ head a little back then? It sure fucken looked like it. I remember that interview I did with you clearly.. And in comparison to the 2nd one I did with you, you were a hella lot more laid back when you were in Asphyx. What happened really? You seemed alot happier in Asphyx, that’s for sure.

Hahaha, typical Pest at that time… fucken kiddies… Yeah, I guess we were a bit aware that we were a good band. But I recently saw some old Fagersta pics and I’m wearing my usual outfit for that time. Including my tankboots… Damn, I can’t fucken recall that moment, hahaha… the way you describe it, haha…. Fucken killer!
Well, as I said before, if I don’t get enough beers at a show I get grumpy and don’t feel comfortable. Maybe it was that.

I remember I had a big dispute with the promoter there about that amount of beer. Fuckin’ one crate of little Carlsberg 2,5% bottles? Not even enough to satisfy my needs… And those people outside had that self-made brew that makes you blind in an hour… couldn’t drink that poison either. So I guess I was aggravated… I mean, you drive for hours and all you get is a scruffy little crate?! What the fuck?! My sympathy for Sweden sank below zero there… damn….

With Asphyx we were at our top at that time. I enjoyed everything we did. Musically we were crap, but as a heavy death doom band there were not much who could beat us. So I felt relaxed with em. No big pressure and all that Pestilence stuff was left way back behind. And we had enough beers there, haha. What else can I say?

A very ugly cover Thanx to me, your faith in Sweden’s bit restored a bit, haha… But to stay on subject, sort of… After these 2 moments of meeting, we then have the strangest fucken encounter while I was on tour with Grave this year. We pass each other by after the gig and you shake my hand saying “Great gig, man”. I reply with “You look an awful lot like Martin Van Drunen”. 2 seconds later you fucken knew who I was, and we haven’t been in contact for a good amount of fucken years, you know. What were you fucken thoughts? And how the fuck did you actually remember my magazine and everything? I know my shit was awesome even back then, but hey… You know that this is the reason this interview is happening? Are you still cursing this very day, haha…

Hah! I just thought it was cool to meet an old brother again. Especially the way it happened. Just a fucken coincidence. That’s why I love life in general. Never know what will happen tomorrow. Makes it all damn worth livin’it! Haha, “You look an awful lot like MvD”. “I am MvD”. How chuffed! Strange, but like I said before: there’s people you don’t forget. And that long tall Kentha Philipson of Hypnosia Mag I somehow never forgot. Although you changed big time! But I’m pretty good with faces… couldn’t believe my own damn eyes when I saw you there in Osnabrueck… Well, now writing this fucken intie I curse you and spit here constantly on my pc monitor… those goddamn long answers… been already typing for hours, you son of a bitch. Haha! May the filthiest plague bearing whore shove your bald head into her menstruational blood-stained vagina!!! How many did i answer now? 6? I go nuts! Ah, those Hypnosia answers… why can’t I be like back then; yes; no; very; … 3 answers. And now look at this fuckin’ literature above… I feel like Heinrich Böll.

A short one: Are your trademark vocals still there? I bet they are, so how do you compare them to the vocals of your past?

Yes, they are. They are still pretty much like the Asphyx days. It took me a while and a lot of practice to bring ‘em to the old standard, but now I’m there again. I’m still using the same technique (from the belly) and sometimes try to beat every little bitch that tries to grunt in simply putting 3 minutes full of lyrics in a song with no pauses, and then do the motherfucker live. That’s more or less my trademark and yes, admitted, I am a little proud of that. But… I have the same throat now that I had on my last recordings.

We know that Pestilence completely fucken lost it after “Consuming impulse”. “Testimony of the ancients” is not a bad album, though the direction hinted at they were heading towards complete Fuckdom. What are your opinions about “Testimony” and “Spheres”? Aren’t those albums taking a little dump on what Pestilence created with “Consuming impulse”?

Here they were actually a good band Oh, wow. There’s a discussion going on between “Consuming” and after “Consuming” fans on the net… Those poor “Spheres” loving wankers will hate you for this. But that’s why you called yerself “controversial” I guess, haha, and obviously you don’t give a fucken pile of dogshit. “Complete Fuckdom”… cheerz man. It made me laugh for about two minutes. But I will kick those bastards’ asses that claim “Spheres” to be Pest’s best album. And to be honest, you know that it hurt me to hear them screw up a band with that potential that bad? I’ve heard both albums once, and that was enough. And that was only to check the mp3 quality. I burned “Testimony” for a friend and dumped the “Spheres” files as I considered them as unnecessary HD space-eaters. Ok, my honest opinion? “Testimony” was an average album. And the production was way too slick. “Spheres”? Garbage. Filth. An insult to what Pestilence once was. There’s some US tour underground vid’s around where we did the song “Testimony”… That was the actual killer song in the brutal “Consuming” style. Dunno if you know those, but there you could get an idea what it would sound like with me still in it….

