GD’s Top 10 Albums Of Chaos

GD’s Top 10 Albums Of Chaos

17/03/10  ||  Global Domination

Introduction by InquisitorGeneralis: Are you ready for ten of
the angriest, craziest, fastest, most painful, brutal, intense,
over-described albums in the history of metal… ever? You better be, pussy, because it is time for Global Domination’s Top Ten Albums Of Chaos.
If you are not ready for blastbeats and hyperspeed insanity your balls
will rip themselves from your worthless body, tear off a piece of your
shit-stained tighty whiteys, and wave it like the White Flag of
Surrender because these albums will fuck you up and not even have the
goddamn common courtesy to give you a reach-around

It seems like every time we put out a list there is copious
amounts of vaginal excretions and feminine whining. Well, if you
internerds fuck with this list your computer will cease tolerating your
intolerable wankery, grow arms and put your punk ass in a triangle
choke. Sleep, bitch. Or, even worse – Lord K will come to your house,
drink your Miller Lite, and force you to listen to Evanescence records
while he fucks your wife. Enough of my drug-induced rambling, let’s get
to the chaos.

Here they are ladies, the ten most insane, evil, spaz’d out,
chaotic metal records ever recorded. I hope yer ready, I can see your
balls trembling. Trust me, I’m looking…

Pig Destroyer: Phantom limb 10. Pig Destroyer: Phantom limb

Released: 2007

Pig Destroyer (a not-so-discreet euphemism for, y’know, “cop killer”) hails from Virginia, USA,
and plays grindcore of an extremely pissed off nature. In the past,
they have put out records that defied even grind’s excessively chaotic
nature, sounding like a fucking glass-and metal tornado ripping through
flesh. BUT, the guys always
tried new things, be them the addition of some subtle melodic parts, the
experimentation with longer and slower song structures, thus avoiding
the blender-in-heat effect that plagues grind almost from day one. With
“Phantom Limb”, Pig Destroyer seems to go for an amalgamation of
everything the band tried in the past. Is this a good move? Damn right
it is!

The 15 songs contained in this record will rip the listener a few
more assholes –mostly in places one least expects an asshole to be…- as
he/she haplessly tries to make out what the fuck goes on inside the
maelstrom of downtuned razor-sharp guitar riffs, bludgeoning drumming
and hate-filled, scream/growl/howl vocals. Even when the band slows down
to a crawl, the sense of total disorientation and lunacy the music
invokes remains intact and in a compact 39-minutes length, “Phantom
Limb” sounds less than a grind record and more like a REALLY
violent acid trip through hell. Consume with care and, uh, we take no
responsibility for any side-effects. For more info about this product,
please refer here.


Krisiun: Conquerors of Armageddon 9. Krisiun: Conquerors of Armageddon

Released: 2000

The first time album opener “Ravager” (not counting the intro)
exploded in my face I literally shit bricks, blood and pus. I don’t
remember how I ended up hearing Krisiun in the first place but I
wouldn’t be surprised if Jörgen Sandström had something to do with it. I
was absolutely floored on all accounts either way. Fucken Krisiun, 3
crazy Brazilians who live and breathe death metal sure knew how to
deliver the fucken goods. I was never the biggest fan of hyper-death but
Krisiun managed to change that. Thanx, lads.

“Conquerors of Armageddon” is my fave album by these guys; sporting a
killer production and an arsenal of death metal hits. This shit is
to-the-core relentless, aggressive as a horde of bloodthirsty wolves on
crack-cocaine and jam-packed with dedication and passion for their
guiding star in life – death metal. I have had the honor to tour with
these guys for a month and Max, Moyses and Alex are absolutely amazing
individuals as well as extremely talented musicians who live for their
death metal. I respect that. They are also one of my fave death metal
bands, something they turned out to be thanx to this recording.

Krisiun is chaos, but underneath that chaos lies an incredible
musicianship seldom seen in death metal of this kind. There are few
bands who’ve got something unique going for them, especially in this
genre. Immolation is one of them, Krisiun is another. Maybe we can
mention 5 or 6 more on the top of our heads, but the point is that
Krisiun sure created their own signature sound and have stuck to it
since day one, only making it more intricate with each and every release
(even if the productions at times really went out of the window…
“Ageless venomous”, anyone?).

Krisiun deliver, album after album, and I don’t think we’ll see them
leaving the scene in many, many years. This is what they do, this is
what they love. This is Krisiun in their finest hour. “Conquerors of
Armageddon”, muthafuckers! Death metal art that deserves its place on
this list, without a doubt.

-Lord K Philipson

Brutal Truth: Extreme conditions demand extreme responses 8. Brutal Truth: Extreme conditions demand extreme responses

Released: 1992

It was 1992 when this brick shithouse of an album made Brutal Truth a
household name in metal circles. True, Dan Lilker’s presence alone
helped get the word out but this is a different beast than anything
he’s done before. This is the band where he finally lived up to the
expectations I’ve had of him after seeing him wear all of those
sleeveless Napalm Death and S.O.B. shirts.

