GD’s Most Dominating Albums Of The 1980’s (30-21)

GD’s Most Dominating Albums Of The 1980’s (30-21)

26/09/08  ||  Global Domination

30. Iron Maiden: Powerslave 30. Iron Maiden: Powerslave

Released: 1984

Iron Maiden released a million albums and in the eighties and
nowadays are synonymous with the traditional heavy metal sound, so it’ll
be no surprise that they are featured more than once in this countdown
(Aww, did I spoil it?). It’s shining praise to their legacy that they
are featured more than any other band, and that their lowest entry is holding up the rear of the top thirty.

Iron Maiden is one of the key reasons metal as it is today exists,
but after breaking old boundaries and becoming one of the biggest bands
in the world, Maiden continued to innovate and improve by expanding into
even more new territory. This is wonderfully displayed on “Powerslave”,
on which the band dug further into neo-classicalism than ever before
and yet never sounded heavier. It’s also, in my opinion, probably the
band’s most consistent work, as even aside the two catchy classics at
the start and the two immortal epics at the end, the remaining four
tracks are well worth their salt.

There has to be a loser for best Maiden disk of the eighties, and I
got to be the loser to cover it, but personally I’m glad, because this
is my favourite. Up the Irons!

Oh, and just in case my fellow reviewers forget to mention him later: Derek Fucking Riggs. Yeah.

-Angry Mutant Penguin

29. Black Sabbath: Heaven and Hell 29. Black Sabbath: Heaven and Hell

Released: 1980

What is there left to say about the only album I’ve given a 10 to on
GD? After a couple of mediocre albums (which in retrospect aren’t that
bad), Ozzy was booted from the Sab. The dark, foreboding aura of Black
Sabbath was gone, replaced by the personal turmoil, drug abuse, and
career decline so common in the industry. Rather than hire an Ozzy
sound-alike and make a lame attempt to become the most evil band in the
world again, Sabbath hired a real vocalist and put together perhaps
their most forward-thinking, original album.

Gone was the slow, plodding doom of “Paranoid”. With Dio at the
helm, the band adopted a more upbeat, melodic sound that was fresher
than anything they’d done since 1975. Dio was clearly a much more
accomplished vocalist, able to craft hooks that didn’t anchor themselves
to Tony Iommi’s riffs. While the first five albums with Ozzy are
essential listening, the flack that the Dio albums get from knucklehead
Ozzy fans is absolutely uncalled for. Even 28 years later, tracks like
“Die Young” and “Children of the Sea” sound fantastic live and belong as
staples in any true metalhead’s playlist.

-Hanging Limbs (ex-staffer/Bee Gees superfan/homo)

Class6(66) coverage

28. Bathory: Bathory 28. Bathory: Bathory

Released: 1984

Bathory is named for a Hungarian Countess who tortured and killed
dozens of people. Legends say that the good Lady bathed in the blood of
virgins to retain her youthful appearance (rumors that Vice Presidential
candidate Sarah Palin engages in similarly gruesome activities are
unsubstantiated, but probably true.) It’s an appropriate moniker for the
music poured from Quorthon’s macabre imagination. Three minutes of
ambient soundscape begin the album and set the mood of dark days plagued
by ancient evils. The music is an unrefined, blasphemous take on the
Motörhead’s classic sound and it’s a pretty good listen, even after 24
years. Bathory would go on to create bigger and better albums, but the
debut gets special consideration for being a well assembled first-take
on one of metal’s most extreme sub-genres. So, while the name belongs to
Venom, the imagery, the attitude and the atmosphere of black metal all
reside in Quorthon’s domain. Take a moment to soak it in.


Class6(66) coverage

27. Sodom: Agent Orange 27. Sodom: Agent Orange

Released: 1989

I’m a bit lost as to why is this here effort on the list, while stuff like “Persecution Mania” isn’t. (Note
from Stephen: Actually “Persecution Mania” is on the list at #46. I
could be nice and edit that sentence out, but it’s important to learn
from our mistakes. Research is our friend.)
It’s probably because
it would be difficult to find enough place here to mention all the
Sodom’s work worth mentioning, so we had to go with the album which has
“Ausgebombt” on it. Or maybe it’s because even by Sodom standards the
cover is fucken ugly, but then this wouldn’t explain why “Obsessed with
cruelty” is not here.

Anyway, what I’m ineptly trying to say here is not that “Agent
orange” isn’t a brilliant album. It’s just that it was chosen as the
best representative of the whole streak of brilliant albums these Kraut
sodomites recorded in the 1980’s. Sodom is a band that has given us a
relatively even performance throughout the years, and that’s why I love
the band itself more than any of their albums.

-Max Von Laibach (ex-staffer, illiterate, blind cocksucker)

26. Sepultura: Beneath the Remains 26. Sepultura: Beneath the Remains

Released: 1989

“Slaves of pain” was the first track I ever heard by Sepultura.
Recorded to me on a cassette by a friend. I was blown away. The fact
that they were from Brazil made their sound even more special for some
reason. There were no bands from Brazil at the time, only Sepultura. And
how I worshiped this album… They didn’t sound like the rest of the
bands present at the time, no, Sepultura had some unique touch to what
they created. Very, very simple thrash metal that was arranged so smart
and catchy you didn’t actually think too much about the simplicity.
Complete with broken English vocals, a fantastic production and a cover
to die for – Sepultura were bound to be the next big thing. And a few
years later Teh Suck was imminent.