A little dump? Pffft… They should have changed the bandname into Jazztilence or so. Better call it a huge pile of ultra smelly beer shit! And I bet now there’s people cursing me for this, but sorry folks. You never experienced Pest in its glory days. So shut yer fucking hole, go and watch “The Bold and the Beautiful” on the couch with your wife and go fucken buy the latest Pussycat Dolls album. But don’t bother honest metal brothers with your vile polluting “don’t have a clue about fucken anything” opinions…

What the fuck was Mameli thinking when he started inserting all these worthless instrumental cuts together with awful jazz influenced solos and a completely shit guitar sound? I think he might have gotten a bad case of megalomania at the time… Were Pestilence actually as big as Mameli was making you out to be?

What the fuck do I know what went on in his chaotic mind? If I go into a studio I strive for honest sheer aggression and brutality. He obviously goes for shoobiedoowopbatoodadabadabawooohtiedoodiedoodoomdada or something like that. Whatever… I mean, there’s some jazz that I like as I like a lot of different music, but that’s only because I’m interested as a musician. I’m not gonna put hip hop on my cd’s although I like some of the underground stuff (like Obituary’s co-operation with Necro) and if I do so, I won’t be so dumb to call it “metal”. But I guess at the time of the “Testimony” release they were at their top, but a lot of fans were disappointed. They expected a more brutal effort than the “Consuming” album and it was not, so they were skeptic about the next album, and not a soul bought “Spheres”. That’s why Roadrunner dumped them from their label. But they weren’t that big, they were still playing in front of Death… not headlining.

Do you know the exact reason as for why Pestilence finally broke up, years after you were out of the band?

Not the exact reasons but I learned that Mameli was heavily disappointed that “Spheres” went to shit, and he quit. I don’t know how the hell he could expect Pest fans to like their new Sesame Street direction. And RR didn’t want to support “Spheres” as well, as they thought it was a crap album too.

The Martin Were you ever asked to rejoin the fold? Would you do a reunion today if that came up? What would it take for you to do it? Lots of money? Money can never restore something that’s lost, you know… But it’s a motivation to try, coz in the end – we are all whores.

Haha, yeah, we are all whores, but for example: Asphyx now is great fun. If I don’t have fun I won’t do it. Like a whore who’s able to pick out the good looks, haha… I mentioned before that Pat and I met in 2000. But I won’t do Pestilence for money… bollocks. Just to sing those old killer songs would be a damn beautiful thing to do. But forget it… it will never happen. The old feeling would never return. I always say to people that the one band that will never reunite is Pestilence. Musically, personally and the whole old atmosphere… it’s simply impossible.

You must have a collection of awesome memories from the Pestilence days, and most likely you have the bad ones outweighing the good. Can you tell us what the single handedly best one is, and then move on to the worst.

That’s hard, man…..pfft… I sat back for a little while coz I couldn’t make up my mind. But maybe the simplest stories have the nicest touch… After the US tour I flew back home, alone, as I said before. I had no sleep for days, felt completely nackered, and looked like an absolute tramp. So I arrived at Amsterdam airport, but from there I have to travel two hours by train as I live close to the German border in the central-east of The Netherlands. But I was flat-broke. Didn’t have a penny and I couldn’t even phone my lady ‘n ask to her to pick me up. So there I sat, in this god-cursed airport, wondering how the hell I could get home. And I was dying for a cigarette…

Malleus Mallefipenis I found one dollar and tried to change it for a guilder, so I could make that phonecall, but no-one was willing to help this Courtney Love lookalike… So I thought “Ok, I have to walk 150km home”, sat back in the central hall and almost fell asleep. And then there was this guy, standing in front of me. What was so strange about him was that he was wearing an expensive suit, but he was rolling his cigarettes from tobacco as most of us Dutch do. So he said ”you look like shit”. How very fucken true that was! So I explained my problem to him and why I looked like shit. He nodded and this damn fella gave me 10 guilders for a cup of coffee, tobacco and that phonecall!! I asked him why he did that and he said “Well, maybe one day I will sit here and look like shit and then you can help me out”. And no, he didn’t spread his wings to head for the skies afterwards. I will never ever forget this guy, and sometimes I help people out who remind me of myself that very day…

The worst is my departure. No doubt. Can’t think of anything worse that happened with Pest. Hey man, that band meant all to me in those days. But what could I do? Kiss his fucken ass and let my pride be damaged? No way. No fucken way!