While I’m sure some of you reading this might think grindcore
releases are all one dimensional (which isn’t a bad thing… really) but
this isn’t the case here as Brutal Truth’s hybrid of death and grind
keeps things moving along quite nicely. At times they ease off the gas
only to suddenly take a sharp left into oncoming traffic and end up
killing you, your passengers and anyone else in the vicinity. The
amphetamine inspired drumming, manic shrieking, beautifully grotesque
bass sound and colon clearing guitar tone all contribute to the chaos
found within.

They shot a 2.18 second music video for “Collateral Damage” and it was actually entered into the Guinness Book Of Records
for being the shortest music video on record. That is probably the
most retarded category to keep a record of but hey, at least the title
rightfully belongs to a grindcore band.

“Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses” is an all you can eat
smorgasbord of death and grindcore and by the time this was one is over,
you’ll have to loosen the belt.


Origin: Echoes of decimation 7. Origin: Echoes of decimation

Released: 2005

What has more sweeps than a cheap bastard playing Mortal Kombat?
More blasts than a mountaintop coal mining operation? If you guessed an
Origin album, you are correct sir. If you guessed a
sweeping blaster, you are a fucken idiot. Origin have made a name for
themselves by laying down concise, merciless albums filled front to back
with pants-shittingly fast tunes designed to appeal to only the most hardened of deathites.

“Echoes of decimation” is just such an album.

There are maybe two tracks where the band even bothers to slow down
in any way, shape, or form. And the only reason they did was because
the liquid meth injection unit on drummer James King’s double bass
pedals ran out of juice. These days the band seems to have shifted to
slightly longer tracks (which I prefer), but if you’ve got a craving for
hairy-balls-to-the-wall death metal that leaves the echoes of raped
pennies bouncing around in your skull…’ tis “Decimation” for thee.


Behemoth: Zos kia cultus 6. Behemoth: Zos kia cultus

Released: 2002

Sure, Nergal and the boys really broke out with “Demigod” and its
follow-ups “The Apostasy” and the incredible “Evangelion”. All three of
these albums feature the brutality and insanity that one has come to
expect from these Polish black/death satanic masters. However, in terms
of chaos it is the often overlooked “Zos Kia Cultus that offers the greatest sacrifice to Lucifer.

As soon as you hear the haunting intro to “Horns ov Baphomet” you
know you are in trouble. The slow, building, seething beginning makes
you just want to fuck a nun with that evil dildo from “Se7en”. Real
chaos pounds your brain from many directions, dragging you from one
mental state to the next. The song finishes will in insane blast-o-matic
idle and a huge Egyptian sounding breakdown at the end. Other chaotic
numbers include the punishing “Blackest ov the black” and the massively
aggressive “No sympathy for fools”. On every track Nergal’s intense,
layered vocals will tear at your sanity while Inferno’s machine-like
drumming will creative a mind-numbing resonance inside your fucking
skull. “As above, so below” is a bit slower but still evil as all
fucking hell.

“Zos Kia Cultus” is certainly not the fastest record on
this list but is certainly takes the devil’s food cake for pure
malevolence. It’s chaos comes from mixing in ear-splitting speed and
aggression with slower, more haunting sections that keep the listener
off balance. It warms my cold, dead heart that this black slice of pure
evil made this list. Heed Satan’s call and embrace the chaos that is Zos
Kia Cultus.


Marduk: Panzer division Marduk 5. Marduk: Panzer division Marduk

Released: 1999

Fuck love, I need war, and need it now. A total one would be nicer
than nicest, one eradicating the whole of humanity exactly, but since
I’m a modest guy I’ll settle for a dispute wiping out the entire
population of Norway for now. While waiting for this to happen I of
course need a shitload of music, the gods of war not hooked on
amphetamine it seems, which is something I suspect the whole of Marduk
where when recording “Panzer division Marduk”. Yep, this fucker is fast
and violent from A-Z, a proper blastfest if there ever was one, and the
numerous samples from what I assume to be WWII
gives it an edge of chaos not to be missed. Unless, of course, you are a
sissy into peace, love and equality. Death to all. Now.


Terrorizer: World downfall 4. Terrorizer: World downfall

Released: 1989

Here’s an album that, depending on your definition of chaos is, will
divide many of you seeing it in a list like this. You see, at first
listen for the uninitiated (as I was upon my first listen) this album is quite chaotic. I guess there was something in the water down in Florida (it IS a fucken boggy swamp of a landmass… fucken Florida)
because this is also one of the best records of the 90’s. What was I
saying before? Ah, yes: at first listen it’s quite chaotic. It’s also
not. Weird, huh? Why is this record on this list if it’s not chaotic?

I’ll fucken tell you why. They at times play pretty fucken
furiously, and quite fast, but it’s all contained within set song
structures that work to also be excellent. This music wants to
be completely chaotic and completely unbearable, but it’s so fucken
good that it also doesn’t want to screw it all up and explode in your
face (yeah, like the music was just appearing in the void).
“World downfall” a lot like these new mini-nuclear generators that are
being developed by Toshiba and some other company: controlled,
self-contained chaos.


