GD’s Top 100 Most Dominating Albums From 2000-2009 (80-71)

GD’s Top 100 Most Dominating Albums From 2000-2009 (80-71)

11/06/10  ||  Global Domination

80. Katatonia: Night is the new day 80. Katatonia: Night is the new day

With “Night is the new day” Katatonia really got their shit together
on all accounts. If you look past their first albums you see a band
who’ve constantly developed their own style over the years, creating a
sound I would call pretty unique even. It’s pissing oceans of melancholy
and sadness, and the vocals are full of emotion and feel truly honest. I
never thought Katatonia would turn out this awesome. I always liked
them (when they changed style from their initial shit metal) and
appreciated what they were trying to do, but it never completely clicked
with me. Until now. “Night is the new day” is a great, great album and
the fact that it’s placed this far down on this list means nothing,
really. Just go get it. Bloodbath’s got shit on Katatonia.

Full coverage.

-Lord K Philipson

79. Amon Amarth: Twilight of the thunder god 79. Amon Amarth: Twilight of the thunder god

I think having four Amon Amarth albums on the list
was going overboard, especially with all the more obscure bands that got
left out, but whatever, they are a popular band, and at least I
got to write-up the records I really care about from them. 2008’s
“Twilight of the thunder god” is about the millionth good album from
this not-so-merry band of “Viking” (emphasis on the quotations) melo
deathers, with an enjoyably slick production, great growling from Johan
Hegg, oodles of melodic-but-still-aggressive riffage, highly catchy,
energetic, and epic songwriting all throughout, and some surprising (in a
good way) musical cameos along the way. If AA can keep making metal this good, then they can definitely stick with their formula for all I fucken care.

Additional coverage.


78. Decapitated: The negation 78. Decapitated: The negation

Prior to “The negation” Decapitated was a good band, but not
contenders for the never-empty Polish throne. “Winds of creation” was a
cool album that lost its way a bit in mucky production and repetition.
“Nihility” had that fucken song but was otherwise a
bit boring. Then these youngsters must have gathered before the statue
of a horse-riding Slavic hero in a public square somewhere and had an
epiphany. Or maybe they just listened to a bit more Deicide and some
thrash. No matter what triggered it, the lads hit upon a great formula.
Take their technical, dark, angular death metal and combine it with
more digestible song structures and catchy choruses. The rest is
(awesome) history.

This album has that cold, scowling feel throughout that is the hallmark of modern death. The HEAVY
production, the endless drumming assault, the cyclical and vicious
riffery, and those variation-free low growls. It all comes together
quite well. Quite sad to see tragedy affect these rising champs, and I
hope their return is successful (and their new output is closer to this
than “Org?nic Hall.ucin%osis? (the eh?)).

Additional coverage.


77. Napalm Death: Enemy of the music business 77. Napalm Death: Enemy of the music business

It’s Napalm Death, people. It sounds like Napalm Death. Duh. Any ’00
album by these Brit’s could have ended up here without a problem, why
“Enemy of the music business” turned out to be the one – I don’t know.
These veterans have played their trademark metal for some 1100 years now
and they never lack in quality or intensity. You know what to expect by
now. “Utopia banished” is still the best album from ND though, just so
you know. But as I said: it’s Napalm Death, people. Can’t go wrong with

-Lord K Philipson

76. Nevermore: This godless endeavor 76. Nevermore: This godless endeavor

Jeff Loomis is a riff-god. And a solo god. Basically, this album is
guitar heaven. Here you’ve got a guy who can play tastefully and heavily
without sacrificing an inch of songwriting. The rhythm section is
tighter than an emo kid’s skinny jeans, and Warrel Dane’s emotive (some
might say constipated) vocal delivery just tops the whole thing off with
a slice of very depressing pie. Moody lyrics with hard-ass riffs and
one of the best vocalists in the metal scene? Sign Altmer up now, and
he’ll pay fucken extra subscription. ‘Cos this album is awesome, and you
should all go and acquire it.

Full review.