I read an interview with Atheist a long time ago where Kelly Shaefer mouthes off about Mameli coming into the studio when Atheist were recording “Unquestionable presence”, I believe. He further on says that Mameli scrapped all the plans for the recording he had in mind and completely stole everything from Atheist. I believe this could be the “Spheres” album… Is there any truth to this what you know?

That’s very hard for me to believe. First, I don’t know anything about this story, and second, you can say about Patrick what you want – but as a musician he was too proud to steal anyone else’s ideas. That’s not him. He’s definitely no musical thief. Here’s an example: When we were writing some new stuff I heard Kreator’s “Terrible Certainty” and they had one riff which was exactly like one of ours in the new songs. So I told Pat about that and immediately the riff was dumped. No discussion. He wanted to be original in his ideas. Always.

Going at it! So, can I expect you doing some additional vocals on our next The Project Hate album? I won’t fucken pay you for it, coz I’m fucken broke. And you owe me a few of your vocal talents, you know. I don’t know why, but you do. Have in mind I’m fucken 6.7 and strong as fuck…

Hehehehe, I’ll throw tobacco in yer eyes, then kick you in the nuts and let the slaughter begin… I wonder what roasted Swede tastes like. And I owe you fuck all, hahaha! But because I’m such a nice guy, I will help you out. I suggest you start saving some bucks to fly me in and of course the beer supplies. So stop visiting those whorehouses and no more dope up the nose and you might hear me on that The Project Hate album.

It’s a deal. As long as it’s free. Like my beer to you was on that fucken Ösnabråck-whatever town. When we last met up you were praising some guys that you obviously play with. You said you’d never had a better time in your life, then you stole most of my beer. Was that the beer talking or are you really having your best musical experience at this time of your life? What’s the difference to the Pestilence and Asphyx days? How are the other guys treating you considering they obviously know who you are and what you have done in the past musically?

Now a little more respect for the Death by Dawn bunch, eh? These guys are like my family now. I’m in this shit with em for some 6 years now and still battling for a little acknowledgment. But it’s cool to experience it all the hard way again. Keeps one hungry. But they deserve more as it is a good band and we don’t fear no-one live. We get drunk together, sleep in the dirt together, face the same old fucken shit together and we simply have loads of fun. Death by Dawn is something special. 3 Germans, 1 Dutchman and 1 Italian. It can’t get crazier than that. Musically I guess it’s more thrash than death, but we do what we like, even rock n roll parts. Ok, a lot of people think we’re a death metal band because of my vox, but “Malleus” was also more thrash than death. I’m free to scream about what I like so most topics are completely undeath like. Jens and Ingo are a very strong guitar duo and that reminds me a bit of the Pest time as they also feel exactly what the other is about to do. But of course they don’t have Mameli’s skills. But who has, huh? DbD made me find new enthusiasm in making and performing metal music again. Because of this band I’m back again. Wait until you experience this band live including the drinking sessions afterwards…

Assfix I always had strong punk roots lyricwise so I’m doing that now. Or I write about bullshit like all those non-smoking areas. Fuck that. Big time. I even write about personal experiences or getting wasted. I don’t fucking care… You can’t compare this bunch with Asphyx or Pestilence. Musically it’s something else and you won’t find crazy motherfuckers who equalize this fucking’ asylum easily. With Death by Dawn I’m always at home… Besides, we’re men now. When you are 21 or 26 you’re still more like a boy. These guys all passed 30 so that makes a comparison with the old days really hard. For example Bob from Asphyx also changed a lot since the last time we played together. He’s completely cool and relaxed nowadays. Why? Because he’s a man now. That’s why. And although the DbD boys know about my past, they treat me as they’d treat any other cool metal brother. They dig me for being the guy that I am. Not because of my name. And those vox? Well, that’s an advantage they have, but it hasn’t brought them fame and wealth until this very day hahaha… Stole your beers? Man, I waited half an hour for that shitty little bottle you promised me. I was almost fucken dehydrated, you bitch… haha!

