Bolt Thrower: The IVth crusade

16/03/06  ||  Lord K Philipson

Released: 1992


This is the album that really got me into the greatness that is the Englishmen (and girl). As mentioned many times before, I never dug the stuff released before this one, but everything from this album forward made them one of my absolute fave-bands within music in general and death metal in particular.


9. This album delivers more hits than Scott Stevens ever did on the ice, and he was the king of hits. I won’t be exaggerating things if I say that BT really managed to cook up their best material ever on this recording. That’s one thing I always loved with Bolt Thrower, you know what you get when you listen to them. They have a fantastic feeling for creating memorable riffs and songs.


7. The output is quite low and the whole thing sounds a bit compressed. Nonetheless it’s a production that only Bolt Thrower possess. And it suits their style so well it’s scary.


9,5. Man, the guitar riffs… There are few bands out there who can write such groovy riffs and still maintain credible. The first riff on this album can quite possibly be one of the greatest riffs ever written. How I wish that I came up with this one. I get fucken goosebumps every time I hear it. I even think this riff gives me a bad case of the bird-flu, it’s just that contagious. I wanna marry the fucken guy who comes up with this shit. I even stole a riff from “Celestial sanctuary” for a song I wrote back in the 90’s, that says it all.


9. There’s only one Karl Willetts. While not being the most powerful of grunters (that title belongs to Jörgen Sandström) there’s undeniably pure fucken charisma to Karl’s voice. This guy is fucken unique and is definitely the one and only vocalist for Bolt Thrower.


2. I believe I would notice if it was taken away from the picture, but I can seriously say that I can’t hear it for shit. It took thousands of years, but they perfected the art of bass-sound on “Those once loyal”. If they would have had that sound here, this would be an 11. But then I would have to put the bass on Seance’s “Saltrubbed eyes” as a 20, at least, so forget this argument.


5. Andrew Whale was never a good drummer. He’s sloppy as fuck and as tight as Victoria Paris’ pussy in its prime time. Not to mention that it definitely shows he wouldn’t know what a click-track is if it bit him in the cock. He’s up and down in tempo like there’s no tomorrow. Nothing wrong with the sound of them drums though, but that doesn’t exactly help Andy’s performance. Nonetheless it works with this album and it’s charming in some bizarre way.


8. All words about peace, love and understanding.

Cover art

7. This cover is epic for some reason. Lots of colors and it’s definitely not a traditional death metal cover. To be honest, it’s actually quite ugly as well. I have no idea what’s going on in the picture, but I guess it’s got something to do with war of some sorts. One of the horses in there looks like he’s on some serious fucken acid though.


9,5. I absolutely love these guys’ logo. Colorful, to the point and beautiful as fuck. Much like bassist Jo Bench. Damn I’m good.


5. Frankly, very dull a booklet. Lyrics, a photo and alot of logos from companies who endorsed BT at the time.

Overall and ending rant

9. Death metal art. If you are in a death metal band, take lessons from Bolt Thrower.


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