-Lord K Philipson

Class6(66) coverage

25. Mercyful Fate: Melissa 25. Mercyful Fate: Melissa

Released: 1983

The “Nuns Have No Fun” EP introduced the world at large to the
wonders of King Diamond and his merry band of Satanic tricksters, but
“Melissa” really kicked things off with seven of the most rockin’ tunes
the King ever had the privilege to sing over. Later MF and KD efforts
would focus more on spooky melodic work, but this record emphasizes
punkish groove and flat-out rock’n’fucken roll above all else. Also,
“Satan’s Fall”, people. That nearly twelve minute monster has got to be
one of the most epic tunes out there, and if you disagree, well… you
might just be the next victim of King Diamond’s coven!


Class6(66) coverage

24. Iron Maiden: Number of the Beast 24. Iron Maiden: Number of the Beast

Released: 1982

“… 666, the number of the beast! Hell and fire was spawned to be
released!” Fuck me, is there anything more iconic than these fucken
lines? Immortality in the history of metal for the mighty Iron Maiden
can be granted on the strength of these words alone. “The Number of the
Beast” is a fucken milestone, a moment that made people take notice of
metal worldwide. The awesome power of heavy metal in full flow is here
to behold. This record marks the arrival of one of the most brilliant
vocalists of all time, Bruce Dickinson, with his incredibly high-range
screaming. Songs like “The Number of the Beast”, “Run to the Hills” and
“Hallowed be thy Name” are eternal and everybody fucken knows them.
These songs are essential, excellent metal epics. Once you witness them
live, like I for the first time just last June, one can become firmly
convinced there’s almost no band more compelling than Iron Maiden when
playing such classic metal anthems.

It’s also worth noting that this album saw the refinement of the
Irons into what we know and love today from the various rock/punk/metal
different influences of their initial two albums. The muscular bass
lines of Harris plus the galloping riffs and dueling guitars of Murray
and Smith formed the core of the band’s sound, and got an injection of
speed and power which took them to a new level. Ultimately, “The Number
of the Beast” signals the beginning of a golden era for the band that
would last for longer than any other streak of consecutive badass albums
by any other band ever. Besides the great music, it also gave us
metalheads a symbol, a number that still marks our chosen music and way
of life: “……Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX!”


Class6(66) coverage

23. Slayer: Hell Awaits 23. Slayer: Hell Awaits

Released: 1985

Hell awaits us all, and when we get there this is what it will be
like – unbearably inhospitable and yet utterly glorious. Slayer are
known for having enough apocalyptic speed and aggression to satisfy the
Pope during even the most murderous of his secret lustful rampages, and
every beautiful facet of evil that we now attribute to ‘typical Slayer’ –
after their later, more acclaimed albums hammered the point home – had
its cherry popped on this disk. Even if Slayer had all died in a
horrific accident soon after it’s release, this album would still have
left a fine outlook for the future of metal and I like to believe would
still be considered a classic…

Class6(66) coverage

-Angry Mutant Penguin

22. Venom: Black Metal 22. Venom: Black Metal

Released: 1982

Do you remember the time when if you wanted to have the sound of a
chainsaw on your record, you actually had to cut through the studio door
with one? I sure as hell don’t so it’s nice of Venom to record that for
me and the other little kids. I don’t really know what (apart from the
chainsawed studio door) makes this album so special. When you think
about it, the drumming is shitty, the production couldn’t be worse, the
vocals are boring and Mantas’ guitar ain’t top notch either. But
thinking rationally about Venom is like not drinking vodka because of
the taste: it misses the point so entirely and thoroughly that it’s not
even funny. For me, Venom with their stupid aliases, tight pants and
pentagrams are a reminder of just how much fun it used to be to worship
Satan. When listening to “Black Metal”, even after 26 years, you still
get the feeling of an album that is alive, that has its own character. A
wild character on speed, to be more precise. This is what spawned the
whole thrash movement- capturing the raw power that makes you want to
kick innocent bystanders in the face, that sends shivers down your spine
and tells you not to give a fuck about your future. Yeah, it’s just
like vodka.

-Max Von Laibach (ex-staffer/cocksucker)

Class6(66) coverage

21. Carcass: Symphonies of Sickness 21. Carcass: Symphonies of Sickness

Released: 1989

If I were presenting this album to a bunch of children, I’d say,
“How great is Carcass?”. And then I’d expand my arms to the limit and
yell, “Soooo great!”. Okay, so using local kid’s games to describe metal
isn’t the best idea, but what can I say about Carcass that hasn’t
already been said? They are the original death/grind band, they changed
the rules of what extreme music was about (then they did it again and
then, just for the hell of it, they did it again).

Most early death metal is pure catharsis. It’s all screaming
obscenity and being pissed off and playing with unfocused rage. Carcass
brought a more measured and thoughtful approach to certain facets of
death metal and turned the genre on its ear. The band’s lyrics are a
dense thicket of words only a dedicated logophile can comprehend. Want
to know how many synonyms for “rot” there are? “Symphonies of Sickness”
is the place to look. The music is generally slow and measured, but it’s
given a lovely sheen of grime and gore. “Symphonies…” is often
imitated but has never been surpassed. It is grind/death in its most
disgusting, purest form and it is fucking awesome.



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