That beer entered your hands faster than I could curse Mameli for fucking Pestilence up, and you know it, haha… So anyways, what the fuck are you into today when it comes to music? Do you have a single favourite band that you always return to when you get some shitty cd’s thrown your way?

Yeah, I always return to Motörhead and Venom. Fucking volume godz!! Nowadays I listen to a lot of real old school stuff, Casbah & MalHavoc demos, Sadus’ first and their demos. Wannes came this weekend and brought the last of Frost. Damn, that’s truly a killer album. And also Necro’s “Christos” he brought with him. How chuffed!! Cheerz Wannes!! Then there’s Zeke, that I like a lot, Lynyrd Skynyrd… It’s too much, all that stuff. I have a wide various taste that goes from death metal to Russian war songs… Slayer, Napalm Death, Legion of the Damned, Amy Winehouse, Earthride, Vibronics, (old) Kiss, (old) AC/DC, Free, Abscess, Coffins, Rob Dougan, Dew-Scented, Murder Squad, Death Breath, Necrophagia, Entombed, Monster Magnet, Repulsion, Jedi Mind Tricks, Death Angel, Detente, Fear of God, GZA, Tank, Sodom, Nucleus Roots, Amparanoia, Thanatos, Screwball, Sempiternal Deathreign, Messiah, Gorefest, Mano Negra, The Mighty Nimbus, Kyuss, Pauline en la Playa, Pentacle, Massacre, Hellhammer, Possessed, Zebda, Necro, Goretex., Bunkur, Discharge, Sonic Violence, Dead Kennedy’s, Necrovore, MDC… This enough for ya? Whatever I like I play… I don’t give a rats ass!!

Are you up to date with the death metal of today? I will actually test you on it… I’ll hand out a few band names and you’ll say the first things that pops into your beauiful little head, ok? It’ll not necessarily be all “new” bands, I just wanna hear some opinions on bands I dig, you know. And you better check out each and every one that you are not familiar with, if any. Also, feel free to give them a score from 1-10 if you will. 10 would be the best one to hand out. Seriously.

Dying Fetus
Job For A Cowboy:

I haven’t got one song of any of these bands, hahaha, poor you!! Wot can I say???

What’s yer excuse for not having even heard one of these bands? You think you are far more important than paying attention to these fuckers? You know, just becoz your vocals rule doesn’t mean you can get away with everything, just like that.

My excuse? I don’t have one. It’s just that no-one ever came up to me with cd’s of these bands, or no-one I know played them when I was around. I don’t read metal magazines coz usually it’s all fucken boring, and the ways those people are reviewing is not of my interest coz it’s all a matter of personal taste. And tons of “good” reviews get bought anyway through advertisement, so it’s all about big labels and money. Besides, I ‘ll find out for myself if I like something or not. Usually I get things, or band members and friends come up with something new that they like. I’ve heard Vomitory and Necrophagist now though, this weekend at Ingo’s (Death By Dawn axeman), and to tell you the truth, both were not really my cup of tea. Good musicians, yeah, but just not my thing… And no, no, no, I’m not more important than anyone else. What’s that bullshit?! But I have so much music that I still have to listen too… C’mon man, I’m no fucken arrogant fool. If I don’t know something, or don’t like something, it doesn’t mean I can’t have any respect… I, for example, never heard Krisiun before I went to that Osnabrueck show. And I thought they were good. That’s more my way of checking out a band and building an opinion…

Maybe yer more familiar with this shit then? Go ahead and rate these girls from a 1-10 scale, where 10 is the hottest chick since “Consuming impulse” and one is Patrik Mameli on crack. Also, describe them individually with nothing but one fitting word that sums up their whole existence:

Jenna Jameson: 1. I don’t prefer blondes.
Patrik Uterwijk: 7. He was actually quite ok, too bad… Hope he is well.
Paris Hilton: 1. Another spoiled stupid blonde.
Leif Edling: Candlemass guy? 7 for some good stuff.
Amy Lee of Evanescence: Good looking chick, shit band. 9 for her as a bedmember and 1 for the band.
Marco Foddis: The snitch. 1
Luke Skywalker: Anarchist in space. 8
Bob Bacchus: Bob’s ace, a true metal brother. 10.
Patrik Mameli: Half/half. 5. I don’t really hate the guy, y’know.