75. Vomitory: Terrorize brutalize sodomize 75. Vomitory: Terrorize brutalize sodomize

Killerize coverize already hinterize at what to expecterize:
Businize. Awesomerize Swedenerize blast beaterize death metalize, some
crust vibe rifferize. D-beaterize downtunerize high speederize take no
prisonize. Unlikerize most run-of-the-millerize brutal (Americanerize)
bands of today. Vomitory takerize their classic sound, evolverize.
Frankly, next-levelize. Productionize kick-asserize, tight drumming
emphasizerize (Tobbenize!). Lyricize? Rotten cadaverize. “Terrorize
brutalize sodomize” rightfully belongerize here, as it’s a must buyerize
for likerize of violent death metalize who will finderize in it one of
the best albums of the decaderize.

Full coverage.


74. Behemoth: Zos kia cultus 74. Behemoth: Zos kia cultus

While Behemoth has risen to impressive popularity for a 100% satanic
black/metal band in the last few years “Zos Kia Cultus”, which preceded
the band’s breakthrough “Demigod” is still their strongest effort. It
punishing and brutal but not too over-the-top. There are more death and
thrash influences thrown in the previous efforts. Take a listen to “No
sympathy for fools” too see what I am talking about there. Thankfully
“Zos Kia Cultus” does not feature the overly layered vocals of the
records that came after also. Nergal’s overdone voice almost ruins the
new stuff for me.

“Zos Kia Cultus” is just right in so many fucken ways it’s nuts:
great sound, heavy and interesting songs, and solidly evil but not goofy
themes and lyrics. Inferno’s blasts away with satanic fury but on
tracks like “As above, so below” proves that he has the skill and
ability to slow it down and get groovy when necessary. If the tribal,
pounding beginning of “Horns ov Baphomet” does not make you immediately
start sacrificing everyone in the room to Lucifer than something is
seriously wrong with you and you should give up on metal for good.

Full Coverage.


73. Dissection: Reinkaos 73. Dissection: Reinkaos

The third and final part of Jon Nödtveidt’s legacy, the completion
of the unholy trinity. The long-awaited follow-up to the early
masterpieces. The Come-back. Or, as almost all of us felt when it was released in 2006, The Disappointment.
The haunting death/black metal from the 90’s was gone, replaced by
regular heavy metal riffs, light-weight drumming and a rockish feel to
the overall execution. Jon’s awesome vocals and the occasional malicious
harmonies were the only things reminiscent of past glories. So I
shelved the damned thing. Years passed. Nödtveidt killed himself. Saddam
Hussein was captured and executed. The Pittsburgh Penguins won the
Stanley Cup. And, for once being in a forgiving mood, I gave “Reinkaos”
another chance. Incredibly, it blew my mind. Taking some time off from
it gave some perspective; this wasn’t the same Dissection as before, and
it should be taken for what it is – a catchy and groovy heavy metal
album with a fair tint of black to it courtesy of the vocals and some
riffs. Now it all made sense, and the last stain on Jon’s legacy was
washed off. RIP, dark genius.

GD review.


72. Yob: The unreal never lived 72. Yob: The unreal never lived

Hello and welcome to the psychedelic soundz of Yob. Please, take
your brown acid and stay put, ‘cause this is one trip that youse gonna
hafta be careful not to missssssss. Oooooooo, yeah, these cats really
know how to put the “h” on “heavy”, the “s” on “sssssssssslow”, the
“out” on “out-there”. This is dooooooooom, babe, doooooom of the doomest
kind, like a ton of rocks slowly cascading inside yer brain, like a
synapse-frying super-drug that makes you float into thin air, while at
the same time burying you under a gabajillion miles of stone and dirt.
This is riff-heaven and riff-hell and it’s exactly what the
doctor-doctor, please, ordered. Ummmmm, yeah, what I was saying?… Huh,
oh, yeah, Yob’s the shit, man. Yob’s the fucking shit.


71. Vomitory: Carnage euphoria 71. Vomitory: Carnage euphoria

I am not surprised we have Vomitory albums on this list. There’s no
denying the Swedes create a unique brand of death metal belonging to the
highest level of quality, and on “Carnage Euphoria” they are filling
the criteria for being recognized as creators of one of the finest
albums during the 00’s. “Carnage Euphoria” not only sports a fantastic
title, it also holds the 2nd best production Vomitory ever had (their
best is present on “Terrorize, brutalize, sodomize”), among with some
absolute top-level material such as “Ripe cadavers”, “Serpents” and
opener “The carnage rages on”. One of my definite (probably the) fave bands in death metal make another statement with “Carnage Euphoria”, a statement saying: This is done by professionals, don’t try it at home, kids.

Full coverage.

-Lord K Philipson

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