Insect Warfare: World extermination 3. Insect Warfare: World extermination

Released: 2007

These guys hate. You. Me. Themselves. Cheeseburgers. Everything.
Why? Because they can. Frankly, it doesn’t really matter, because they
brought the chainsaw to prove it.

If it were for me, “World extermination” would be this list’s
winner, hands down, but you know about Lord K and his love for
democracy, so here it is slightly short of its well-deserved glory. With
this timeless 2007 effort, the band set the template for nasty,
no-holds-barred grindcore anew. How did they do this, you ask? After
all, the Grindcore formula had been pretty much devised after Napalm
Death’s “Scum” already, and merely refined from there onwards –
resulting in obscure differentiations such as porn- and gore grind.
Obsolete, all of them, thanks to a bunch of three Texans. They took all
the refined intensity and tightness gathered throughout around 20 years
of grind, planed all the unnecessary crap off, topped it off with a
mean, sawing production and pushed the pedal, making sure there was a
shitload of grime coming out of the exhaust pipes.

Others have tried the same, no-one has come close, and this one
full-length that Insect Warfare left us with is what every future grind
release will have to measure itself against. Do yourself a favor and buy
this album. A killer layout, artwork and lyrics like “Stalk the streets
after a show for the perfect victim. A redneck in a a Carcass shirt, I
steal it then I kill him. You’ll be next” await. Plus 23 minutes of


Nasum: Shift 2. Nasum: Shift

Released: 2004

I was VERY reluctant to do the write-up
for Nasum’s watershed 2004 release, “Shift”. One, because I wasn’t sure
how to handle a record that’s already achieved classic status, not only
among grind-hounds, but all through metaldom. Two, because, well,
Mieszko’s tragic and untimely loss casts a very big shadow over the
band’s oeuvre and makes that task of even glorifying it quite difficult.
Three, because, when all’s said and done, the music contained in here
is one of the most chaotic, rabid, ugly, venomous and, at the same time,
forward-thinking, progressive and surprising set of grind songs ever
put to tape.

“Shift” is a landmark recording, not only because it ups the ante
–to sky-high proportions- for grind-induced mania, but, also, because it
achieves to infuse everything with an unparalleled sense of melody and
controlled chaos. The songs attack the listener like rabid rotweillers
from all sides; the guitars rip, slash and burn with excess abandon. The
vocals consist of a throat-shredding scream that every time I hear it I
want to go out and mess –badly- innocent bystanders. When the band goes
into full-grind mode, you can fucking feel the shards and barbs of this huge mother of musical twister ripping your face.

But, what’s more important is the fact that the band displays here
iron control over its crazed music. Strategically placed breakdowns,
slow-downs and rev-ups give the listener –millisecond- breathing space,
before the rampage continues to shake him like a skin-and-bone ragdoll.
Microgrooves pop up here and there, little melodies appear and disappear
in a blink of an eye, smart orchestration choices can be found
everywhere: folks, this is as chaotic as it is genius. To wrap things
up, this is the record that proves beyond all doubt that grind brutality
and chaos CAN be catchier than the H1N1 virus. Just pay attention for the occasional cluster-bombing…


Meshuggah: Chaosphere 1. Meshuggah: Chaosphere

Released: 1998

The ‘Shug are one crazy bunch of motherfuckers. Jens Kidman always
looks like he’s angrier than a horde of bees, and almost as satanic as
Lucifer himself. Once, when they didn’t have time to record actual
drums, they used a program called “Drumkit from Hell” to track twisted
and insane beats for the “Catch 33” album, which to this day stands as
one of the most mind-boggling drum performances on record ever. But for
sheer chaos and bewilderment, their 1998 album “Chaosphere” is a
definite pinnacle.

Any idea why? No? Here’s the thing; Meshuggah have this trick to
their drumming that very many other bands would give all their limbs to
be able to perform properly. Tomas Haake does this thing where he plays
two different beats, one with his hands and one with his feet – and
synchronizes them in such a way that it ends up being a 4/4 beat, if you
count them. Still follow me? No? Over this they layer pounding ,
thrashy 7-string guitars, detuned as all hell, without any sense of
melody whatsoever. Thump-thump-thump, boom-boom-boom. It’s like a
constant stream of notes in odd mathematical patterns. Their vocalist
doesn’t really sing as much as monotonously bark either, making a
first-time listener ask “what the hell is going on here?”. It sounds
like complete aural chaos, songs spinning seemingly without rhythm or
melody, yet carefully constructed to have a uniting theme run through
them. It is not as fast as, for example Marduk, or as schizophrenic as
say, The Dillinger Escape Plan, but it is crazier than a herd of 20 pink
wildebeest with brown spots. On speed, ecstasy, and LSD
at the same time. Add to that the almost robotic production Meshuggah
creates, and you’re in for some chaos the size of the universe.

There are many crazy things in the world of metal, but none are as
crazy as this album, and it is hence the deserved winner of the Global
Domination Penis Trophy for the competition in the Albums Of Chaos. If
you want actual chaos, disorder, and anarchy, Meshuggah is the band to
go to.



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