Weird this one… in one word it’s impossible, but I kept it short…

The Voice Hail Of Bullets, a new project with some friends of yours. What’s the plan for this band? I mean, you and Ed Warby in the same band, that’s not exactly catshit… Would you agree when I say that Ed is one of the finest drummers (and I’m not talking about looks now, for once) in the world? How is it like rehearsing with a guy like that. I have met Ed, he’s ace, I love Ed. I kinda love you too, in a very heterosexual way I might add. I read somewhere that Ed is actually the one who’s come up with most of the riffs for the planned album… I didn’t know Ed could play guitar. And I’m pretty sure he sucks at it, true? Anyways, what can you tell us about the coming album?

It’s gonna be something very simple, but very, very fucken brutal!! Ah, so you love Ed homosexually then? I bet he’ll be chuffed living his fantasy with a man looking like aV olvo up his tight little ass haha… Brrr, better switch to something healthier rapidly… Besides Ed’s in love with his drumkit, next to that he has a girlfriend… She might fucken look like you?

Let’s fucken hope not, for both their sakes… You were saying?

I rehearsed a couple of times now with Ed (with HoB, not only with him, huh?) and yes – he’s fucken ace! I also listened to the latest Gorefest and he does a fine job there too. So he’s damn good, yeah, I agree. Cool to work with a pro like him. But all guys in HoB have lots of experience and are pro’s. It’s very cool to work with them all as everybody knows precisely what his task is. And indeed, until now Ed wrote most of the music. You’ll be astonished by the way he’s riffing haha… Before you know it he will record a whole album on his own… But the others make their contributions also, it’s just that Ed has a murderous speed at composing songs. Like he was waiting for a band like this. Hard to keep up with him and write lyrics (and this godcursed fucken intie is not helping either, raaaaahhhhh!!!).

The lyrics will be a concept album. Which I keep to myself as I don’t want others to fucken rip that idea. You’ll see that when you get a copy (that is if you’re worthy enough, hahaha). So, this month or next we start recording the demo (4 or 6 tracks, I bet 6, kinda got to know Ed a little) and that should get us a decent record deal. That’s all. If all goes well we will probably record a full cd at the end of this year. Actually, Stephan Gebedi is the great initiator of Hail Of Bullets. He put us all together and I think it was a marvelous idea, considering what we did until now… I like our shit a lot. Also good fun to sing on it…

The Hulk Obviously you must have heard about this C-187 band, founded by Patrick Mameli acclaimed bassist Tony Choy (bass; ATHEIST; ex-CYNIC), Sean Reinert (drums; CYNIC, ex-DEATH) and Tony Jelencovich (vocals; M.A.N, ex-TRANSPORT LEAGUE, MNEMIC). Mameli stated: “I will not discuss the style because words are not enough to describe it. Let your ears and brain be the judge. Certainly you will hear Holdsworth in there somewhere (‘coz he is the man!!!) but also some heavy guitar riffing and (gangstametal) fusion hiphop beats, making this style fresh and new”. Man, that sounds like it’s going to fucken suck giant, sweaty balls, no matter the talent some of these guys have. “Fusion hip hop beats”? What the fuck? Have you heard anything musicwise from this project? And seriously, do you even give the slightest of camel fucks? I must say that Hail Of Bullets seem to be more my thing, at least on paper…

No, I never listened to it. Gimme a good reason why I should do that. I never liked all that technical metal stuff. It’s just not my thing. And I hate crap like Limb Bizkit and so on… I knew he was going to start this and obviously they signed at Mascot records, but I can’t imagine it will be a big success. When we met in 2000 he was already talking about using conservatorium musicians who had a degree and that was where it started to hurt me already. Sorry man, Motörhead and Venom were crap musicians but holy fucking christ almighty, did these guys make godly heavy shit!! The more skills guys have – the weaker their metal gets, it seems… Like sex, why try all kinds of fucken complicated positions when you can get to heaven so easily with a woman sitting on top of you…?

How good a bassist are you anyways? I can’t really say I can pick out much bass on “Consuming impulse”, and after that I haven’t really heard much from you except for the Asphyx things (where the bass isn’t exactly dominant either if I recall shit correctly). I never really liked Asphyx anyways so maybe that’s the whole problem? What kinda gear do you use? Which music do you prefer, Pestilence’s “Consuming impulse” or Asphyx’s “The rack”? Don’t let any negative memories play part on your judgment here.

A hairball I’m average, if not bad… I didn’t play bass on “Consuming”, Mameli did. At that time I had only played bass for two or three years. I came into Pest as a singer and they couldn’t find a bassplayer. So I had my hands free and 1 month later I played my first show doing EEEEEEEEEEEE. God damn it. I felt horrible with the fucken thing. Later on it went better as I taught pretty easily. In Asphyx it went even better, I even wrote riffs, but that band had easy songs, no fucking around. Just basic brutal death/doom. But the bass was more present there than with Pest. I had a Peavey amp and some cheap bass, but I preferred Ampeg amps and Rickenbacker bass guitars, but hey, try and buy those. Especially left handed basses.

Aaaaaahhh, Lord K, that’s not fucken fair. Two total different bands. You might as well ask “Welcome to Hell” or “Morbid Tale“s… what a fucken shit question. How am I gonna talk myself out of this trap? “The Rack” is a fucken honest album recorded and mixed in 3 days. Live. But “Consuming” has some very brutal riffs that force you to bang. But those shitty vocals… hehe… Well, “The Rack” is something I sometimes play. “Consuming”? Never. I guess that’s the answer….. (not really, as I had to study the Asphyx’ lyrics, haahaaa!).

Are you still getting royalties for the work with Pestilence and Asphyx? What was the biggest cheque for anyways? What did you do with that money? Please say you blew it all on coke and whores… Anyways, do you have any sales figures for the debut, “Malleus maleficarum”, and “Consuming impulse”?

You’re not curious at all, eh? Ah this is a nice one. I never got a penny from Pestilence!! Believe it or not… Goddamn Roadrunner scumbags. I wait for a plane to dive in their main building! Ground Zero II! I did make some money on shows and merchandise and bought equipment and beer, I guess. The biggest cheque? Boh, can’t recall that really… 1000DM, or 2000? Dunno… but it was from Century Media. I guess I’ll get some from the re-releases as well. Can’t wait… hehe. And sometimes there’s a little bit from the old stuff dropping in. I bought some furniture, beer, got married, booked a honeymoon, beer, another holiday, beer. Luckily I had my hard dope period before I joined Pestilence. Speedfreak, as coke was way too expensive in those days. So while I was in the bands I only drank and sometimes smoked a joint. I haven’t got a clue how much we sold… last I knew it was 150.000 worldwide of “Consuming”. But now they have this “Consuming/Testimony” re-release (only a complete fucken ignorant RR fool could put those two together) so I guess it’s more than that. “Malleus”? Maybe 100.000? Do I give a shit really?

Comecon I haven’t even mentioned Comecon yet… And when I think about it, maybe we are better off that way. But hey, this is not going to be easy, I told you that in the beginning. What made you do this album with them? Couldn’t you hear that they absolutely and utterly fucken sucked? The only good thing about that record is your vocals, and I think you know this too. How did it come about anyways? It’s not like you would be the first choice for vocals for a Stockholm “band” when you think about it. Are you still in contact with any of the guys from that terrible, terrible band? And did Comecon even sell a 100 copies world wide? I fucken hope not.

Can’t say you’re not honest, hahaha. It was simply a session job. They were in the studio and had no singer. And they were, like Asphyx, on Century Media, so Robert Kampf (label boss) asked me if I could sing on it and help them out. I demanded a big slate, and two plane tickets, and that was it. So I arrived there Friday night and on Sunday I got back… But the guys were ok, really. And the album is not that terrible, man. Not like “Spheres”, haha… I don’t have any contact with ‘em and haven’t got a clue how much they sold. How about 50 in Sweden?

Very not likely. Did you just get out of a van, dressed in black, wearing sunglasses, a leatherjacket and biker boots before answering this interview?

No man, hahaha! In fact, I’m wearing sleazy boxershorts, an old Asphyx batik shirt and walk around barefoot. I must look like a damn hippie now I guess… Ah, and I just got out of bed and suffer from this fucken terrible hangover… and then there’s this guy sending me an intie and being a complete pain in the ass with all of his god-cursed questions. I answered this one first. It’s now 11 hours later and I’m still wearing the same outfit, didn’t even do my hair today & had some sandwiches and fried potatoes, and that was it… Missed closing time, so my fridge has no beers in it… I feel fucken horrible…. (Next day. Yes people, two days already wasting my time with this crap!!! Hahaha… About 15.30. I’m gonna get myself some nice cold beers as I finally finished this bollocks…)

Back to that concert you did in Fagersta, Sweden… I remember you guys kicked ass. I also remember some of you guys having some black shit pouring out of yer mouths during the performance. What exactly was that black stuff anyways? Tar? Do you remember anything from this festival by the way?

Death By Martin It was liquid black fucken metal, hehe… No, we put capsules with black paint in our mouths. It was all a little show thing. We used to use magnesium bombs as well, but one time one of these things almost blew someones face away, so it was getting too dangerous. I can’t remember kicking ass, coz I don’t recall the show. But I have that with many performances. I do remember Morbid Angel playing, or Trey walking around the area with his guitar (I asked him if he went to bed with the damn thing) and the whole atmosphere there, which was really awesome. And of course there was this little bastard of Hypnosia girlie-magazine getting on my nerves, haha…

While enjoying Rockstardom De Luxe with Pestilence when you guys were in yer prime, did you see any groupies? Of course you did. Did you take advantage of it? Of course you did. I can imagine that you were the target for most girls, being the vocalist and all. I can also imagine that Marco Foddis never got any poon-tang thanx to that hairdo of his. True? Who was the ladykiller in the band and how many notches are on yer belt when it comes to conquering women? We need these questions becoz after a while discussing music is quite boring. Let’s get fucken drunk.

Not much here on the continent. We were pioneers at that time and there weren’t much women around. Besides, I always had the bad scenario and was in a relationship with some girl when I was on tour… stupid me… I was loyal as a dog as well. In America it was a lot better… And yeah, as a frontman you can have ‘em all. But again, I was in this relationship (later married her and stayed that for 8 years or so… still in contact with her as we’re like brother and sister nowadays, but sure as hell you don’t give a fuck about this boring info), but I met enough women there and also took a couple of chances. Just as Mameli did… I guess we both were the, as you call it, ladykillers. I remember when we stayed in this hotel with two gorgeous sisters. We had to share the bed too. We stole them away right in front of Sepultura, haha, and we weren’t even playing!! Aah, that was here in The Netherlands I recall…

Now that I think about it it comes more to my mind, yeah… but at that time I fell more for women from around 30 or 35. And I had a couple of those, which was great. I like to get laid, not the other way round, y’know? Young girls don’t give that treatment usually. But it was after my divorce when I started to see it as a sport and had them all; black, yellow, red, Latin… one time I had three Brazilian women in my bed, what a fucken paradise that experience… On the other hand, once there was this girl whose pussy smelled so fucken awful that I couldn’t get a hard on… Boaaaah! I don’t know how many women I had that period but I had alot, and enjoyed them all (except for that one with the infested pussy). Somehow I was an attractive guy, hahaha. But that was good fun. Never fell for blondes though…

Morty and friends Hahaha, Foddis was still a virgin when we went to the States. One night we made the reservation in the camper so he could have the whole bed for himself with this chick (yes, we were a fucken socialized bunch). So. the next morning he came out of that room at the back. And we were like “So how was it?” and he was like “Yeahyeahyeah, just great, blablabla”… Y’know, not really THAT relieved as a man should be… So we were like “Nah man, yer lying, you didn’t get laid”, and then he got furious. He probably kissed the girl a bit and that was it. If he got laid that night I’ll eat my entire cd collection… (by the way this happened before the Cold Pestilence War started).

Could you name a few people that you’ve met during yer career that you really think deserve a huge punch in the face for being complete and utter cocksuckers? Did you actually punch someone’s light out recently, or back in the day? Were there ever any fistfights within Pestilence or Asphyx? If so, who won?

1st: Cees Wessels and the entire Roadrunner staff.

2nd: a Swiss promoter called Daniel Appert or so. Those bastards I will never forget. And quoting one of the greatest songtitles ever: “I hope you die in a hotel fire” (Righteous Pigs).

My last fight was with a friend of mine here at a local bar. Some asshole was messing with his broad and suddenly they started fighting, they fell on a table with people sitting around it. Bar seats, beers and glasses were flying, chicks screaming and I took the guy in somehow judo-style and bashed his head on the bar. He kept on yelling he was a marine and so on. If he was I won’t count on those if we ever get to war, haha. But after that punch he was quiet and of course we were ordered to leave. Not him. I can’t go in one bar in my own fucken hometown (but that’s not that bad as it’s so god damn boring). Pestilence always got messed up in something, but there were never fights with Asphyx and them. Although there was hostility…

Are there any albums beside the ones from Pestilence, Asphyx and Comecon that you have been singing on by the way? If so, hand them over before I bitchslap you. If not, are there any bands around today that you would love to do vocals for?

Haha, last year we did a full Death By Dawn cd called “One hand, One foot and a lot of Teeth”. But… I’m not really sure you’d like it, hahaha. I do. It’s recorded live, that’s why, and done very well by the boys… Vox? Pffff… Hard to say… Too many, I guess. Doing something (old Slayer) with Araya would be great… I’m doing so much today already and I’m really chuffed about that. Can’t really wish for more… Well, not at this moment anyway, maybe later something comes into my Korsakov mind.

By the way, your last name, “Drunen”… It’s very close to “Drulen”… Did you know that “Drulen” is a slang word for “penis” in Swedish? And I’m not kidding here. So, if I ever end up completely drunk with you and start calling you Martin van Penis, will you forgive me?

Hahaha cool… Better than Martin van Vagina as I’m no fuckin’ bitch, hahaha… Nah man, but with all bands we had this kinda humor… y’know, changing names; Pesticide, Pestcontrol, Messtilence, Boat Rower, Benny’s Dicksplash (which were actually Benediction and they’re also known as the Bennyboys). By the way, these guys called me Van Drunken, which was ok as well… Hehe… Lately we do all this in Asphyx too… and it’s good fun… I’ll tell the guys about this so I guess they will call me Penis, Dick or Cock or whatever from now on, hahahaha! But if you do call me that when yer drunk, be sure I will steal all yer beers that day… Suck my fuckin’ Drulen, Mr. Gibbons…

Cheers to Global Domination! You’ve made it thru 28 or 35 questions so far. I fucken hope you have been enjoying yerself, coz I sure have. Before we wrap this up I mean to ask you: You are around 40-something now, can you see yourself in the scene for another 20 years? You are not the most public guy so maybe you prefer being in the background in some smaller band? But what if you guys get a break, let’s say with Hail Of Bullets, are you ready to fucken tour the world again and conquer those groupies once more? Is it in you?

Although I curse you for this fucken extended intie I enjoyed doing it anyway. Just a pity I can’t see your face while reading it. I’m sure you’re digging it and that there will be additional questions coming my way. For which I shall curse you again. Spit in yer face!! Haha! But you bet!!! If you want to live off the music you need touring. Record sales don’t get you enough bucks to live off. But playing live is the reason I’m grunting anyway. Banging that head, crunching teeth, feedback from the crowd. It’s like good sex, man! I don’t give a shit how old I’m gonna get. I got back into this shit and I’m gonna stay. ‘N if I die on a stage. Excellent. What a fucken way to go. It’s not that I prefer being in the background, no. I’m just no guy sticking his nose up in the air and behave like a spoiled fucken rockstar. That’s not me. I’m privileged in doing this all, and somehow blessed with a brutal throat. I don’t really like people coming up to me and tell me what a god I am to them. Dunno how to react to that. I’m just like a friendly neighborhood metal-fan… People can always come up to me and have a beer… (I’m 41 by the way, a curious bastard like you like to know the details, eh?)

Haha, fuck yeah. I think that’s quite evident by now, huh? Thanx so much Martin, it’s been a real pleasure. You can now say “no thanx” to the coming interview requests from other magazines since you have done the one interview that counts. As said, it’s been a real pleasure. Almost like sex, only more metal. Can you say that you have been a 100% honest thruout this interview? Have you mentioned everything you could possibly want out in the open? If so, I fucken applaud you. Actually, I applaud you anyways, becoz you are cool. You stay fucken safe now. The last words are yours, my friend.

It was indeed a fucken pleasure, 100% true honesty here. I knew what was coming my way and you didn’t disappoint me… Satisfied with all the answers, brother? Can you find real honesty in here? If not I’ll light up yer beard the next time we’ll meet… So yes, to all those fucking bastards who still had a Pest intie in mind… This was the last. Get yer info from this intie as, indeed, this is the one that fucken counts!! Well said! So cheerz a lot Lord K. Thanx also for those godcursed kind words. I hope we meet soon, get drunk together and have a fucken good time. My next beer will be on you, fucken big brother! Salutations! You take good care of yerself… To all those metal brothers and sisters that always stayed loyal to me: Cheerz a thousand times and take yer fucken pick. Death by Dawn, Hail of Bullets or Asphyx… It’s all 100% honest metal. See you around somewhere, someday, with some beer!

/ Martin van Drunen

And with that we have reached the end of what can possibly be the best fucken interview on Global Domination, and the internet, this far. I’ve said that before with some other bands and at the time they deserved it. Now Martin takes the crown until my next brilliant piece. I can’t thank Fucken van Drunen enough for the honesty and insane approach to this piece. This is how it’s supposed to be done. You are a fucken gem, a good friend and one out-of-this-world vocalist, Martin. Thank you.


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